5 thoughts on “Which of WeChat group software do you use? Can you recommend it to me?”

  1. It must be a micro -gunner
    . Custom content group distribution, collecting group hair, group business card
    customized 40 people small groups, automatically retreat groups and change groups
    custom batch delete friends, new friends statistics Function

    The unlimited group chat explosion, business card monitoring powder
    imported mobile phone number QQ number WeChat explosion function
    custom adding delay, custom verification verification verification Message

    one button to detect zombie powder, collect WeChat group
    one -click switching function, filtering group or friends repeat
    one -click order monitoring function, Fully automatic intelligent reply function
    one -click newcomer welcomes, fully automatic group function

    Exemption function, automatically receive transfer
    automatically delete zombie powder, automatically agree to invite group invitations
    automatically agree with friends to add, the abnormal group will automatically exit

  2. I just saw this problem, industry problems, I have done micro -business for a while before, "group hairless worry", "palm on the hand" and other apps have been used. , Much higher than ordinary group hair delivery rates), pull groups, automatically add friends, etc.
    The experience, these are inadequate, comparison Essence
    In finally remind everyone that I was blocked several numbers during the period of doing micro -business and used some plug -ins. (I didn’t understand it) ... Later, I found these tools. As long as you set some time interval, and then do not be too exaggerated, the number of groups of groups is no problem without WeChat.
    If friends who do this line you want to know some rules, you can leave a message, I will share some for everyone

  3. Do you want a group or a group? WeChat itself has the function of this group, which is called "group assistant", but only 9 groups can be selected at a time, or 200 people can do group issuance.
    So I usually use Ride's assistant to send many groups at one time. Many people can also set time interval. The landlord can try this software.
    If you do n’t need to send a lot of groups or many people, you can use WeChat to bring your own group hair.

  4. Like me, I have a group of sending software called "Ride ZS". It is operated by simulated human beings. Unlimited group articles can be used for friends, as long as it is not too frequent. I often use it to make group videos, group sending applets, or group sending blessings, etc., you can also try it. hope this helps

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