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  1. Pharmaceutical representative interviews and answering skills
    1. Pay attention to the instrument before the interview. If you look good, you need not say more. good impression. The so -called medical representatives must be traveling frequently. In the face of customers, the meter is very important. It represents not only personal image, but also the company's image. Therefore, at this point, candidates must pay more attention. If the girl has a strong makeup, she is still wearing a hat and so on. The boys have too heavy their body taste, and they still have a beard, and there is no chance to hire.
    2. The ability to express must be strong. As a medical representative, you will contact customers every day to talk about related work and business. If the customers facing each other are different every day, and they can also talk very well, which promotes the business of business. With this ability, the interview branches will be very high. Common sales interview questions and answering skills

    3, medical representative interview skills should also pay attention to attitude issues, no matter how glorious achievements before, creating too much performance, you can not use this as the topic. I am proud. Keep your sincerity in the interview and take a serious attitude towards work. HR will be more assured to give you the position of medical representatives.
    4; modesty, do not feel too impatient, or feel indifferent. Dialogue with HR must have affinity, so that you will not offend customers at work. Fifth; pressure resistance, medical representatives are very stressful. No matter what kind of customers encounter and what kind of behavior they do, they cannot be discouraged, and they will gain harder. Job interview skills and common questions

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