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  1. There are two larger used car markets in Zhengzhou:
    1, Zhengzhou used car trading new market
    Address; Second -hand car
    : The intersection of Zhengshang Road and Shangyin Road, Zhengshang Road, Zhengzhou City, about 100 meters northwest (about 50 meters on the northeast side of Zhengzhou Pingrong Food Co., Ltd.).
    Make these used cars:
    1. When buying used cars, first go around the car to check whether the four tires are lost;
    2, observe whether the tire brand is consistent;
    3 , Check the front wheels;
    4, check the second -hand car wheel bearing;
    5, the second -hand car is completed, and the buyer is required to deliver relevant information in a timely manner.

  2. No. 36 Cultural North Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, a used car trading market in Zhengzhou. Brief explanation of the vehicle transaction process
    1. Sale protocol:
    Pevy to sign a agreement after confirming the sale. The main content of the agreement is vehicle information, car purchase time, payment method, and responsibility division. Before signing the agreement, the other party must provide a vehicle registration certificate, which has been confirmed that the vehicle is the seller himself. This agreement can be left with one copy. Remember to press the fingerprint after signing.
    2, transaction process:
    After signing the agreement, the two parties took the original ID card and driving license to drive a second -hand car trading company to print the trading invoice. The information on the invoice must be accurate. The buyer confirms the location of the vehicle management of the registration. This content is the most important, because you will provide a mistake in the place where you are located. In the future, you will be very troublesome in the future.
    The transaction invoice is generally charged according to the model. Vehicles within 100,000 generally receive 300 yuan, and more than 500,000 cars may receive more than 1,500 yuan. How much does it cost? Look at the car pricing.
    3, vehicle external inspection:
    Plip after opening the invoice, take the vehicle registration certificate, driving license, ID card, transaction invoice to the external inspection department of the vehicle management office, and hand over the above procedures to the police officer. Print a external inspection form. By the way, the engine number and frame number should be printed in advance. Used car trading companies generally charge 20 yuan to help you get it. The number of stickers in the printed number should be pasted below the inspection form.
    The filled out list to the yard of the vehicle management office, check the engine and frame number, and then take a photo. External inspection police officers will be confirmed on the inspection form after verification. (Vehicle hub size, appearance modification, glass film, fire extinguisher, tripod, etc. are the main inspection items, one point must be done in advance)
    4, propose files
    Go to another window to go through the formalities. The file is a bit slow. The police officer will find the original car file bag in the file room according to the license plate number, and then seal it. It will be compared with the basic information of the vehicle with the external inspection form. Let you handle it again.
    The police officers in this window must be patient and enthusiastic. This window is generally the family members of the cadres, at least most I encounter. After the file is compared with the comparison, it will be sealed again. Some places need to be taken away directly to the owner.
    5, archives
    Whether you bring your files back to the status or mailing files, it will take 3 working days to go to the vehicle management office, because it is specified in this way. If you bring your own file, go directly to the external inspection window to print the external checklist, and you have to take the external inspection process again. Mailing the ID card and EMS return, go to the window to get the file, and then walk the external inspection process again.
    In external inspection is OK, holding the inspection form, insurance policy (not going to the insurance company to print the copy) ID card, vehicle registration certificate, temporary license plate to line up the window, the rest is the license of 125 yuan After paying, it is OK after paying. It is finished to print a temporary license at 10 yuan.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, Zhengzhou's largest second -hand car trading market is in Zhengzhou Cultural North Road (Lianhuo Expressway South). It can be reached by bus 95 and 62. I hope my answer can help you and wish you a happy life. Thank younHello, there are many channels for buying used cars, but there are also many scams in the mixed market of fish and dragons. Therefore, when consumers buy used cars, try to choose regular channels to buy, which is safe and guaranteed. With the continuous development of the e -commerce industry, online transactions have also become a mainstream model for second -hand car transactions. In addition, traditional offline transactions are also common trading models for the used car market. On online, you can use various websites or APPs, such as 58 city, melon seed used car, idle fish network, Youxin used car and so on. When buying a car offline, you can choose to go to the old motor vehicle trading market, or the official certification used car market, etc., which are regular. The above channels are a car purchase channel selected by many consumers. Although there will also be cases of deceived, they can find the corresponding person in charge when defending their rights and can better protect their legitimate rights and interests. 3. How to buy a vehicle for high -end models worth 700,000 to 800,000, the mileage of second -hand cars is more than 100,000 kilometers, and the condition of the vehicle will not be too bad, but if it is a general model, the price is not very expensive. The driving mileage of second-hand cars exceeds 100,000 kilometers, and the car cannot be purchased. It is almost scrapped. Generally, it is better to be 5-70,000 kilometers. Many times, I will see in the used car market that the driving mileage of used cars is only thousands of kilometers, and the price is cheap. Many consumers think that it has made a profit. In fact It may be a refurbished car or an inventory car. 4. When buying a used car in an accident car, you must carefully identify it to prevent being deceived and buy an accident car. Because the accident car is cut and welded, we can judge whether the vehicle is an accident car through a solder point. Among them, the four most checked welded joints are: the water tank framework of the front of the car, the welded joints of the beam, the welded joints below the four -door sealing strip, the backplane welded joint of the trunk, and the welding joints on both sides of the chassis. Compared with the neat and uniform of the original welding joints, the handmade welding joints are dwarfed. The period of the welding joint is neat and the shape is not regular. 5. Water -making trucks are a car that makes many people fear. Everyone prefer to buy accident vehicles and do not want to buy water trucks. The water truck has a great threat to our travel. Water -making vehicles will cause the electronic component on the car at any time, which will have a great impact on driving safety. When buying a car, consumers can view the iron brackets below the instrument table and the seat to see if there is a rusty trace. If there is, it will be soaked in the water truck. Do not buy this second -hand car.

  4. A lot of it, mainly in the north of the north, the area of ​​Liu Lin. There is one cross exit of Xinliu Road, Cultural Road, and there is still one to continue to the north along the Cultural Road, and it is almost Lianhuo. The other is north of the North Ring, and there are three walking along Garden Road.

  5. The one on the North Ring Road seems to be gone. At the intersection of Huayuan Road and Xinliu Road, it is about 1 kilometer north. There is a second -hand car market, which is quite big.

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