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  1. 1. Remember what you should remember, forget what you should forget. The change can be changed, and the acceptable.
    2, except for tears that can be washed away, is time, the more time, the longer the time, the conflict, the conflict, the conflict, the more conflicts. The faint, the more like diluted tea.
    3, complaints are the biggest supply of human beings to human beings, and the most sincere part of human prayer.
    4, the cost of wisdom is contradictory. This is the outlook on life to life. Open joke.
    5, the girls in the world always think that they are proud princess (except a few extremely ugly and a few extremely smart girls)
    6, if the enemy makes you angry, it means you have not won him yet Grasp.
    7. If a friend makes you angry, it means that you still care about his friendship.
    8, Linghu Chong said, "We can't control some things themselves, so I have to control myself."
    9, I am not Knowing what I do is right now, those who are wrong, and when I finally die, I know this. So all I can do now try my best to do everything, and then wait for the old death. R. n10, maybe some people are very abominable, some people are very despicable. When I set up as he imagined, I know: he is more pitiful than me. So please forgive everyone you have seen, good people or bad people.
    11, the fish said to the water that you can't see my tears because I am in the water. Water said that I can feel your tears, because you are in my heart.
    12, happiness must be sad, the rain should be sunny. If it is rainy after the rain, if it is sad after sadness. Please let us calmly face the parting after the parting. Go to find you with a smile!
    13, the church of the death church, like the results announced after the exam -although it is suddenly realized, it is late!
    14, when you are born, you cry, the people around you laugh; when you die, you laugh, and the people around you are crying! Everything is reincarnation! We are in reincarnation!

  2. The active atmosphere of the work group is the leader said, "Send a red envelope."
    and then a good morning greeting in the morning can also activate the atmosphere.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, I am very happy to answer you. The classic words of active group atmosphere are as follows: 1. Equity can really do a lot of things, for example, sleep again. 2. The best friends are always wallets. When it is thin, we are very distressed. 3. If you have money, it is also a mistake, then I am willing to make mistakes again and again. 4. Everyone is laughing, but you are not the same. You look funny. 5. I am still so young, reaching the pinnacle of life. The excellent thing is terrible. 6. Now, the only thing I can't afford to put is chopsticks, and the only thing that can't be trapped in is the quilt. 7. Rich people finally become dependents, and people who have no money eventually become house slaves. 8. The mirror in the school staircase is to tell us: people ugly should read more. 9. If you do it well, you are confident if you do well. If you do n’t do it, if you do well, it is called strong psychological quality. 10. Severe fear of heights hurt me for life and could not bow to pick up money. 11. Others are holding hands, but I hold the dog in my hand to see who is unhappy to bite the two. 12. If I am in love, it doesn't matter if I get rich; if I get rich, please now immediately! 13. I have only two things in my life, that is, that's not, that's not. 14. People who have been dissatisfied with hairstyles have one thing in common: refuse to admit that this is a problem. 15. As soon as I emphasize that being a person should be low -key, but you have to give me applause and scream. 16. It's good to go away, otherwise you are always worried, you have to stay for dinner. 17. Life is alive, first smile by others, then laugh at others, and then laugh at Jiuquan. 18. It's not handsome, how can I be able to live in those who secretly love me?

  4. And letting their group members active, in fact, only need the group owner to guide the topic, it will succeed most of them. A topic worthy of argument is often the elements of group members to let go. The sponsors of the topic often need only one sentence to mobilize the emotions of the entire group. Today, I will teach you how to mobilize the group in the group.

    The interaction with the group members, the sense of humor cannot be less. As a group owner, if you can maintain humor in the group, it will give people a very close feeling. For example, the owner can tell the group members to talk about some simple humor, such as: "Don't think that you can get everything with money, like Li Ka -shing, 87 years old, so far without my WeChat." Or: "I took a new new new one today. Hairstyle, go home and ask my wife: handsome or handsome? Wife: I was used to your ugliness, I didn't expect you to change another ugly method. "These simple paragraphs can cause ridicule of group members.

    We we can make a brief welcome to the members of the group, say one or two welcome words, and then send a red envelope for the group members to introduce ourselves. The red envelope can summon the diving netizens. When the group members introduce themselves, other group members will definitely attract, and they will also put forward their own ideas. At this time, the WeChat group is naturally active. There are also mutual understanding.

    Secondly, as a group owner, you must pay attention to the hobbies of the group members, such as initiating topics that group members are interested in in the WeChat group with a lot of men, such as game cars, and in Bao Ma The topic of launching marriage and children in the group can also cause heated discussions.

    . Finally, you can hold some interactive games in the group, such as intellectual games, guessing riddles, guessing pictures, guessing idioms, etc. Before I recommended active group games, You can play games together to discuss.

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