3 thoughts on “What is the development of the new retail industry?”

  1. In 2019, the estimation meeting is a year when new retail has developed a relatively stable year. Internet companies are still exploring and trying to transform a new direction. Especially in the attempts of unmanned shelves and unmanned convenience stores, Hema Fresh and Super Species encountered setbacks. Of course, the development of new retail is obvious. In recent years, my country's offline retail performance has rebounded, and new retail effort is indispensable.
    "2018-2019 China Department Store Retail Industry Development Report" shows that the total sales of department stores increased by 4.2%in 2018, and the total profit increased by 6.4%. The report proposes that the baptism of multiple rounds of retail reforms such as digitalization and new retail, and the department store has signs of regaining. Chu Xiuqi, president of the China Department Store Commercial Association, also believes: "After transformation, adjustment, boosting, and digital application, the prospects of the future department store industry are still very bright."
    Morima and Carrefour have achieved profits with the help of new retail for new retail. New breakthrough. In fact, Intime, Tianhong, Wangfujing, Dayue City, BBC, Wumi, Li Ning, Taiping Bird, and Uniqlo have made a good development trend under the model of new retail. New retail will be the future direction, but how to implement it, you still need to make new attempts. Enterprises can do digital transformation first, choose new retail solutions, and only be able to seize business opportunities when the new trend arrives.

  2. New retail is quietly changing the gameplay of the traditional retail industry, and maybe there will be a big rise in the future.
    The new retail model combines the convenience of Internet shopping and the convenience of goods distribution of physical stores, and the retail store is clearly positioned -serving the user group in this community, and the retail store itself will have a fixed source of customers. The most important thing is that customers will not lose -when you buy a new house to a new community, you can still buy products through the Internet or near retail stores. There is also an advantage in retail stores. The user experience. After the tea dinner, users in this community can come to the store to choose the goods. Therefore, how to provide a better shopping experience will be a problem that new retail stores need to be considered, such as organizing community activities, shopping points to reaches business fees, etc. It is more affordable for community users.

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