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  1. For small and medium -sized enterprises, purchasing computers is a very time -consuming thing. In addition to the need to compare brands when procurement management, IT technical support, machinery and equipment rental, corporate office application, and all employees use themselves after -sales service process, each detail needs to be carefully considered. So at this time, choosing a trustworthy computer rental platform can save a lot of trivial matters. So which is the best computer rental platform? What kind of computer rental platform can help small and medium -sized enterprises save time and effort to achieve cost reduction and efficiency?

    when you rent a computer, you must first know what computer you want. The currently rented computers have all -in -one computers, desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers; It is used to determine what computers to rent. For example, ordinary office can use all -in -one computers. If it is developing, designing, cutting videos, building molds, etc., then you can rent a platform computer and equipped with an independent graphics card. If it is a computer, it is for the computer. If you do sales and business employees, it is better to rent a notebook. In general, you have to rent a computer to choose a computer according to actual needs. If you pursue high configuration blindly, it is also a waste.
    not only technical and flexible, but also providing enterprises with one -stop leasing services for deposit -free deposit, solving the problem of many small and medium -sized enterprises for office computers. For example, a cross -border subsidiary in Shenzhen, because there is no IT maintenance professionals, the computer I bought often has problems, and each time I have to spend money to ask the master to solve the problem. In this way, not only the basic security prevention measures are not implemented, the pressure of information security construction is great, and many problems have occurred in many office equipment. The daily maintenance is not implemented, which greatly affects the office efficiency. The headquarters company requires to solve this problem as soon as possible as soon as possible. Essence

    This computers leased by the nests provided IT technology support business and technology remote services free door -to -door sales service attracted them. After communication, it provided them with a seven -hour IT rapid response support service for working days to solve the daily IT problem of employees. And sent senior IT engineers to the field to docking support on the spot. Regular computer room inspection services to ensure that the equipment is running normally. In this way, not only the system problem is solved, but also improved its communication efficiency with overseas IT support departments. One -stop solutions help enterprises operate normally. In addition, the IT service solution provided also saves capital investment and reduces operating costs for the company.

  2. The device of the computer is updated fast and the depreciation is also fast. Buying a computer is worse than renting a computer! Many people have a "reserved" attitude on renting a computer, thinking that second -hand computers are broken and old, and they are still uneasy.
    In fact, today's computer rental industry has become more and more standardized. The rented computer is not only good quality, but also warranty services. More and more SMEs have chosen to rent computer office.
    1, small and micro enterprises
    The characteristics of small and micro enterprises are that there are fewer employees and tight funds. If employees are less than 10, companies can consider buying leasing combination, only buying a few newly -needed computers, and the rest can be flexibly adjusted by leasing to adjust the number of devices flexibly.
    2, small and medium -sized enterprises
    Stime and medium -sized enterprises have more personnel than small and micro enterprises, and the increase in personnel means increased equipment. If small and medium -sized enterprises choose to buy computer office, at least one -time payment of hundreds of thousands of equipment expenditures.
    If small and medium -sized enterprises choose to rent a computer, the same equipment is the same, and only a few thousand yuan per month can allow enterprises to use high -performance computer equipment to reduce the pressure of corporate cash flow.
    If the employee increase or decrease, the rented computer can also be rented, and the computer equipment will not be idle, causing funds to waste.

  3. 1. Look at the grade of renting a computer. If it is low, the middle range is better to buy a second -hand computer, and you can use it as if you want to use it.
    2. If it is a high -end computer, the rental time is not long (about one year), but it is necessary to manage and use it carefully to avoid compensation for damage.

  4. Then you have to find a reliable leasing company. It is very good like Aite rent. We just have problems with the problem of renting his family. Their after -sales service is timely.

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