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  1. 1. The responsibilities of the bank manager, the customer manager of the bank, and the customer manager include: comprehensively understand the customer's needs and marketing products and disputes with them, and at the same time coordinate and organize relevant special departments and institutions of the entire bank to provide customers with comprehensive financial services Under the premise of actively preventing financial risks, establish and maintain long -term close connection with customers.
    2, the lobby manager mainly uses the lobby service position, collects market information and customer information extensively, fully taps key customer resources, records key customer service information, and establishes long -term stable relationships with key customers in appropriate ways. Quickly and properly handle the critical opinions raised by customers, avoid direct disputes between customers and tellers, resolve contradictions, and reduce customer complaints.

    Qualified customer managers must have good social communication and organizational coordination capabilities, have time management and team spirit awareness of modern management. Functions and strong market research and customer development management experience.
    3, the lobby manager mainly summarizes the analysis of market information, customer information, customer needs, and customers' opinions on the marketing of this website product marketing, high -quality services, etc., and put forward suggestions for improvement. People report once. For issues reflected by the lobby manager, leaders and outlets in charge should study in time and take targeted measures to solve them.
    4. The customer manager mainly conducts effective visits and observations of customers, establish the target market and potential customers, effectively monitor and control customer risks, and conduct business negotiations with customers. The lobby manager is mainly to maintain order, maintain a clean and hygienic environment, and be responsible for neat and maintenance of the identification of the outlets, interest rate cards, propaganda cards, notice signs, machinery, opinion books, publicity materials, and convenient facilities.
    5. The customer manager is a "ambassador" that the bank contacted the bank with the customer. Customers only need to find the customer manager. The customer manager should actively and keep contact with the customer. Demand and meet in time to provide customers with "one -stop" services.
    The lobby managers mainly actively and objectively recommend, marketing financial products and transaction methods and methods based on customer needs, and be a good wealth management staff for it.

  2. Several of the upstairs are reasonable

    Except for job personnel, generally do not need to be added. …

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    After filling in the form, the staff was busy.

    Open: Drive it, do I fill it out to you?

    I I think it is necessary to help you train

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