1 thought on “Do you want to cut your nails?”

  1. In the room, you can cut it
    It to buy a pet special scissors scissors, cat nails
    because the cat's nails are round
    R n Pay attention to cutting only the transparent fingertip
    D. Do not cut too deep
    S especially not to cut the opaque part
    The little tip of the cat's nails can be used.
    In cutting the cat's claws on the palm of the palm
    In the cat's claw back with the thumb

    You can also cut the cat
    The nails of the kitten. It is best not to cut
    This cats can't catch things when they jump and climb, it is easy to fall off from a high place
    It like it will hurt the bones and bones
    , it is best to grow up in cats and wait. Cat's ability to move is better after you can cut it later
    Is your cats grow up healthy and happy under your care!

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