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  1. At present, the development of my country's insurance industry is influenced by multiple forces, and the prospects are bright but there are many variables. In 2016, the scale of my country's insurance market surpassed Germany, France, Britain, and Japan, and ranked second in the world. The insurance industry has achieved leapfrog development, while ‘bigger’ and ‘stronger’, it also rooted the concept of “insurance industry surname insurance '.
    In the data of the "China's Insurance Industry Market Prospective and Investment Planning Analysis Report" according to the Foresight Industry Research Institute: In 2016, the industry realized the original insurance premium income of 3.1 trillion yuan, an increase of 27.5%year -on -year.
    Sessors to support the high -speed growth of the insurance industry: First of all, national policies attach more importance to the insurance industry. From the introduction of the 10th State Council to different ministries and the CIRC's support for the insurance industry at different levels, the strategic role of the insurance industry's development strategy It rose to an unprecedented height.
    Secondly, the insurance institution itself has made huge development. In the past five years, the number of insurance institutions, the activity of the institution in the financial market, the service of the service of the insurance institution, the expansion of the insured amount, and the expansion of the underwriting scope have all reflected the rapid development of the insurance industry.
    In the end of the insurance industry's social cognition rapidly. Consumers know more about insurance, and further accept and transform into active search for insurance.
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