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  1. 1. Outdoor, the traditional breath and elegant and quiet courtyard beauty of the ancient town. Inside, enjoy a pure, relaxed and comfortable living experience. Inside and outside, feel a holiday atmosphere that blend with nature.
    2, the green mountains are outside the window, the birds are constant in the mountains and forests, and the green hill walls with vegetation are climbing. There is a fresh and sweet taste in the air, and the mouthful of farmhouses caress the stomach and warm heart. The swimming pool in the yard reflects the sparkling light and shadow.
    3, vacation in this village full of stones, as if time is slowing. Fragment walls, crushed rock roads, stone crushes, stone mills are seen everywhere, sleeping in oil paintings. In the stone house of the farmhouse, watching the stars in a bath, I feel that life is beautiful.
    4, lying on a suspension or rocking chair to feel the evening spring breeze, overlooking the rolling green mountains on the terrace on the second floor, his heart is refreshed. The contrasting color of the leather sofa and the wall changes the pure white sheets. The whole house feels home.
    5. Entering the hotel, the internal environment of the hotel is fashionable and elegant. The interior decoration is mainly wooden materials. It combines traditional folk customs, Yunnan national cultural style and the essence of Han culture. Ethnic embroidery pendants with different styles, Tibetan bookcases, etc., full of national customs are very happy.
    6, the small fresh style rushes, the exquisite flowers, plants and succulents are embellished with facade. The wooden doors and tea sets with a sense of age are very bright with the vicissitudes of the years. A pot of clear tea, a good book, is enough to comfort the wind and dust, no one is disturbed, and the noise is quiet to let the time pass quietly.
    7, the strong folk culture flows, like a poetic landscape painting, which makes people read among them. Essence
    8. Entering the attic and around the surroundings, the tables and chairs carved by the groove wood are carved with different patterns, and the delicate and gentle feeling of the daughter's house is moving everywhere.
    9, on the highest point of Yunxi, white walls and black tiles and floor -to -ceiling windows, you can directly overlook the valley in the distance at high altitude. The greens are one after another.

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