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  1. Many people say that I know that the home medical device industry is an industry that can explode. I can do it myself. Why do I find a home medical device alliance?
    First of all, you do n’t have to find the Baoxingkang Home Medical Device Alliance, but you will be eaten by chain as soon as you open your medical device store, but it is a problem with it sooner or later. Many people think that they can directly connect to the upstream manufacturers by opening a household medical device store, which can indeed be connected, but most of them cannot be connected.
    The first, because of the limited strength of a single store, limited bargaining ability, and limited profit margins. A single store still needs to go to the second terminal to purchase.
    . Due to the continuous rise in rent and manual, facade rent is the biggest cost of opening a store. This is why many people are not dare to start. The Baoxingkang Household Medical Device Alliance platform solves the problem of displaying more goods (confidential) to display more goods (confidential) to display the facade of the household medical device through its own research and development. More than 1,000 varieties of the alliance platform can be displayed in community stores without needing too much stores. In this way, the cost of settlement of stores is reasonable to ensure the profitability of a single store, and the profit is considerable.
    The large home medical device manufacturers at home and abroad will not entrust their and brands to a single store, because a single store cannot play, cannot play, and will not be handed over to a single store agent. This has led to the lack of rich and comprehensive products of a single household medical device store. There are many needs for customers who enter the store. A single store does not restore other varieties of money, and the turnover of the store cannot be improved.
    3. "The surgery industry has specialized attack". The most important professional skills of a single home medical device store should be to understand customer needs and choose the right product for customers. Just go. The Baoxingkang Household Medical Device Alliance platform should solve a series of problems such as transportation and inventory, and also provide some service work, such as marketing services or on -site services. This is the added value of the alliance platform. The alliance platform also needs to help a single store with differentiated services according to the characteristics of market regional characteristics. This is that a single store cannot do it by itself, and the upstream manufacturers cannot do it.
    Plord manufacturers will not make personalized support for a single store in terms of product knowledge training and marketing support, but the Baoxingkang platform is different. The assistance measures provided are more grounded and realized directly.
    If, even if a single store directly connects with some upstream manufacturers, only see the high hairy profit released by direct mining, and ignores that it cannot guarantee that the continuous supply and products are caused by poor sales or personalized sales. Inventory backlog and risk of capital occupation. The Baoxingkang Household Medical Device Alliance platform is different. Not only is the supply guarantee, but it can also be adjusted on the platform for different stores to reduce the risk of inventory backlog and capital occupation.
    Fifth, the current problems of domestic medical equipment:
    a, the number of existing stores cannot meet the needs of the increasing demand for middle -aged and elderly people.
    b. Due to the small storefront, the number of display products is limited. Many stores cannot be familiar with the Internet bridge. The amount of information is small, and the store cannot bear the education and cultivation function of customers.
    c, "Silly as soon as possible", employee sales have nothing to say. Since the manufacturer is a single -piece medical device production, there are no special institutions to systematically use all the equipment functions of the entire store display of the store employees, and it is more difficult for manufacturers to train marketing employees for marketing knowledge.
    D, new products are difficult to promote, stores do not have marketing planning capabilities and levels, and manufacturers only understand production, which leads to backward market marketing promotion methods.
    e, the existing home medical device store lacks effective customer service awareness and effective customer file management. Sales are only relying on heaven, lack of active attack and lack of service capabilities. The existing household medical device stores have a single sales form, lack of experience, marketing forms such as rent, service on -site, and conference demonstrations. They lack a variety of profit models and have not achieved effective extension of service functions.
    g and storefront lack of customer experience, lack of experience for specific people, let alone send the home medical device experience to the community.
    4, "aging will be a huge change in population structure, everyone should be prepared for this." Especially businessmen, whether you are bigger or small, you need to have policy sensitivity. For the elderly, the prevention, testing, physiotherapy, care, and rehabilitation of the elderly are all the rigid needs of household medical devices. As the questioning sound of health care products is getting louder, most people who have the needs of health products will have most of them. When turning to home medical devices, let alone live alone, empty nests, loses, dementia, disabled people and other elderly people. With the emergence of intelligent home medical devices, consumers need stores to provide support and as bridges. Many ways, but instructing the use and after -sales also requires the ground support of the store, which cannot be replaced online. For stores, the alliance also designed more value -added services, such as the leasing of home medical equipment, consumption consumption, rehabilitation training courses, nursing services outsourcing, remote health guidance, public welfare health lecture, etc. The alliance platform provides a value -added profit project for stores. The total profitability of the store is greater than the sales of stores.
    The Baoxingkang Household Medical Device Alliance Platform is established. It supports the R

  2. For the reasons for the gap between domestic medical devices and international levels, the "2014-2018 China Medical Diagnosis, Care and Treatment Equipment Industry Requirements and Investment Opportunity Analysis Report" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute pointed out that there are four main reasons : Inadequate policy environment, insufficient technical investment, weak innovation capabilities, and relatively fragile industrial system. The author believes that the above four reasons are actually only the reason for the surface layer. The deeper reason is that the person in charge of the enterprise lacks the determination and perseverance of the company with international competitiveness. In the research and development of the work, especially with the booming development of the social capital medical market, I feel that there are still more opportunities in private medical institutions with relatively weak capital strength. There are many multinational medical device companies and some pharmaceutical companies with strong capital strength. For them who are not bad money, in the case of relatively backward medical resources, medical device equipment is the focus of their future investment. Stranging roughly, the market space in the field of high -end medical devices is not optimistic.

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