3 thoughts on “The prospect of the salesman of the CNC tool?”

  1. Follow the master first ~ Learn something first ~! Intersection
    The internship first. Suggestion: First go to a tool trading company to work to understand some related information of the tool industry, such as: current mainstream knives, the characteristics and approximate prices of various props, the processing industry of the processing enterprise where you are located, etc. The most important thing is that client. There are many aspects that need to be understood, such as the company's operating costs, and so on. After understanding, decision! Intersection
    The above is suggestions!
    The is done well, and there are not well. The unsuccessful factors are mainly individuals!
    Sales! There are too many ways to do it ~ Those who can be successful in sales are human beings!
    In hard!

  2. I am doing import tools. As far as the economic situation is concerned, I suggest that you still do not quit your current work. In the case of poor economic environment, you need to take care of a relatively large risk.
    Hope to consider it again ~~~

  3. The prospect is good, but the knife is selling.
    It has no interpersonal relationship, I advise you not to sell it, to be honest. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

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