5 thoughts on “What are the ways to adopt cats in Hangzhou?”

  1. Go to the shelter or a reelval. You can adopt a cute kitten for free; you can help the abandoned kittens and homeless stray cats; most of the cat adopted cats have sterilized, avoiding second wandering and causing problems.
    through the network. You can find a cat that meets your conditions immediately by searching.
    The pet shop. There are many types of cats; health will be better than the containment; basic socialization and hygiene habits have been learned, which is convenient for owners to adopt.
    The pet hospital. Most of the veterinarians have determined healthy kittens.

  2. You can optimize online, and then go to the offline physical store to verify that there are still a lot of cats in Hangzhou adopting cats. It is recommended that the Cat Museum of the Society. There are all kinds of cats in his family. Fake, like a puppet cat, you can get in your hands 200-300

  3. In Hangzhou, if you adopt a cat with
    can pass the 19th floor and second -hand platform.
    will have relevant information on it.

  4. You can adopt a stray cat or adopt an animal adoption. It is recommended to post it to pay attention to some animal adoption information.

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