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  1. Liu Jian (contact TA in the station) depends on what kind of college your brother has been admitted to. Tsinghua, Tongji, and Harbin Institute of Technology should not have to worry! : COOL: NJUZXF791 (contact TA in the station) Relatively speaking, the employment side is relatively narrow, which is a bit beneficial, that is, the social reputation is high, but the reputation cannot be used to eat. Ah: (NYBJSH (contact TA in the station) is recognized as the ideal employment xiaohai_05 (contact TA in the station). The key depends on your own personal ability.nI think a employer will not refuse a talented person, although he is not a graduate of a famous university. Therefore, we can only be more competitive only by improving ourselves! Weiwei23 (contact TA in the station) is recognized by the deceptive professional. I am one of them: Cry: DSVSZY (contact TA in the site) I have to say it. It is really difficult to find a job for learning the environment. I have studied the environmental engineering at Yanshan University, and now I am studying in Tianjin Industry. As far as the current situation is concerned, it is difficult to get employment. General factories do not use the environment, and large enterprises will use it, but there are few when state -owned enterprises lack people. Therefore, the environment of the environment is very difficult to find a job, unless there is someone at home. ZFQNL (contact TA in the station) instance, we graduated from 57 people this year, and the contract rate was 0 in the New Year. Now it is close to graduation and find less than 10 jobs. Contact TA) is related to the public institution, and Jiuliu School is not worried. It doesn't matter. Harvard graduation is too lazy to care about you. Don't choose environmental protection! Rick001 (contact TA in the station) originally chose environmental protection, and the postgraduate entrance examination continued this path.nThe mentor said that environmental protection is not too good!nCompared with other majors, although environmental protection is relatively promising, I do n’t know that the year of the monkeys can talent: ROL: (contact TA in the site) is not very good now. Essence Essence Essence Because the environment is about everyone. Essence ARKBOX (contact TA in the station) Kunming University of Science and Technology has a signing rate of more than 90%of the environmental engineering major this year, but the signing rate of environmental science majors is only about 70%. The key depends on the strength of the school and the composition of the university structure in the place.nThe following are several directions for graduating and employment of environmental majors:n1. Continue to study/blog/abroad and other studies → scientific research/professor → make good techniques to make a lot of money/teach/expertn2. Graduation → EIA unit → EIA Engineer → EIA Expert/Open Company as a bossn3. Graduation → Design Institute/Environmental Engineering Company → Environmental Engineer → Technical Expert/Project Manager/Open Company as a bossn4. Graduation → Environmental Protection Materials Company → Sales of Environmental Protection Materials → Sales Manager/Environmental Protection Business → Open the company as a bossn5. Graduation → Water Investment Company → Engineer → Project Manager → High -leveln6. Graduation → sewage plant/tap water plant → maintenance management personnel → factory directorn7. Graduation → State -owned enterprises/foreign enterprises/private enterprises and other manufacturing industries → Environmental Management → Environmental Supervisor/EHS Managern8. Graduation → Monitoring Station/Environmental Protection Bureau → Civil Service → Environmental Officern9. Graduation → turn career → broader prospectsnHowever, our school's undergraduate graduates have a good employment rate this yearnPersonally, I think that in the choice of professional issues, I think I still have to respect your brother's interest. Why is it not good? The undergraduates brought by our teacher this year have found a job. The environment is professional. Some people at home are civil servants who recommend internships and then stay in the unit. Is it that I have not employed me. However, I was not very good when I graduated from undergraduate, and many students did sales. There are society and personal factors. The future is the evaluation of others when I first went to college.

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