When a dog in Shanghai entered the office building, he was rotated to the card owner. What should I do if I encounter this situation?

5 thoughts on “When a dog in Shanghai entered the office building, he was rotated to the card owner. What should I do if I encounter this situation?”

  1. The best way to ask for help is the best. First contact the property and the nearby management personnel to handle it.
    Pets are actually a very close animal with humans. When the pet is dangerous, you must not understand the correct rescue method. The location of the incident is in office buildings, so you need to ask for help. This method is the fastest and effective, avoiding the pet's life because of the long time.
    First of all: the approximate way of helping is the fastest, and people nearby have corresponding disposal rights.
    In it can be seen in the event that the pet is stuck in the rotating door. This situation can be concluded that the pet owner and the enthusiastic citizens nearby cannot help the pets through manpower, only only Can contact the relevant managers nearby, because these managers are familiar with these equipment and have tools to repair or destroy these equipment, so they should find them to deal with it as soon as possible. This way is the fastest.
    It: Animals are also the form of life that everyone is protected, and it can also be solved by assisting the fire department.
    If there are no relevant management departments or effective disposal personnel nearby, you can also call the fire department for help, because the fire department has very professional rescue experience and tools, and they are also very effective to deal with such emergencies.
    Last: Pets have no sense of self -protection, the owner needs to fulfill his responsibility, not to affect others.
    The things that have to be said here are the responsibility of the pet owner. Why do you first discuss the problem of the pet owner because of the characteristics of the pet itself once every time there are such accidents. Pets are a form of economic development. They belong to one of the single economies. Pets are particularly adapted to single or elderly people who need to be accompanied. As long as people who have raised pets have a particularly deep experience, they are emotional. Once pets occur, pets occur. Accidentally, the master's psychology will be very uncomfortable. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to regulate pets, and the pets must have traction ropes when they go out. I don’t know how many times in social news and online announcements. I just like to go out to bring pets without holding ropes. Finally, I regret the accident. This situation can only blame the owner of the pet. Here you can only emphasize again that pets need to be trapped.
    The conclusion: When encountering any sudden incident, don't panic first. Panic will only make things more slot cakes. It is the best way to ask the managers or social assistance departments nearby in time.

  2. This kind of thing can only be prevented. When we encounter it, we can save the dog at all, so we are required to develop a good habit of tie rope in normal times, and then try to let the dog walk ahead when walking to reduce the sudden emergencies Incident

  3. If you encounter such a situation, you should call 119 in time and ask professionals to rescue the dog. This is also a life to save a life, and it can also restore the order at the entrance.

  4. Shopping mall staff should be found in time, seek their help, at the same time appease the stuck dog, waiting for the staff to solve it.

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