2 thoughts on “What is the pain point of plastic pipeline”

  1. I think the biggest pain points of plastic pipelines are the following points. Removal of water drainage
    plastic water supply pipe
    1. Use temperature restrictions
    plastic pipes are afraid of high temperature, low temperature, too low temperature, too low temperature It is easy to be crispy and cracks, and the temperature is basically softened.
    2, limited pressure (internal pressure and external pressure)
    The plastic pipelines must be made very thick if they want to withstand large internal pressure, which seriously increases the cost of use. It is better to use metal pipelines.
    Then the plastic pipes will not be as straight as the metal pipeline, and it is easy to bend the shape.
    3, inferior plastic pipelines are prone to precipitated toxic substances with potential safety risks
    although the new plastic pipeline is undoubted in drinking water safety. Recycling waste production pipelines, it is clearly speaking, it is toxic to use plastic pipes produced by recycled materials for drinking water.

    M plastic drainage pipe
    1, limited pressure
    plastic pipelines have not been able to reach the ideal results at the rigidity of the ring. The actual measurement of the ring rigidity SN8 is not even 1, so more and more construction sites use metal pipes or cement pipes directly on large -caliber sewage pipes in order to avoid risks.
    2, easy to damage
    Plastic, after all, is not as hard as metal in terms of hardness, so it is extremely easy to be pierced by metal tools on the construction site, causing damage and waste.
    3, high transportation cost can only be produced and sold nearby

  2. Afraid of hotness, afraid of freezing, if it is always hot, it is easy to deform the plastic pipes, and the temperature is too low, the plastic is very crispy, and it is easy to crack

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