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  1. The China Insurance Industry Association
    The China Insurance Industry Association was established on March 12, 2001. It is an insurance industry organization approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
    Mou members of the China Insurance Industry Association are: insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, local insurance industry associations and actuaries. Among them, 20 insurance companies; 79 insurance agencies, including 15 insurance brokerage companies, 41 insurance agency companies, 23 insurance companies; 35 provincial local insurance associations; 43 actuaries.
    The highest management agency of the China Insurance Industry Association is the council, which is composed of directors elected by various member units. The council elected the chairman, vice president, secretary general, and executive director. By discussing the work of the association through the form of the council every year, the presidential office will be held from time to time to determine major issues. The permanent office institutions of the council are the secretariat, and the secretary general is responsible for the daily operation of the association. There are four branches of the property insurance work committee, the life insurance work committee, the insurance intermediary work committee, and the actuarial work committee. The staff of the Secretariat also serves as the staff; the work committees set up a professional working department according to the needs and business nature of the business. The Association also regularly held a joint meeting of the Secretary -General of the National Association of Local Associations to communicate and coordinate the work.
    As the national insurance industry's own community organization, the purpose established by the China Insurance Industry Association is "service", that is, to serve membership units and serve industry development as the starting point and end point of all work.
    The main functions of the association include four aspects: self -discipline, coordination, communication, and publicity:
    industry self -discipline -that is, strengthening industry self -discipline and maintaining market order. Standardize market behaviors by setting up the Convention on the Law; promote the professional ethics of honesty, trustworthiness, and civilized services, and promote industry self -discipline with moral self -discipline; accept customer complaints and supervise practice behavior.
    coordinating rights protection -that is, coordination correlation, safeguard legitimate rights and interests. Including the relationship between the industry and the government, the good industry spokesperson; the relationship between the members of the association, the reconciliation of members of the association; the relationship between the coordination of members and customers, and being a consumer protection person.
    If exchanges and cooperation -that is, extensive exchanges and cooperation to provide information services.通过协会会员间、"两岸三地"同业间、国际同业间、国内金融业间的信息交流、学术交流和技术交流与全面合作,把协会建成保险业的信息中心,为会员、保险公司客户和Public service.
    The propaganda industry -that is, the publicity industry and enhance the industry image. Propagandate insurance knowledge, raise public insurance awareness; publicize the situation and development of the industry; publicize member units and outstanding figures in the industry; a good industry spokesman.
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