3 thoughts on “A WeChat group was built in a village. How can I write a group regulation?”

  1. The change of the group is actually setting the group announcement. The members of the group can view it at any time. The setting method is as follows:
    1, open WeChat, find this group;
    2, enter the chat page in the group, click on the upper right corner Three points of
    3, find [group announcement];
    4, enter the group regulations in it, as shown in the figure, you can refer to it, write [Complete] in the upper right corner;

    5, click to release, the system will automatically notify the members of the group.

    If members with new groups, you can let new members look at the announcement, so that you know what regulations for your group.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, use group announcements to publish village regulations. For detailed regulations for villagers' customs, household registration management, etc.nI. Village customs and folk customs 1. Promote the new handling of happy events, the funerals are frugal, break the old customs, and oppose the waste of spreading, opposing the big operation.n2. Do not ask God to make ghosts or pretend to be ghosts, do not engage in feudal superstition activities, and do not participate in cult organizations.n3. Establish normal interpersonal relationships, do not engage in denomination activities, and oppose familyism.nMore 2nBleak

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