3 thoughts on “How to find the group on mobile Baidu Tieba client”

  1. 1. First open the mobile phone Baidu post, click [Discover], click [Discover the Group], and then click [Finding the Group];

    2. Enter the group you want to join the group group. Number, click [Search], enter the interface and click [I want to join] to wait for the group to reply;

    3. The above is the way to find the group method of Baidu Tieba mobile phone version, Hope to help everyone!

  2. Find the addition of the group
    to open the main panel menu-> "Add Group", enter the group number for search.
    This "Add this group" to send an application. If you pass the verification, you can successfully join this group.
    This is the method of joining the group by Baidu Hi, but it is not the web version. Do you want the web version to join or the software version? The software version seems to be similar to QQ, which is mentioned above. If the web version, you need to be advanced that webpage, and then click the group, there should be a search that can be found or on the IM./ to the end, there is a group search in the lower right corner. You can try it

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