One of the names of the film that reflects the film in Hengdian Film and Television City? Intersection

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  1. It's "I am a passerby". Introduction to the plot: "I am a passerby A" tells the story of the horizontal drifting family who wandered and struggled in Hengdian. A group of young people came to Hengdian Film City with various dreams to pursue their dreams of acting.
    The Yang Guang and Xiao Fan Su did not know each other, but they came to Hengdian with their own ideals and faith with their own ideals and beliefs. This is the largest film and television base in Hollywood in China. Xiao Fan, who was in love, met Li Zhao, an old mass actor in Hengdian, and slowly integrated into various crews of Hengdian with the help of Li Zhao. From all over the world, they started their dreams in Hengdian.

    Extension information
    "I am a passerby A" is a movie directed by Er Dongsheng, starring a group of mass actors who "drifted" in Hengdian. The film tells the story of a group of people who are people in Hengdian. Most of them are not graduating from the science class, they just have a hobby of film and television performance, and the young people who hit Hengdian.
    "I am a passerby A" is destined not to be a movie that all audiences can resonate. In fact, the audience's feelings about it will generally present a nearly polarized situation: The person in the process will be infected by the enthusiastic persistence and efforts of dreams in the movie, and will involuntarily think of themselves, which will resonate and be touched.
    Themo chooses a more closed environment to tell the life of the world. We will not see too many other life scenarios in this movie. Over time: Wan Guopeng's northeast hometown and wood factories worked by Wang Ting's brother.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-I am a passerby

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