What technologies do you learn at the age of 25? How about learning software development technology?

2 thoughts on “What technologies do you learn at the age of 25? How about learning software development technology?”

  1. At the age of 25, I transferred to IT. When the programmers are not only one subject, they can see if they can learn whether they can learn. There must be no problem in age. In terms of market prospects, as in Java, UI design and front -end. The direction also needs talents, the demand is very large, the salary is high, learn well, master the technology, and how can employment opportunities have no their own copy?
    but in the past few years, there are many people who do not go smoothly. The reason and age have nothing to do. It is mainly because of the training during the training period, accumulating some experience, and impact on their employment. Therefore, if you have conditions, you still have to find a good institution to register for training. Most offline institutions have declined with the quality of trainees because of their unreliable teachers.
    In the choice of institutions, pay more attention, and be more reliable to be careful. Choosing the right institution to master technology and employment is helpful. Like my friend, I also finished learning at the institution. Later, not only did he find a job smoothly, but also had a salary of 10,000. Other students in the class could basically find a job. In short, in order to avoid difficulty employment, the institutions should be cautious and can compare multiple comparisons.
    It if you have a bachelor's degree or above, you can learn IT. If you do n’t have a bachelor's degree or above, do n’t learn, because even if you learn, you ca n’t find a suitable job.

  2. Buddy, Qian Tu and future are different! Just know the technical forum! There are some old rivers and lakes and some novices. Don't think that the monthly salary of about 10K is finished, those are all nonsense!
    Is for the forum websites of several IT technology industries, 51CTO, CSDN, ITeye, go to see it, you know, most of them are mixed in the IT industry! Look at their blog, how much you can learn about this industry!
    I wish you good luck,
    Jinan software development exchange group: 154381049

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