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  1. You can briefly explain the trend of the door window curtain wall industry, but this is also some of the clumsy opinions after I went to the FBC Door and Window Expo to exchange and study. If you want to discuss it with the industry with the industry at close range, it is best to participate in November 2-5 this year. The FBC Expo held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong), which is the service number of their organizers [FBC Door, window curtain wall expo], hopes to help the landlord.

    ① Under the needs of high quality, system doors and windows companies have upgraded their equipment under high -quality requirements, and "intelligent manufacturing" has become a highlight of the FBC2020; Not only is it reflected in a certain or several links such as feeding, drilling and milling, but also providing a complete set of intelligent manufacturing solutions for doors and windows curtain walls, further improvement of informatization and intelligence.
    ② health and livable
    Pelasia, people's demand for health and comfort is unprecedented, and health and livable have become the focus of attention in the field of doors and windows. The induction of the hardware is turned on; more doors and windows products are equipped with window ventilations, which have functions such as sterilization and filtration.
    ③ minimalist fashion
    simple and fashion concepts are constantly injecting door and window product design and research and development. A variety of narrow -edge doors and windows products are presented in FBC2020;
    In some companies have launched indoor and outdoor frames flat, hidden fans The design of the design will become the future transformation and upgrading direction of the doors and windows tradition.
    ④ safety and fire prevention
    . The safety of doors and windows and curtain walls has received unprecedented attention. Doors and windows, glass, profiles, hardware, and sealing products have brought professional solutions. New materials, new processes.
    ⑤ Super energy saving
    The doors and window manufacturers and material enterprises such as aluminum, plastic, wood, polyurethane and other doors and windows have launched system solutions that adapt to energy-saving standards in various places and target each K value; Glass will usher in a new round of development opportunities.

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