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  1. 1. Be sure to choose the cat litter
    The first primary early in advance of the cat litter is the non -toxic and harmless of the cat litter. Like the inferior cat food, the inferior cat litter will have a lot of great health for cat health for cats. influences.
    . For example, some merchants can quickly make a group in pursuit of cat litter, prefer to reduce raw materials and choose chemical coagulants.
    we know that the cat will have the case of the excrement. In the process, the pink balls containing chemical additives will inhale into the nose. Long -term accumulation will infringe the cat's respiratory system.
    or cat sand sticking to the cat's vulva for a long time. After the cat licks frequently, it will cause inflammation. In severe cases, symptoms such as urethral problems and renal failure will occur.

    2. Fast group and consumption,
    Secondly, choose high -efficiency water -absorbing cat litter, and cat litter's group performance is better.
    The water absorption of a cat is based on the closing time of cat litter and whether the water storage nest will occur.
    In the consumption of cat litter, look at the cat after the cat goes to the toilet once. After all, the small consumption of cat litter can save a lot of consumption per month.

    3. Sticky bottom condition
    The considering sticking bottom situation generally has two concerns. One is to decide to use the pork shit officer to wash the cat sand pots frequently, and the other is the generation of bacteria.
    The cat litter that is repeated and does not disperse, the sticky bottom is generally not serious. If it is a severe sticky bottom, and the shoveling officer is lazy and does not often wash the cat litter pot, the cat litter sticking to the bottom will breed a large amount of bacteria, especially in summer. When it becomes poor, cats will easily cause random urine.
    The bacteria breeding at the bottom, which will produce mildew to produce yellow glimeline. This is a kind of strong carcinogen. Cats are easy to eat when licking hair, so it is really important to stick to the non -sticky bottom!

    4. There is a deodorizing effect
    The deodorization effect is also one of the considerations for many shovel officers to choose cat litter. It is not easy to endure the cat's biochemical attack in the closed space for a long time. What happened.
    In addition to shoveling carefully, it is recommended to choose cat litter that can be effectively deodorant. Of course, it is recommended that cat litter still choose the original cat litter, because sometimes, when the cat feces are combined with the fragrance additive, the taste is really not really the taste. Most people can accept it.

    5. Small granular dust
    For shoveling officers with severe rhinitis, the primary consideration of cat litter when the dust is absolutely selected.
    It three types of cat litter in the market are now popular, and tofu cat litter, pussy cat litter, and mixed cat litter.
    It can only be said that compared to the other two, the amount of dust of tofu cat sand is the least. The biggest feature of the puffed earth cat sand is that the dust is large.

    6. Without sticky feet, the amount of cat litter is less
    It believes that the cleansing shoveling officer really can't see the cat's band of the cat's saga every time, counting the cat for a day The number of shit to urinate, the shoveling officer who can't see the past has to clean up several times a day. What's more serious is that the cat will run around the cat shit or cat sand on the feet. collapse. Therefore, the sand group is wet and sticky. Do not choose the soft cat litter.

    of course, the shoveling officer should choose a vacuum packaging when purchasing cat sands to avoid the problem of strong carcinogenic vascotoxin due to improper preservation.

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