How can we find customers to find a building steel exit?

The main products are color steel plates, lemon strips, tower boards, and sandwiches

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  1. After in -depth communication with several colleagues, I found that the biggest problem that plagues foreign trade novices is to find customers and retain customers. Now I will share better posts I discovered with everyone. I hope it will be helpful to colleagues. 1. First of all, we must analyze and understand the industry of similar products in the world, and understand the location of your products in this industry. Do not think of it for granted that your products are competitive; even if you are competitive Understand where the advantages and competitiveness of your products are? First of all, you must know your industry, who is the top three at home and abroad, or specifically to a certain market, who is the top 3, where are you in? If you are not the first place, then the best way is to go Study 1st place. The so -called confidant and knowledgeable. 2. If your products really have advantages and competitiveness, you can find ways to show these advantages and competitiveness to guests. For some key development customers, they can actively send them samples. Invite them to visit the factory so that they can understand you and build trust. Divide customers into A, B, C. A key customers, take the initiative to send samples, invite visiting the factory ... Use 80%to take care of your 20%of these 20%of these 20% A customer, the so -called 80%of the performance comes from 20%of your customers. 3. If it is analyzed and understood by the international industry and finds that your products do not have absolute advantages, then you must find the actual situation of your own products to find the phase of the phase Adapt to the market segment. Under what circumstances is the product segment: When you find that your products do not have absolute advantages. The so -called: gentleman does something, and there are nothing. There are several ways to promote: the Internet, magazine, exhibition. The most direct and effective way to participate in the exhibition. However, there must be an overall plan, that is, the step allocation service obeys the strategy. Because the products are different, it is not easy to talk about details. However, it must be found in the industry that has strong professionalism in the industry. Business also needs to be input -output ratio, and costs are also important factor to consider. Factors to do foreign trade: one is English (for communication), the other is to find customers (receiving orders), and the third is the knowledge of foreign trade. First, English, you can’t communicate if you do n’t know English, so it ’s not good for English. Friends, the next Kingsoft Ci Battle, read and write emails to deal with, and then practice English every day. There are many methods. In addition to conventional dead memories, you can also use SKPye to practice hearing and spoken language. Most people should understand this. There is no shortcut English. Among the majority of foreign trade people, there are not many English English, nor is it from the science class, or there is a certificate but the listening language is not good. You can read emails. Back to the email, but I am afraid to receive a foreigner phone. There may be some experiences. Foreigners call and listen to what he is talking about. Of course, he does not deal with it. One is to make foreigners feel that you are not professional enough or speak English well, and have a certain negative impact on your company's size and specifications. Come to contact with emails. But after a long time of foreign trade, I will still encounter some foreigners to call. If the other party ’s English is very good, at least what he speaks about what is about which aspects, if the other party is also English, plus himself to himself, and to himself to himself There is no confidence in English, and it is basically impossible to communicate. How can it be effectively improved ?? 1. When you see the 19 ... call, prepare paper and pen as soon as possible to make it easy to record. (This is to avoid busy hands) 2. 2. After answering, the polite greetings "Hello", and then he usually said who he was looking for first. When you hearing your name, you said "this is xxx speaking" (etiquette greetings, indicating friendly and friendly, and confirmed that he did not look for him. The wrong person) 3. Next, he will continue to talk about what he wants to say. At this time, you are likely that you have no thought preparation or have not yet entered the state. Then you better guide him to answer in accordance with your questioning method instead of narrative. You can put in immediately when he finished speaking, "Excuse me, who is that speaking?" He would answer your name, you write down, and then ask him "where are you from, please?" Know what he is Chinese. Then ask him "What is the matter with you?" Then he would say which aspect of the way, usually the call has been tailored to you recently, and very few are new guests. If the name and the country can Thinking of it or finding it in the mailbox immediately, you can immediately know what the problem he will talk about. If you can't remember, then hear him about which problem is. If you hear it, but but I don't quite understand what you say, you repeat him to hear him, then he will tell you what you say "yes" or "no" and then you continue to ask. (To find the relevant emails contacted by this person to understand him might be The content to be said, and guide him Follow your thinking.) 4. In your judgment you can understand what he said, if you can continue, if you can't, you can say "I know what you said, but please send another email to confirm" I What you said, but cored you send an email to me to confirm? "Then asked him if he knew the mailbox address, I didn't know if you told him, please send it over. If you do n’t understand, do n’t stop saying NO, I dont Know or negative words, you listen, and then ask him to send an email. The purpose is of course the email can be seen more clearly that he wants to express I didn't find the relevant email through the national name, and asked if he had sent an email to you "Have You SENT The Email to Me Before?" Then pay attention to listening Find it, it is not too late to find his email now. Do not forget to add a sentence "thanks for your calling") 6. Finally, to say the last sentence Glad to speak with you, good bye. In the middle, the question you should pay attention to: 1. Don't have a burden in your own heart, think that your English is not good, so you can't listen carefully to the other party. (Anyway One, even if you don’t understand, no one knows this call, right?) 2. Your speed is very important. You better spit out one word and one word. One is that it is convenient for the other party to listen to the second. Slow .3. The above words are very simple, but the brain must have a certain method. Usually to do: 1. It is best to use Outlook to be classified by the country or by human name. At this time, it is very useful .2 . A few simple English words still need to be known. Usually read these common words, and the pronunciation is very accurate .3. Of course, use Skype to practice more, buy a headset, and find a few foreigners who are willing to chat. The first is to understand whether people can understand what you said is that you can make a coincidence. After listening to it, you will want to hear the phone of the foreigner .4. Seize the phone exercise you came in and find a way to listen to the phone. The second point is to find customers, 1. For friends who have no toll platform at the beginning. For friends who have no exhibition, free platforms are important ways. There are three related content articles. A: Novice is facing the question of developing customers? Question 1: I have been doing foreign trade for almost three weeks. I sent a lot of OFFER B2B provided by business friends. After posting the website, I found some of them, but so far I have n’t even asked about it. I want to try to send emails directly. I went to the customer's mailbox, but I couldn't search for our customers. Which one knew to help? Answer: Develop customers. By looking for customers, it is necessary to do, that is, the public inquiries that each free platform can find or some buyers and traders on the yellow pages should not let it go. It is to let the customer find you and contact you actively. You can say that you do n’t have the initiative to contact your one. So it ’s important to make full use of free resources for advertising. There are many suppliers on the free platform, but it may not be sufficient. Use. It takes more time and energy. Update in time. Persistence, continuous development. It is important to ask 2: It is also time to be a salesperson, which also makes me know a lot, but let me send me very much. I regret that I do not know how many times to provide customers with samples and quotations. I don't know how much hope. I do n’t know how to disappoint every time. Let me understand why this is. Is my offer bad, or? Intersection Intersection Answer: At the stage of developing customers, I personally think that it is not just a job that provides samples and quotations. In addition to understanding all aspects of their company's products is necessary. 1. Customer source supplement: constantly find free platforms and development methods, daily Update. In the early stage of no order, only continuous inquiries have the opportunity to become orders. 2. Understanding in the same industry: extensive inquiry, understand the price of the same industry, export price, market price, etc. Tracking: For those who have reported the guests who have not responded, it is recommended to send an email to inquire about progress or reason, instead of blindly asking how the price is. Do not send it frequently, it is better every week. Method. 4. Win the old and know new: Summarize every day, summarize every week, and summarize each month. What do I do, what I have done yet, what to do next. 5. Improve your own software: Make a beautiful company to look up Files, convenient quotations, and quotation forms, product catalogs, mail signatures, etc. for various customers. Try to look up or signature methods, choose the most concise and impressive. 6. Persistence is victory: Usually novices only have a single in 2,3 months, and some may be half a year. With the first order, I believe victory is in front of me. A: What should I do to do foreign trade novice? 1. Fully understand your own products, product professional knowledge and related terms. Fully understand the industry, you can use search, look at their English website, you can gain a lot of things. Persist in doing these things one hour a day. 2. Development. Customer, find B2B or portal, register, register, release, update daily. This is a long -term persistence and accumulation process. One hour to one and a half hours a day. 3. Find customers, all portals, B2B websites, the English website you can see, all of the keywords of your product keywords, as long Send it all once. The title is named, the content is simple, not more than 10 sentences. Go to see the website, just contact you if you are interested in. Every day to an hour and a half. 4. Email, you will receive the inquiry every day. It may not be much initial, but it is recommended to be used for the first hour of work every day to reply. The mailbox is often updated all day long, and then as long as you receive the email immediately reply. This may be able to get it every day for about an hour to two hours. In addition to the timely reply to the email, you also need to answer all the questions and needs made by the guests professional. The information provided. 5. Take half an hour to one hour a day to visit the forum to learn from experience. There are many professional foreign trade forums. 6. As a newcomer, you must summarize it. To buy a few books, it is best to buy a few books. Summary what I did today after work, nothing to do. What do you want to do tomorrow, you will find what you have done and what you do n’t do. I just can't see what the list doesn’t know what I have done. 7. One month can allow you to fully understand the skills of product knowledge and master parts to find customers. Basically, you can basically have some fixed or new customer inquiry. Three of them. The month will basically have an intentional order. The opportunity will only give the prepared person. Fate is grasped by yourself! The work is also a person, but the questioning is deserved !! A: How to get more inquiries from the free platform? Free The platform can also bring orders. Why is the free effect worse than the charging? The following is based on inquiries. 1. The charges of companies in the same industry are always in front of the free. (This is set by the platform, there is no way to change Only if the keywords are done right if the keywords are done) 2. The general product diagram or information of the charges is very complete. The product can be placed more. This platform, I am afraid that there are not many updates and maintenance every day) 3. 3. The charges make guests pay more attention than free. Most people believe that the credibility of the charging may be better, and the strength is stronger. As for the order, it depends on how you deal with it. The inquiry is not the more inquiries, the more orders must be. But the inquiry is an opportunity. Only by seizing the opportunity can there be orders. This is long. There are many reasons for the rate, so as to get more inquiries from the free platform? 1. We must cover a wide coverage (do not waste the platform that can be registered) 2. Update every day (business opportunities are re -issued daily, the product map is the most map, the most product map It can be replaced once a week to improve the probability of the previous ranking) 3. Complete registered information, comprehensive (the power that can be used by each platform is fully utilized, the information registration is detailed) 4. The establishment of keywords (generally there will be one of each product release, there will be one Keywords, I personally think, do not set too much keywords, because there are many ahead in this extensive keywords, so I think it is better to set up a narrow keyword. If you, you are likely to be ranked first and second, there are examples) 5. The product map must be clear and beautiful. The picture is not good -looking, it is difficult to believe where your product can be good. Product details Fill in details at the point.

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