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  1. 1. Guiding ideas

    The in -depth implementation of the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee, implementing national and industry laws, regulations, standards, and national power grid companies on safety production. The company's strategic goal of "one strong and three excellence" and the work idea of ​​"three grasping and one creation", adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention -oriented", establish a scientific concept of safety, and always take production safety as the basis for all work. Essence We will conscientiously implement the "Decision of State Grid Corporation on Strengthening the Work Safety", strengthen the safety management and supervision of comprehensive, full -scale, comprehensive, and whole process, and implement security supervision to the entire process of power grid planning, construction, and operation. All aspects of corporate management and team building. Implement the safety production responsibility system at all levels, people -oriented, standardized management. Highlight the two key points of personal and power grid safety, and take the guarantee of employees' personal safety in production activities and the safety and stability of the power grid as the top priority of production safety, strengthen the supervision and management of safety production, implement organizational measures, and implement technical measures. The safety measures were implemented and the anti -accident struggle was carried out in depth. Grasp the laws, prevent advance prevention, strict supervision and management, and implement the implementation of various rules and regulations. Strengthen management and carry out security evaluation. Establish a special safety supervision mechanism and form a supervision system for conventional supervision, special supervision, and accident supervision. Further improve the system construction. Adapt to the new situation, explore new ideas, and realize the controlling, controlling, and controllable production safety situation. Ensure the smooth progress of the company's system reform, development, and stable work, and ensure the safe and stable operation of Sichuan Power Grid.

    . To improve awareness, comprehensively implement the responsibility of production safety

    The principals of all units must fully understand the extreme importance of doing safety production work, focus on energy, fulfill their duties, and work hard. Perform the responsibilities of production safety, strengthen the organization and leadership of safety production, comprehensively implement the safety production responsibility system at all levels, and strictly implement the rules and regulations of safety production.

    The leaders at all levels of the company's system must firmly establish the idea of ​​"safety first" and take measures to improve the safety awareness of all members. In the work safety work, implement the policy of "safety first, prevention -oriented", respect science, explore the laws, prevent problems before they occur, eliminate accidents in the bud state, and achieve effective pre -control of electricity production accidents. In safety production management, we must adhere to the implementation of the safety production responsibilities of the first responsible person at all levels as the core of strengthening safety management. At the same time, we must actively explore new ways and methods for work safety. In order to respect the scientific attitude, actively use and implement modern security management methods such as security evaluation and standardized operations to ensure the safety of personal and equipment in power production and construction, and to ensure the smooth progress of the reform and development of provincial companies with practical actions.

    The employees of the company's system should conscientiously implement the provisions and relevant requirements of national power grid companies and provincial companies, and strictly implement safety production rules and regulations. The units and individuals who contribute in production safety work will be rewarded in accordance with the provisions of the "Provincial Companies' Safety Reports and Pure Measures". For major security accidents and losses that do not fulfill their duties, work inadequate work, and neglect their duties, especially if the power grid is stable, large -scale power outages and adult death accidents, they will strictly follow the "Safety Production Law" and the State Council's "Extraordinary Safety Accidents on Extraordinary Safety Incidents" and the State Council. Regulations for administrative responsibility "," Regulations for the Safety Production Work of the State Grid Corporation ", and" Measures for the Safety and Pure and punishment of Provincial Companies ", and investigate the responsibilities of relevant personnel, including leaders.

    . Safety production goals

    The company's security work target in 2016 is to prevent major power grids and equipment accidents with personnel accidents and personnel responsibilities (including large -scale construction Machinery), eliminating the stable damage of the grid and a large -scale power outage, preventing serious injuries and above personal accidents, eliminating major fire accidents, eliminating the dam of the hydropower plant, and preventing malignant misunderstanding accidents; Strive for unique traffic accidents without major responsibilities.

    . The focus of production safety in 2016

    (1) Strengthening power grid scheduling operation management and safety production operation management

    1. Grasp 06 Power supply and peak -summer work (provided by the contents)

    The reasons for the construction of electrical coal and transmission networks, the power supply situation in 2006 is still not optimistic. Therefore, the power generation enterprises are required to find a way to ensure the normal operation of the driver from the source. The electrical industry bureaus should do a good job of power supply and peak summer summer to ensure the completion of the provincial company's production safety tasks in 2006.

    2. Completion of ×× delivery of the supporting engineering -500kV string supplementary project (the content is provided for dispatch centers).

    In combined with 500KV ××*substation supplementation project and the ×× 500KV line, formulate the corresponding schemes, fixed values ​​and strategy tables of the security control device, and optimize the ×× power east delivery security control. Work.

    3. In -depth study of the operating characteristics of the power grid, and the existing 500KV -220kV electromagnetic cycle as soon as possible (provided by the content of the dispatch center).

    The active research on the stable research work after the electromagnetic circulation network is solved, especially the setting value and strategy table of the security control device. It is proposed that the first and secondary technical conditions required by the ×× electromagnetic ring network to solve the ring. As the construction pace of the power grid has accelerated, the grid frame gradually strengthens, and the early dissolution of the ×× electromagnetic ring network will be resolved to solve the stability of the XX section for many years. Control trouble. As the pace of the construction of the power grid accelerates, the grid racks have gradually strengthened, and the electromagnetic circulation of the provincial power grid has the condition of the electromagnetic circulation of the provincial power grid.

    4. Regulating the management of safe and stable control measures (the content is provided by the dispatch center).

    This according to the changes in the grid structure and the entire network issuance and power supply needs, formulate the stable operation regulations of the 2016 dry water period and Fengshui period ×× grid. Proposal the stable control limit and measures of important equipment and important power transmission section. For the weak links of the power grid, improvement measures are proposed in the construction of the power grid to improve the stability of the power grid. Strengthen the management of the security automatic device of the grid to ensure that the safe automatic device is in a good state, and regularly check the fixed value and operation status of the safe automatic device. Actively participate in the design and planning of the power grid, propose a security control solution necessary for ensuring the safe operation of the power grid, formulate a control strategy and put it into the power grid operation.

    5. Improve the emergency plan for scheduling operation, carry out anti -accident exercises on the entire network, and actively carry out accidents and drills (the content is provided for dispatch centers).

    The dispatching departments at all levels should promote the application of the DTS system in accident exercises and accidents to improve the quality of expectations and exercises. Establish a comprehensive workflow specification to prevent malignant misunderstanding.

    6. Improve the control quality of the ×× liaison line (the content is provided by the dispatch center).

    The cooperation with each power plant to continuously increase the control capacity of AGC. At the same time, it can improve the control capacity and control quality of AGC through the cleaning of SNAG. Reduce the economic loss caused by the control deviation to the company.

    7. Establish anti -accident measures for relay protection (the content is provided for dispatch centers). In accordance with the key requirements of the anti -accident measures of the "Eighteen of State Grid Corporations' Eighteen Power Grid", combined with the actual conditions of the ×× grid, the implementation rules suitable for ×× power grids are prepared and implemented by item by item.

    8. Strengthen the power supervision of the communication station, reduce the discharge of the communication power due to the failure of the communication power supply (the content is provided by the dispatch center). In 2005, the ×× station, ×× station, and ×× station occurred in 2005 due to power failure caused by communication interruption, which affected system security. Most of the power supply environment monitoring systems have not been established by the power supply environment of most power industry bureaus, and some have reported plans, but funds have not been implemented. It is necessary to rectify according to the specific requirements of the ×× tone [*]*to ensure the smooth communication of the communication line.

    9. In -depth promotion of on -site standardization operations (the content is provided by the production technology department)

    In the understanding of the importance of standardization operations at all levels, fully recognize the implementation of the site Standardized operations are effective means to standardize personnel behavior, standardize the operation process, ensure personal security, and ensure the safety of power grids and equipment security. We will conscientiously implement the "Methods Management and Evaluation Measures for the Standardization Operations and Evaluations of the Production on -site Production on the Electric Power Company", and comprehensively improve the safety level and quality of work work. Formulate the provincial company's standardization operation awards and evaluation standards, and cooperate with the Ministry of Human Resources to do a good job in training the management personnel at all levels and production of front -line operators for standardized operations.

    10. Implement the "Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Eighteen Electric Power grids of the ×× Electric Power Company" formulated by the provincial company to ensure that countermeasures are put in place and implemented security prevention measures. Grasp the weak links, block management vulnerabilities, and continuously consolidate the foundation of production safety. (Content is provided by the production technology department)

    11. Increase technical supervision of the entire process such as design selection, bidding, procurement, acceptance, and production operation. We will conscientiously implement the technical standards, operation specifications, maintenance specifications, technical supervision regulations, and preventing accident measures of equipment, and effectively do a good job of comprehensive lightning protection work, and implement the "Implementation Measures for the Implementation of Lightning Anti -Conducts of the XX Power Grid". Effectively strengthen the key equipment, long -term overload

    mare, as well as the evaluation and supervision and inspection of the failure, accident equipment, and propose solutions and solutions in a targeted manner. (Content is provided for the production technology department)

    12. To further strengthen the operation management and technical supervision of power grid relay protection, security automatic device, low -frequency and low pressure reduction device, power communication system, computer control system, It is necessary to combine the results of the special safety inspection of the "Six Furtices" and Huazhong Power Grid 05 relay protection, and do a good job of rectification work to ensure that the secondary system is reliable and correct.

    13. Comprehensively improve the level of equipment management, focusing on the technical supervision of transformer equipment and lightning protection and anti -pollution flashing work of transformer equipment. Strengthen professional and technical supervision work, strengthen the management of transmission and transformation equipment, and prevent major equipment accidents and large -scale pollution flash accidents.

    14. Strengthen the supervision and assessment of power grid safety and power quality management of power generation enterprises, and urge the grid -to -network operation to run the power plant strictly in accordance with the scheduling curve AGC is put into operation according to scheduling requirements to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

    15. The construction of grid engineering and the construction of power generation engineering should strictly implement the relevant construction process and quality standards, and conduct comprehensive acceptance in accordance with the design specifications and relevant technical standards. The main project is designed, constructed, and put into production at the same time to ensure the quality of the project.

    16. Do a good job of flood prevention and disaster resistance (the content is provided by the production technology department)

    Conson the "Measures for Flood Control Management of State Grid Corporation", improve the organization and technology of flood prevention work measure. In accordance with the requirements of the three outlines of flood prevention inspection, the flood control work issued by the power supply units, hydropower stations, substations and important transmission lines. Implement the flood prevention plan, flood prevention and emergency treatment measures, and reserve necessary flood control and rescue materials. Strengthen the flood control duty and information submission work, and establish a contact notification mechanism with local government flood control departments and hydrological units. Effectively do the preparations for preventing the flood and anti -disaster, eliminate malignant accidents such as damping, flood dams, flooding factories and substations (more exciting articles come from "secretary from asking for others") to ensure the infusion Electric equipment and communication facilities are safe to ensure the safety of dams.

    (2) Strengthen safety management and supervision

    . Establish the normal mechanism of anti -accident struggle

    On the basis of conscientiously implement the detailed measures of the 25 key measures of the anti -accident struggle. Improve awareness, strengthen leadership, improve mechanisms, and strictly implement the "State Grid Company's Eighteen Power Grid Major Anti -accident Measures", "State State State Power Grid Corporation of Safety Technology and Labor Protection Measures", "XX Electric Power Company Eighteen Power Grid Major Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Antictions The specific requirements of the Implementation Rules of the Incident Measures. Clarify responsibilities, in accordance with the principles of "protecting the body, the grid of the power grid, and the equipment guarantee", ensure that the investment is in place, grasp the weak links, checks the hidden safety hazards, block the management loopholes, and implement the organizational measures, technical measures, and safety measures to implement various anti -accidents. Consolidate the foundation of production safety and prevent personnel responsibility accidents. Form the normal working mechanism of anti -accident struggle

    2. Security management of comprehensive, full -scale, comprehensive, comprehensive, and whole process

    The guidance ideas for safety management of the whole staff, the whole process, and all -round), and strengthen the safety management and supervision of various aspects such as planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

    The safety technical supervision of the entire process of design selection, bidding procurement, supervision and acceptance, installation, commissioning, production and operation, etc. We will conscientiously implement the technical standards, operation specifications, maintenance specifications, technical supervision regulations, and preventing accident measures of equipment. Effectively strengthen the evaluation and supervision and inspection of key equipment, long -term heavy loading equipment, and the failure of failure, accident equipment, and accidental equipment, and propose solutions and solutions in a targeted manner. Effectively strengthen the management of relay protection operation and improve the accuracy rate of relay protection. Effectively strengthen the management of safe automatic devices such as high weekly cutting machine, low weekly reduction, oscillation and solution device to ensure that the safe automatic device is in a good state.

    The entire process management and supervision of infrastructure safety. We will conscientiously implement the supervision and inspection of construction site safety protection facilities, construction plans, safety technical measures, safety technical bases, and standardized operations. In particular, the contract management of contracting, contracting projects and temporary employment should be strengthened, and the safety management and supervision of labor and engineering contractors are in place. Pay high attention to the safety management of large -scale machinery installation, disassembly, transfer, and use. In the case of heavy tasks and tight construction periods, the safety management is not relaxed, the process control is not

    omments are missing, and safety monitoring is not lacking. Construction safety is always controllable and controlled.

    It the unified supervision and management of agricultural and electricity safety, and incorporate agricultural and electricity safety into the company's safety production supervision and assessment system. Increase the management of agricultural and electricity safety, standardize the assessment of agricultural and electricity safety accidents, implement agricultural and electricity standardization operations, and carry out evaluation of agricultural power safety. Carry out special safety supervision of agricultural and electricity in a timely manner to promote the improvement of the level of agricultural and electricity safety management.

    3. Improved and refine the rules and regulations of safety production

    The comprehensive cleanup and formulation of safety production management rules and regulations, compared with the rules and regulations issued by State Grid Corporation and provincial companies, combined with this The specific situation of the departments and the unit of the unit formulate the implementation rules and enforcement methods; for the formulation of rules and regulations that have been formulated, it is necessary to repairs and improve them in time according to the situation to ensure the needs of the rules and regulations, on -site regulations and standards. The systemic, scientific and operable of the system. In accordance with the "State Grid Corporation of Safety Production Responsibilities (Trial)" and the overall arrangement of the company's reform, the safety responsibilities of all kinds of people and people at all levels must be aimed at the position of the position. Safety responsibilities should be punished severely.

    4. Strengthening the safety supervision of projects such as new construction, technical transformation

    In supervision of safety facilities such as new construction, reconstruction, expansion, and technical transformation Engineering projects can be designed, constructed, and put into use at the same time as the main project. Investment of safety facilities should be included in the project budget.

    5. Investment in ensuring production costs and reasonable use of

    The investment and effective implementation of production safety costs are the material basis for ensuring that enterprises have safety production conditions. Strengthening the supervision of the investment in enterprises and the effective implementation of the enterprise's safety production costs will cause serious handling of relevant responsible persons due to insufficient safety costs.

    6. Strengthen the supervision of the members of the corporate leadership team to perform safety responsibilities

    The supervision of the safety responsibilities of the members of the corporate leadership team, focusing on the corporate administrative position and the main party committee's main party committee and the main party committee. The person in charge fulfills the eleven security responsibilities of administrative positions and the five security responsibilities of the party committee secretary in the "Standards for Safety Production Responsibilities (Trial) of the State Grid Corporation of China" respectively. By supervising the implementation of the responsibilities of the main person in charge of the party and government of the enterprise to ensure the safety production of the enterprise.

    7. Strengthening safety production management according to seasonal characteristics

    The characteristics of overhauling in the first, second, and fourth quarters, and often the characteristics of personal accidents, formulate a detailed work plan. Effectively strengthen on -site safety management, strictly implement regulations, implement various measures to prevent personal accidents, increase anti -violation work efforts, and ensure the controlling and controllable on -site safety. At the same time, the preparations before the peak summer. Focusing on preventing personal accidents such as high places, electric shocks, etc., "three errors" accidents of relay protection, malignant misunderstanding accidents of operators, large -scale power outages and major equipment damage accidents. Ensure safely and reliable power supply during the peak period of winter load.

    The characteristics of tight power supply in the third quarter, the characteristics of the disaster -stricken climate, the frequent characteristics of lightning activities, conscientiously implement the measures to welcoming the peak summer, strictly regulate all the safety production regulations, improve the emergency treatment mechanism, and target it for the emergency treatment mechanism. In summer, high temperature, thunderstorms, and wind are characterized by weather, analyze the operation of the grid in a timely manner, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of equipment, eliminate hidden dangers of equipment in a timely manner, and focus on preventing large -scale power outages and major equipment damage accidents. Essence Ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid during the large load during the summer, maximize the demand for electricity usage

    8. Increase the work to resolutely prevent the occurrence of malignant miscalculation accidents

    strengthening operation management , Strictly implement the "two votes and three systems", strictly implement operating tickets, do a good job of operation and monitoring, and implement the operating system carefully. All units must formulate to prevent unlocked illegal unlocking, binding lines, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, etc. Measures for electrical error operation and error -tone accidents, and carefully implemented, strictly assessment. Stop illegal operation in time. Leaders at all levels shall supervise and manage in accordance with the provisions of the duty -to -job regulations.

    It the management of anti -error device and strictly implement the "Regulations on Preventing Electrical Mistration Device". The use and management of all anti -error devices are fully inspected, and immediately rectification is immediately rectified. Strengthen the learning and training of anti -error devices to improve the quality of operators. Strictly implement the provisions of the use of unlock key management.

    9. "Three Iron" anti -"three violations" to prevent habitual violations.

    The "three iron" (iron system, iron face, iron treatment) anti -"three violations" (illegal command, illegal operations, violation of labor discipline), increase punishment of violations, but We cannot handle the punishment, deal with violations in accordance with the principle of "four non -let go", carefully analyze the causes of violations, clear the dangers and serious consequences of violations, and feel the handling of violations, so that the surrounding personnel are shocked, the safety first, and obeyed the safety first and compliance The security concepts such as Zhang Shouli and "Three Nothing Harm" have become conscious actions of the person in charge of the enterprise and employees to prevent habitual violations.

    10. Earnestly implement the new "Safety Regulations" to further improve the level of safety production and safety management of enterprises.

    On the basis of studying the "Power Safety Work Regulations" in 2005, in accordance with the requirements of the new "Safety Regulations", the conditions and facilities that do not meet the requirements of the new "Safety Regulations" requirement Careful rectification by item by item.

    (3) Give full play to the role of party organization's guarantee and supervision of production safety (provided by the Propaganda Department and Youth League Committee). The emphasis on laying a solid ideological foundation for safety production.

    1. Focusing on the work of the company's safety production center work to do a good job of safe production publicity and education (provided by the content for the propaganda department) as an important part of publicity and education, in depth among the company's system employees Study, propagate and implement a series of policies and measures for strengthening production safety in the Central Committee, State Grid Corporation, and Sichuan Provincial Electric Power Corporation, strengthen safety education, and form a security atmosphere of "people -oriented, focusing on safety, and everyone to prevent accidents" in the company system. "Decision of State Grid Corporation on Strengthening Work Safety" is a programmatic document that guides the current and future safety production work. Implement the "Decision of State Grid Corporation on Strengthening Work Safety" and continuously expand to depth and breadth. It is necessary to strengthen the research on safety production through measures such as dynamic investigation and analysis of employees, master the hotspots and difficulties in safety production, and vigorously promote the company's system system that has created good experience, good practices and new results in safety production work, and vigorously publicize and promote The company's system of advanced individuals and collective models emerging in production safety.

    2. Vigorously popularize security education, and extensively carry out mass propaganda activities (provided by the content of the Propaganda)

    vigorously publicize the common sense of safety and popularize the knowledge of security life. Give full play to the role of news media such as newspapers, the Internet, and television, and closely linked and collaborate with the news media. Through various forms such as the establishment of security common sense columns and production topics, we often conduct security education, strengthen the safety concept of employees, improve the awareness of security, standardize the norms, and standardize the norms. Safety behavior, widely spread safety knowledge. It is necessary to establish and improve the rapid reporting mechanism of production safety accidents, do a good job of news reports and public opinion guidance, and actively guide public opinion to carry out authentic and moderately reporting, so that public opinion propaganda and public opinion supervision are conducive to accident handling and corporate stability.

    The carefully organizes the theme activities of safe production publicity and education, and penetrate the concept of scientific development and "people -oriented" in various activities, focusing on popularizing safety knowledge and improving employees' safety quality. Focusing on the theme of safety production, carefully planning, and cooperating with the security supervision and other departments to organize the development of theme activities such as "safety production month", safety demonstration posts, and safety production competitions.

    3. Promote safety culture, accelerate the pace of safety culture construction (the content is provided by the Propaganda Department)

    The active cultivation of corporate security concepts of "cherish life, mind safety", explore Establish a safety cultural system with the characteristics of Sichuan Electric Power Company. It is necessary to strengthen the education of "cherishing life, mind safety", carry out security knowledge education with the theme of company security, establish the concept of employee safety, and strive to improve employees' safety awareness, safety operation skills and self -protection ability. Through the construction of safety and cultural ideas, cultivate safety and cultural concepts, establish group safety awareness, create a good safety atmosphere, improve the overall safety quality of employees, control the unsafe behavior of people, and achieve the purpose of ensuring safety and quality safety. Through various forms of security education, fully explain the safety culture, vigorously spread the security culture, systematically instill the security culture, seriously practice safety culture, awaken people's care for life, pay attention to safety, fundamentally improve safety awareness, improve security awareness , Firmly establish the concepts of "safety first, prevention -oriented" and "human safety and health than everything".

    4. Carrying out the responsibility contracting activities of youth industry (provided for the Youth League Committee)

    The company's Youth League Committee carefully summarized the 2005 Youth Industry Safety Production Responsibility Contract work. At the beginning of the year, The 2006 Youth Industry Safety Production Work Conference was held to clarify the plan arrangements and key difficulties in the future work; it was arranged to arrange the safety of youth industry safety in 2006. Highlight the characteristics of safety education, adhere to the purpose of "attracting people with activities, persuasion people, educate people with accidents, and move people with true feelings", and continuously launch a safety theme activity that meets the theme of safety production and accepts.

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