Why are half of the Internet playing live broadcast and cargo?

The CEO's people set up "collapse". After litting the e -commerce live broadcast of the e -commerce live broadcast, the CEOs who were anxious for the company's performance also poured into the live broadcast room to bring goods.

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  1. In recent years, the webcast has quickly swept our lives. Everyone can be an anchor. Open the phone to watch the live broadcast. The live broadcast has changed our lifestyle and gradually changed our ideas. Live broadcast, it has already moved to the altar, and now everyone can take a mobile phone to shoot live. This authenticity and powerful interaction can shorten the distance between the audience and the anchor. At present, the live broadcast industry has become the fastest and most profitable industry.

    technology level is the foundation. In fact, rewarding is a very early thing, such as people sending flowers to the actors after the performance. Today's rewards are just changing the media and the way. The rapid rise of wireless networks, traffic networks, and mobile communications, and high -speed network live broadcasts can easily get rid of regional space restrictions. New changes have spawned the development of more new things.

    live broadcast is a platform. On the one hand, the anchor relies on his talents and is sought after by fans. On the other hand, through live broadcast, skills and knowledge will be accelerated. For things that love each other, reward and brush gifts to achieve win -win.

    The low threshold for live broadcast allows a large group of people to swar, leading to the unevenness of the content, and the rule of law is required to be further standardized. If you want to make the live broadcast industry continue to develop, you must not only change the platform and the form of communication, but more importantly, the content is the core and the service is the king. On the one hand, cater to the needs of users, share social bonus, and meet the needs of the audience; on the other hand, the spread of cultural knowledge is also a new vitality. The important thing is that if you do n’t want to give up, and focus on the output of high -quality content, you can achieve lasting popularity!

  2. Under the black swan, many offline industry attitudes have stopped, and more and more merchants have moved their business to online. Not only did the online celebrity anchor appear in the live broadcast room. In addition to Ctrip, the owners of the companies such as Intime Department Store, Ocean Wharf, Haidilao, Xiaolongkan have joined the army of live broadcasts.

    M major Internet companies refused to give up this wave of dividends and accelerate the launch of live e -commerce business. In the past half a month, the news has been two consecutive: Weibo announced the official launch of the "Weibo shop", Douyu launched the "Douyu Shopping", and Baidu was also exposed to live broadcast on e -commerce. Earlier, in addition to Taobao, Kuaishou, Douyin's "Three Kingdoms Kill", Momo, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Netease Koala, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Mushroom Street, Ocean Wharf, etc. have also entered live broadcast.

    In this "half of the Internet is in the era of live broadcast", old players Taobao have used data to verify the effects of live broadcasts, and in "traffic acquisition" and "conversion" and "conversion" "Leversion" has achieved outstanding results. However, despite this, it does not mean that all entrants can do a good job of live broadcasts, but also comprehensively consider the platform's user genes and business genes.
    live broadcast with goods

  3. There are two main reasons. First of all, in terms of technical conditions, with the development of 4G networks, video technology has matured, and 5G will provide more imagination space in the near future. The cost of user traffic has gradually decreased to acceptable degree, providing basic guarantees for the whole people's live broadcast. The Ai Media Consultation report shows that about 25%of live e -commerce users watch live broadcasts and goods every day, and about 46%of users watch e -commerce live broadcasts every week. Secondly, under the special circumstances this year, the trend of offline business transformation has been accelerated. The business hours of various offline markets and stalls are shortened and strictly limited. Increased traffic. "The founder of the live e -commerce service agency, the founder of Nanya, previously said.

    and the major Internet companies scrambled to enter the bureau. ".

  4. First of all, although the traditional e -commerce model has changed the traditional offline shopping model, making shopping more convenient and making it easier to compare the price, but the form -based form is too abstract. Consumers are invisible, unable to see, and cannot feel it. This cannot meet the current consumers' more detailed understanding of needs. After all, from the display effect, video> picture> text. The live information dimension is more abundant, so that consumers can understand product content and service information more intuitive and comprehensive. The biggest advantage of the live broadcast is to integrate consumers into the shopping scene.
    Secondly, consumers can communicate directly with the anchor (seller) through the live broadcast and question and answer in real time. Not only does it incorporate social attributes, but also greatly improves the shopping experience, and has a more detailed understanding and familiarity with the goods. It can not only fully understand the goods, but also closer the distance between consumers and merchants. The anchor not only plays sales and customer service, but also trials.
    ① The cost of customer acquisition is reduced
    With the increase in customer acquisition costs of e -commerce platforms, using live broadcast technology to drain and product commentary can reduce customer acquisition costs. And consumers, especially young and sinking market consumers under the guidance of the leaders of opinions, under the trend of consumption upgrade. According to the report, the post -90s and post -00s became the core group of the mobile shopping industry, accounting for more than 40 %. They have a strong desire to shop, easily induced and generated impulse consumption. The online consumption capacity is significantly higher than the overall network.
    The people in the industry have done a survey. Users who buy online celebrities recommend women in third- and fourth -tier cities, because in the small county seats, they are not capable of choosing the product, purchase and selection ability of their selection of products. Too confident, relatively weak in selectivity, so it is easy to accept the guidance of the leaders of opinion.
    Is when the selectivity of the product becomes more, there is an opinion leader through live shopping guide to reduce the cost of purchasing time in some consumers with difficulty choosing difficulties. Follow the public's psychology.
    ② Instantly meet the replacement delay met
    The stronger demand for consumers for products, the more and more inclined to meet the replacement delay satisfaction in real time. We see that these Internet celebrity anchors sell for almost every day. The essence of live broadcasts is to quickly stimulate users' desire to buy, and change at any time according to the changes in consumer needs. Once slowed down, user impulse consumption is often disappeared. Therefore, from live broadcast, ordering, production to logistics to delivery, it is necessary to solve the pain points of consumers to pick goods and choose goods, and use the shortest time to produce products that meet enough consumers.
    Because of this, the e -commerce platform is also changing, and they have all started to target the upstream factories with platform products to quickly new and ship. 6.18 this year, the advantages of the factory e -commerce model led by consumers as the market have gradually emerged. "Manufacturer's direct selling" is becoming the main keywords of the platforms. The Ali Juggling Platform and Tiantian Sale Platform have also launched promotional activities carried out by the United Industrial Belt during the 618 period. JD.com has formulated a "factory straight product" plan earlier to provide more than 100,000 manufacturing enterprises in the country with consumption and consumption. Efficient connection. The new models of e -commerce and factories such as Pinduoduo Fanpin Factory Brand and New Brand Plan, Suning's "Personal Brands", Netease Koala Global Factory Store and other e -commerce stores have continued to emerge.
    2019 "Internet celebrities with goods" (or "content e -commerce" with more concepts) is obviously a solution for another set of different dimensions. For example, the "product" is no longer just "display" function, but is more similar to a "trigger". It can complete the jump from content to the purchase channel, or it can also be added.
    If in a word to summarize in one sentence, that is, the "handwriting without words" that the content is really done today. Driven by the industrial empowerment, each element that appears in the user perspective can be used as "" Constructive supplement "" new content "has played its functions, thereby promoting the content of the content to complete more effectively.

    This is the real reason for live broadcast fire!

  5. With the development of the Internet, a large number of applications have been popularized by the public, and the maturity of short videos provides basic guarantee for the live broadcast of the whole people. According to the report, about 25%of users watch live broadcasts and goods every day, and about 46%of users watch e -commerce live broadcasts every week.

    The epidemic black swan, many offline industry states have stopped, and more and more merchants have moved their business to online. There are more than just Internet celebrity anchors that appear in the live broadcast room.

    On April 1, Luo Yonghao opened the first show on the live broadcast and sold the first show, selling 110 million in 3 hours. The joining of Lao Luo made the live broadcast of the hot e -commerce more lively.

    On April 2nd, Liang Jianzhang, chairman of Ctrip's board of directors, appeared in a live broadcast room with a costume, and pre -sale of Huzhou Gaoxing Hotel 4 % off. Within an hour, he created 26.91 million GMV.

    In addition to Ctrip, major Internet companies have also begun to accelerate the layout of live broadcasting business, such as Momo, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Netease Koala, Jingdong, Pinduoduo, Mushroom Street, Mushroom Street , Wharf, etc. have entered the game and have entered live broadcasts.

    The live broadcast and goods gradually occupied the half of the Internet company, becoming the new outlet of the moment, so what does it become so hot?

    . Real display, establishment, establishment Trust

    The explanation of the anchor during the live broadcast is more targeted, and the product display form is more real. Faced with thousands of audiences, the anchor's speech has a strong persuasion, and it is easier to deepen the trust of the fans.

    It, especially for products with high frequency of consumption such as clothing, beauty, etc., the anchor's trial and trial experience can present the effect well in front of fans, which will promote the fans to the best Accept the products they recommend quickly.

    . Product transformation, chain effect

    The bridge between fans and products, so that loyal fans successfully passed the trust of the anchor to the product, In order to establish trust and dependence on the brand, this is also the brand effect that comes with anchor, experts, stars, etc.

    Faced with the anchor's explanation, when enough fans can be affected by the brand effect, so that when consumer, the anchor's capacity will burst, so as to create a live broadcast of the goods Hundreds of millions of miracles.

    . Stimulating consumption and promoting sales

    When buying goods, consumer groups, especially female consumers are very likely to produce impulsive consumption due to preferential promotion, and in the live broadcast, in the live broadcast Common spikes are to move offline promotional methods to online. Through the anchor's verbal stimulus, consumers are very susceptible to impulse payment based on their trust, and will have a great sense of satisfaction due to "spike" to preferential products.

    The live broadcast room is such a natural promotional scene. By driving the rhythm of the barrage, the rushing to snap up the scene, does not give fans any hesitation time to achieve the effect of spike, thereby greatly promoting sales.

    Under the epidemic situation, the business time of various offline markets and stalls is shortened and strictly restricted. The trend of business transformation line. Traditional e -commerce flow dividends are gradually minimizing, facing the dilemma of traffic costs and increased customer acquisition costs, difficulties in user precipitation, and low fan viscosity.

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