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  1. It if you drive through the Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao high -speed Yuanyang service area, you must stop and stop. Maybe you will ask: The service area is not a scenic spot. What good looks?
    The "eye -catching responsibility" of Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high -speed, data statistics have 10000 vehicles per day! If you are immersive, there will be no such doubts!
    Grandyang service area is located in the K636 kilometers of Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao highways. It is a five -star service area in Henan Province. It is an excellent service area in the country. It is about 30 kilometers from Zhengzhou. Filling. It is the first service area invested by Henan Bridge Petrochemical Group Corporation, Henan Bridge Petrochemical Group, and operated by BOT model.
    is simply a commercial complex!

    The stereotypes of traditional high -speed service areas are completely subverted, and it is a commercial complex! Under the clear day, the Yuanyang service area was stunned by the highway road. The layout of gas stations, commercial areas, leisure areas, and cultural universities is in an orderly atmosphere. "Thousands of miles away, the feeling of home" is not only reflected in the decoration style comfortable and warm, but also in details that are always considered by tourists. There are more than 180 electronic surveillance and electronic cameras in the service area. The basic situation of all vehicles in real -time monitoring and recording of all vehicles is performed. The four security patrol vehicles implement 24 hours a day -to -day patrol. The parking area of ​​the service area on both sides is 180 acres, which can accommodate 780 cars when used!

    "I don't hurry, I want to eat here!"

    The best noodles in the service area? NO! The Yuanyang service area can really eat 10-20 yuan. There are more than 180 dishes in the restaurant, which are open 24 hours a day. Make sure you can eat hot and delicious meals no matter how come you come. There are cool skin in summer, hot pot in winter; farmhouse, Kaifeng Soup Bags, Harayang Nourishing Noodles, Mr. Li, KFC and other well -known fast food ... The streets in the city center are not lively in a street. The taste is even more delicious and tears, and I can't help growing up: I finally don't have to eat braised beef noodles that have been unchanged for thousands of years in the service area! Intersection Intersection Intersection

    The supermarket is a bit special

    Forget the supermarkets of the service area like a small sale department! The area of ​​the supermarket here is full of 1,300 square meters, not only the price is the same as the chain of the supermarket, but the product types are even more complete than the convenience stores downstairs. There are more than 1,800 types of business. Those who want to eat and want to drink can satisfy you. There are also counters such as Yuanyang Rice Story Hall, "Missing You" Jujube Store. It can be said that you have seen Henan specialties you have never seen before, which can be bought here.

    The fresh fruits are waiting for you to take them home!
    free! free! These are all free!

    The free service items are the most significant feature of the Yuanyang service area. As long as you get to the Yuanyang service area, you can enjoy it, free hot spring bathing, paying fines, water washing, lobby rest, free haircut, free fax, free to withdrawn, free large car cooling, fully automatic free car washing, free free car washing, free free car washing, free There are as many as nineteen benefits and other projects. What is "home"? This is "the feeling of home"! Mrs. Mrs. is intimate!
    The fast hotel

    didn't expect it? The original Yang service area also provides accommodation services. Looking at this room, it is not the same as star hotels in the city. Everyone goes out. The most important thing for rest is clean and hygienic. This environment is absolutely assured! The guest room area can meet 98 people, and a 100 -square -meter passenger's fitness and leisure area can be built. As for the most important price, the standard room is 120/room, the four rooms are 200/room, and the economy is affordable!
    The "back garden" in the scenic area

    has set up many gardens landscapes. The lotus pond moonlight and change of scenery. Traditional culture and architecture are fixed in them. There are also small amusement facilities specially prepared for children, climbing ladder, autumn, etc., which are simply a paradise for children! The maternal and infant rooms, such as airports and high -speed rail stations, are also thoughtful for breastfeeding mothers. "The feeling of home" is not just talking about it.
    The gas stations are "housekeeping skills"
    The service area east and west districts with two gas stations, covering an area of ​​16,800 square meters, a construction area of ​​4,800 square meters, and 20 lanes. Configure 28 full -automatic tankers, which can be cheer for 56 cars at the same time. Vehicle gasoline, diesel, and lubricating oil are complete, the quality is reliable, and the oil source is sufficient, which can provide more convenient refueling services for refueling vehicles. In addition, there are LNG gas stations to meet the needs of drivers and friends to refuel and cheer. There are also cars charging piles in the east and west districts, which can fully meet the needs of Si Cheng's friends.

    The Wenbo Museum vs "Red Home"

    The Wenbo Museum and "Red Home" located in the service area. Material demand is met, and the fullness of spiritual level is even more indispensable. The Wenbo Museum shows the development of the development of the bridge petrochemical enterprises and the achievements of cultural construction. It also displayed various refueling equipment. It can feel the flow of time from the changes of the equipment, which is particularly interesting. If you have time, this is definitely a stop that is definitely not to be missed!
    Is it itchy? Don't look at it, get up, you must come to the Yuanyang service area to check in! There are more surprises "Easter Eggs" waiting for you to explore! Also tell you secretly, the sunset here is particularly beautiful!

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