4 thoughts on “Can I earn a monthly income of tens of thousands of yuan?”

  1. OK.
    has the foundation of painting, and directly draw on the wall according to the pattern on the drawing.
    If the foundation of painting, you can use the ruler to hit Jiugongge on the wall you need to draw.
    It also made Jiugong grid on your data screen, and the size of the square is about 1 cm by 1 cm, so it is okay.
    In the Jiugongge on the drawing directly on the wall.

  2. Can't, the wall painting has off -season and peak season. The market for the peak season is naturally income, and there are no orders in the off -season. Naturally, there is no income, so the income is unstable. If you want to do this, you must be prepared for psychological preparations.

  3. Of course.
    The application scenarios of wall painting are more and more, and more excellent artists are needed. But you can practice your painting skills before you want to use wall painting to get income. This is the most critical.
    Stamed your hand -drawn book, you can choose to join the hand -painted company as an artist, and you can also choose to do it yourself.
    It to do a good job of hand -painting, you need to have a brand endorsement. You either create a brand or join a brand. No doubt, the cost of creating hand -painted brands is high, long, and easy to fail, so joining is a good choice. At present, there are not many brands that are focused on hand -drawn, the market prospects are great, and it is not difficult to make choices.

  4. 1. It is not as easy to do, especially the novices who cannot receive a lot of lives for a few months, and the wall painting is divided into off -season and peak season. Not only that, but also in the area, live more in summer, and live in the north. The Chinese wall painting market is more popular in the south such as Guangdong and Zhengzhou.
    2. In the end of the bad year, those few and wall paintings often have high -altitude operations. If anyone accidentally falls, they can't afford it. So there are risks of wall painting.
    3, and do a wall painting company or individual studio, but also do the market, run the market, promote, and talk about business. Compared with other industries, the wall painting industry does not have many business sometimes running to other provinces and cities.
    4, let's not say that life is unfamiliar, and you will encounter many emergencies! Such as liar, commercial traps, etc.

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