2 thoughts on “What is the prospect of the car modification industry?”

  1. The prospect of the car modification industry is pretty good.
    1. The potential of the car modification market has huge potential. The car modification not only shows the owner's demand for the car, but also largely shows its own taste, personality and understanding of the car. Motor modification has become a fashion abroad, while China is in its infancy. According to relevant industry reports, China has become the world's largest automobile production and consumer country, but the size of the car modification market is not as good as the United States 1/10. This means that China's car modification market has huge potential.
    2. Personal income has increased significantly. Now the owner has a new understanding of the modification. The modification of the car brings a fresh experience to the young people. After micro -modification, it looks more fashionable, and it has also significantly improved the economic benefits of the automotive modification industry, and there are certain customer groups.
    3. It is in line with modern people's pursuit of personality. The post -80s have become the main force of car purchase. The consumption concept and the way of enjoying life have a mentality of seeking common groundwork. The characteristics of the owner.

  2. Automotive modification apprentices are promising.
    For the domestic car modification market, most people are modified in the appearance of the car. Deep modification is necessary, and you need to study carefully. Car modification refers to the modification of external shapes, internal shapes, and mechanical properties produced by car manufacturers according to the needs of car owners, mainly including body modification and power modification. The following is the relevant regulations of the modification:
    1. To change the motor vehicle change, it must be carried out within the scope specified by the traffic management department. After that, it must be approved by the Traffic Management Department to modify it;
    2, no unit or individual may assemble motor vehicles or change the registered structure, structure or characteristics of the motor vehicle;
    3, without public security traffic without public security traffic The management department allows the motor vehicle chassis, engine, suspension, transmission system, direction system, car tire wheel, car lights, body color spraying and appearance structure, and the relevant technical data of motor vehicles are not conforming to the data of the Motor Vehicle Products Department of the State Council. All are modified behaviors.

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