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  1. I. WeChat group management requirements
    (1) Entry group requirements
    1. Class WeChat group is only used for internal communication and communication. Students and class teachers and teachers can enter the group and prohibit unrelated personnel from joining.
    2. The group members are all real -name systems.
    (2) Information release requirements
    1. Comply with national laws and regulations and related network information management regulations.
    2. In order to promote righteousness and spread positive energy, members of the group should publish information positive.

    3. It is only used for information publishing and assignment. Individual outstanding issues can only communicate privately, and must not communicate within the group.
    . During the communication, the image of schools and teachers and students is prohibited, and there are no violations of social morality, uncivilized, insulting language, and banning the occurrence of bad political tendencies, religion, pornography, and violence.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to brush the screen (the same text is deemed to be brushed 3 times and above).
    6. Encourage the advanced individuals and advanced practices in the group. In the group, we generally only criticize bad phenomena and do not criticize specific students.
    . WeChat group management rules
    (1) Management rules of teachers:
    1. Class WeChat group is jointly managed by the head of the class and the teacher. WeChat group management stipulates that the real -name system, chat supervision, illegal treatment of group members, etc. Pay attention to the public opinion of WeChat group at any time. Important information must be followed in time. Those who cannot handle them must report to relevant leaders in time.
    2. Check the members of the group from time to time.
    3. For the release of non -group should be issued, the teacher membership class teacher has the right to stop.
    . Teachers can publish text and pictures of the excellent performance of teachers and students in the group or class education and teaching activities in the group. WeChat article.
    5. The ranking of students 'grades is not announced in the group or information that can compare with students' performance and does not publish the negative information of students.
    (2) The management regulations of students
    1. Information with inconsistency and excessive stimuli shall not be published.
    2. Do not publish advertisements or sell goods or have nothing to do with the group.
    . Please respect the speeches of others in the group. You cannot respond politely. You cannot swipe the screen multiple times on the same information.
    . Without the consent of the owner or administrator, it is not allowed to pull the class groups in the class without authorization.
    . This management system is implemented from the date of release, please follow the implementation.
    The management regulations of the WeChat group of class Chapter 2
    In order to make the communication between teachers and parents and students more close and smooth, we have formed the class WeChat group, and all members agree to reach the following conventions:
    1, the head teacher and the teacher of this class, the parents of the students and the guardian can enter the group, and the unrelated persons are prohibited from entering the group.
    2, group members are all real -name systems, teachers naming rules: teaching discipline teacher name; parent naming rules: student name father or mother.
    3, all members must strictly abide by national laws and regulations and related network information management regulations.
    4, prohibit the emergence of the image of schools and teachers and students, damage public ethics, uncivilized, insulting language, and content with bad political tendencies and religious colors.
    5, the class of the WeChat group in the class has the head of the class teacher.
    6, teachers can release teaching and education activities related to schools and classes in the group, students' daily homework and information related to teaching activities, etc. Parents can reply appropriately.
    7, the information released by other group members should be public, which is conducive to home -school cooperation and student growth. It is not easy to publish for vague and unclear matters, so as not to cause misunderstandings.
    8, if there is a class collective matters, you need to discuss it. I hope that all members of the group will actively participate, but try to avoid chatting without gossip.
    9, advocate the transfer of relevant tutor knowledge in the class group, and exchange education experience with each other.
    10, if the group members are inappropriate, the administrator will give goodwill reminders for the first time; the second administrator shall notify the group in the group; the third time will be persuaded to withdraw from the group.

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