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  1. The latest version is Android 11. The default user interface of the system characteristics of Android is mainly based on direct operations. Input through the corresponding actual actions of the touch loosening, such as sliding, clicking, pinching, and reverse squeeze, with the virtual keyboard to control the objects on the screen.
    1, first log in to the cross -fire game client, select any game channel to enter.

    2, click to enter the game channel, and find icons in the upper left corner.
    3, click the training ground in the upper left corner to enter the novice training camp.
    4. Enter the training ground matching, click to start, enter the training camp room to start practicing like actual combat.
    5, complete.

    On October 8, 2021, in order to prevent minors from adding to online games, pay attention to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of minors, issued notices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, deployed Comprehensive law enforcement agencies in various local cultural markets have further strengthened the supervision of law enforcement in the online game market.
    It reports that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism requires the local cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agencies to be in the same industry management department, focusing on the implementation of limited time limit, real -name registration and login to prevent the implementation of the management measures of minors to add to The frequency and intensity of the enforcement inspection of the game company.
    In online inspections, strictly investigate online games published by the Internet; strengthen law enforcement supervision of online service business places, entertainment and entertainment venues, and other relevant cultural market areas to prevent minors from entering business venues illegally.

  2. The registration channel will be opened before the training camp is opened, and you can sign up directly.
    The smiling fruit training camp recruit about 50-100 people per period, but applicants always far exceed the total number, most of them are talk show enthusiasts. The 2nd Tight 5 National Talk Show Contest also gathered 84 players from all over the country, which increased by about 133%compared to the first session.
    "In China, if you want to earn money or famous through a talk show, signing Xiaoguo culture is the only way out at this stage." Gao Peng, who has just ended the undergraduate paper defense, recently started to pay attention to the latest season "Talk Show Conference" Yunhai selection Essence
    The Yunhai selection is the form of players through the form of video connection with the judges. The player talks to the judges in the video, and the three judges are scored. Of course, there are full votes, and players who have to be determined or directly eliminated.
    If it was not because of the preparing to graduate, he might also appear in the list of personnel selected by Yunhai.
    Gao Peng said that in China, Xiao Guo Culture has established a unique position. It has gathered many new people talk show actors, and also has a huge young fan group.
    The second season and the "Tucao Conference" of the "Talking Show" and the later "Tucao Conference" was spit out by netizens. The two offline theaters of the laughing fruit factory and the goat club in Shanghai were extremely abnormal. Hot.
    "The performance of the performance of the offline theater of Xiaoguo is almost empty." The popularity of offline fans is no less popular than Deyun Society.
    Ga Peng's contact with Xiao Guo Culture in 2016, at that time, Xiaoguo Culture was focusing on college students.
    "Smile fruit has docking with the talk show community of colleges and universities, and will often go to the school to start some training and performances." Gao Peng said that at that time, Li Xuan and Chi Zi were not as hot as it is now. You can see them.
    The groups of young people who love talk shows together, talk about dreams, encourage each other, and more importantly, Xiaoguo Culture can make college students who like talk shows like Gao Peng to see hope.
    "There is an opportunity to show you a platform for you. Some teachers teach you more skills. You must know that a actual combat is more than how many times the effect is better than being bored in the room in the room."
    Shanghai Xiaoguo Culture Media Co., Ltd., was established in Shanghai, China in 2014. It has produced variety shows such as "Tucao Conference", "Talking Show Conference", "Charity Family", "Super Story Club" and other variety shows. Wang Siwen, Wang Jianguo, Pangbo, ROCK, Cheng Lu, Liang Haiyuan and other talk show actors and screenwriters.
    The business centers with laughing fruit culture:
    Various content production centers: making Volkswagen entertainment variety content.
    If offline performing arts expansion center: It is mainly responsible for offline performance business, theater management, innovative business research and development, etc., and introduce users from online comedy consumption scenarios. There are two self -operated talk show theater: "Smile Factory" and "Goat Goat" in Shanghai.
    Star Artist Brokerage Center: Artist brokerage business born in content.
    The integrated marketing service center: formulate a promotion strategy for the brand, and in -depth user level through marketing.
    Corporate slogan: Chinese youthful comedian pioneer.

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