3 thoughts on “Can those companies work in surveying and mapping?”

  1. Instrument sales, professional measurement teams, construction departments, planning institutes, land departments, etc., can all go. If you don't want to be too hard, don't go to the professional survey team. If you want to run around the country, you will sell instruments. If you want to be comfortable, go to the government department and if you want to make money, go to the enterprise unit.

  2. Are you the PLA to allocate? Intersection Intersection If you want to enter the measuring team, it is called a cool. The place is not comparable to it at all. It depends on your relationship without

    then entered the design institute. My boyfriend was measured by the design institute. It is not so tired, or running in the city. Girls are generally internal industries. It is estimated that no one will want girls in the foreign industry. This is a fact.

  3. Haha .. Buddy, I also have to test and mapping. I will graduate immediately ...

    It girls ... Actually, there are fewer dry surveying and mapping. I have fewer class ... Most of them choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination. . Because the external industry of the surveying and mapping industry is not suitable for girls ...
    I also have a school sister to do a secondary internal industry in the survey and design institute .. It is also very bitter ~
    Your postgraduate entrance examination! Hehe!

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