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  1. Six methods of desulfurization and denitration:
    ) Activated carbon method
    This main device of this process is a activated carbon -mounted bed adsorption device similar to an ultra -suction tower. In the adsorber, the SO2 in the flue gas is oxidized The SO3 is soluble in the water to produce dilute sulfuric acid gas solids, and then adsorbed by activated carbon. Injecting ammonia into the adsorption tower, the ammonia and NOX generate N2 under the action of activated carbon catalytic restoration, and the activated carbon with SO2 can be entered into the benchmarking device to heat and regenerate.
    2) SNOX (WSA-SNOX) method
    WSA-SNOX method is wet washing and removing NOX technology. In this process, the flue gas is first passed through the SCR reactor. NOX is restored to N2 under the action of catalyst, and then the flue gas enters the substitution. SO2 is oxidized by the solid phase catalyst to SO3. After gGH, enter the WSA condenser and transform into sulfuric acid by water.
    3) Noxso
    The setting fluid bed absorption tower in the lower reaches of the dust collector, and the γ -Al2O3 balls impregnated with sodium sulfate are used as an absorbent. Restore with reducing gas (CO, CH4, etc.) and generate H2S and N2.
    4) High -energy particle ray method
    The high -energy particle ray method includes electronic beam (EBA) process and plasma craftsmanship. The principle is to use high -energy particles (ion) to ionize some molecules in flue gas to form active freedom of freedom Base and freedom electronics, nox in the oxide gas. This technology can not only remove NOX and SO2 in flue gas, but also remove heavy metals and other substances at the same time.
    5) Wet FGD plus metal chelated method
    Zhong Zhao equally invented the spray bubbling method with smoke and sulfur denitration absorption liquid, including lime or lime slurry, 0.05%of lime or lime slurry, 0.05%~ 0.5 %(Mass score) of water -soluble organic acid and 0.03%to 0.3%(mass score) iron or copper metal chelates with lime or lime slurry.
    6) The oxidation method of chloroate
    Due to the strong oxidation of chloride, the oxidation absorption liquid containing chloride can be desulfe and denitrate at the same time. Remove the toxic trace metal elements. In addition to the use of chloride dehydration and denitrification, NaClo3/NAOH is used to remove SO2 and NOX at the same time.

  2. Method of Tobacco Desert (Nitrile):
    If the solid adsorption regeneration method qi solid catalytic desulfurization degradation technology absorption technology, e -active oxidation method, wet sulfur, dehydration, dehydration method

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