3 thoughts on “So why does the cat hold the mouse and don't eat it, just play?”

  1. 1. Cats like to exercise their bodies 2. Cat caught the mouse without eating, usually let his children see how to teach him how to catch him and then play with the mouse to play with his children to exercise the mouse.

  2. Physiological needs, there is a special material in the mouse body, which is very helpful for the cat's night vision ability.
    Cats love mouse is a phenomenon that people know, but few of them know the physiological reasons. The research results of German scientists show that cats lack a substance called beef cottish acid, and beeflyuricate is a chemical substance that improves mammals at night. Because cats themselves cannot synthesize beeflyuricate, they can only maintain enough beef acidic acid in the body only by predating a large amount of mice, so as to maintain a keen vision at night and make themselves survive in the fierce competition of nature. However, pet cats raised by modern people have rarely eaten mouse meat, so their night vision ability has greatly reduced.

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