How to add WeChat groups in American students?

I am going to study in the United States, how can I add it to the International Student Group "

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  1. Baidu or Google Xiao Orange Circle Network This is a North American WeChat group aggregation station, as well as schools, living information and other groups. You can also publish your WeChat group small orange circle network

  2. It was really difficult to find when I was going to study abroad, but there was a public account called overseas Chinese people.

  3. The way international students can stay in the United States:
    1. After graduating, they will find a job within three months, and the work unit is willing to give you a certificate and fee, and cooperate with you to apply for a work visa. And obtained a work visa issued by the U.S. Immigration Service. The first approved work visa is generally three years, so you can work and reside in the United States legally. After one year of work, you can apply for a green card, but it is hard to say whether it can be approved. However, even if you cannot get approved, you can find a job before the three -year expiration, and then continue your work visa.
    2. Find a spouse of the United States and get married, so that you can stay in the United States legally.
    3, black in the United States. In other words, illegally staying in the United States and maintaining life by fighting black workers. Wait patiently for the pardon of the US government in order to obtain legal status such as green cards. The time to do this may be very long. Once the risk is found, it will be repatriated and will not be able to enter the United States normally and legally in the future. It is not recommended to do this.
    Is to find a job, the U.S. Immigration Department must apply for OPT (similar to intern) on the eve of graduation. The validity period of OPT is generally 3 9 months, and some majors can be extended to more than 20 months. 3 9 means that you must find a job within three months, and postponed for 9 months after finding a job. If you can't find a job within three months, you will leave the United States when you expire. The way to find a job is to submit job resumes on the Internet, and the second is to pay an intermediary company to help find it.
    It to say that it is best to work legal during school to exercise yourself, improve your ability in all aspects, and strive to find opportunities for internships, especially some famous big companies, which will help find jobs in the future.

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