1 thought on “The offline party of the car home of Yidong all the way”

  1. A few days ago, the Tianjin Forum of the Auto House held an offline party. We actively participated in the Changan car friend after seeing it. Every offline party activity can recognize many riders, very happy and happy. This time the offline party is located in a restaurant in Xiqing District. After the navigation is set up, it will set off. On the road, I happened to meet the Changan car friends who participated in the party. When driving at high speed, the feeling of giving the driver is very good. The steering wheel grip is comfortable, the direction is very good, the feedback is excellent, and it is very handy to drive.
    In the restaurant where this offline party event is reached, find a place to stop the car ~
    Changan Yidong's appearance design is very sporty and fashionable. After several changes to the replacement Yidong still style is still the same, and it is not outdated ~
    The body lines of Yidong are full and smooth, and the design is very natural. The 205/55R16 Maggis tire provided a good driving experience for Changan Yidong.
    Thisy's side double waistline gives people a good visual effect, very three -dimensional, and better portraying the motion of the whole car.
    The chassis of Yidong is good. When you come down at a high speed, Yidong feels very good to the driving experience of me.
    The double -reversing light at the tail of Yidong can bring good lighting auxiliary works to Dynamic Dynasties at night, and with reversing images to make the reverse videos easier.
    The tail shape of Yidong is very pleasing, which makes people feel secure.
    The roadside guidelines for the Tianjin forum activities in front of the door, which is very convenient.
    It arrives in the restaurant, the atmosphere at the scene is warm ~
    The a variety of prizes, make people look forward to it, who will be spent by these prizes ~
    The draw on the table, and the riders of the audience are also dining. I am very happy to participate in every offline party. I feel very happy with the feelings of car friends ~ Thank you for your accompanying! Intersection Intersection

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