5 thoughts on “Is it suitable for men to do the cosmetics industry?”

  1. In fact, men sell cosmetics will attract girls more, because men's aesthetics and women are different, and the angle of girls is different. Heterosexual sales can move consumers.
    A male cosmetics sellers are an inevitable result of commercial development. In the field of women's consumer goods in the future, more and more male guidance will appear. Cosmetics men can serve women from the perspective of men, maybe the effect will be better.

    The development momentum in China's cosmetics industry has become a new consumption hotspot. As China has released restrictions on imported cosmetics, international cosmetics giants are accelerating the expansion of the Chinese market, and local brands have adopted a huge impact from the outside. In the Chinese beauty cosmetics market, the market share of foreign -funded or joint ventures has been close to 80%, while domestic cosmetics production can only meet the needs of Chinese consumers through the launch of Chinese and foreign joint ventures. This is really a worrying reality. Chinese companies should formulate overall development strategies so that they can calmly cope with challenges and maintain competitiveness.

  2. Not suitable, after all, this is a woman's industry, and men joining them are too feminine. On the one hand, it is not easy to communicate, and business is not good. On the other hand, men in this industry must be feminine.

  3. Suitable, why not do it? Now there are many men's skin care products, and a business work can have financial management categories. I don’t know.

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