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  1. The mobile phone case market research report
    With the rapid development of technology and the improvement of living standards, more and more people use mobile phones. Of course, people's awareness of protecting mobile phones has also improved. The mobile phone case is also widely used. The following is a survey report for mobile phone cases, welcome to read.

    With the rapid development of technology and the improvement of living standards, more and more people use mobile phones. Of course, people's awareness of protecting mobile phones has also improved. The mobile phone case is also widely used. At present, China's largest mobile phone manufacturer is Samsung Electronics. In 2012, mobile phone users in China reached about 1.2 billion. According to the current situation of people's mobile phone cases, a comprehensive investigation of the mobile phone case market in our school now has a comprehensive investigation.
    The generalization and popularization of various mid -to -high -end mobile phones. Seeing the development prospects of the mobile phone protective case, the manufacturer of the mobile phone case sprung up after the rain. These companies produce mobile phone cases with various materials, and also focus on the beauty, personality, and quality of the mobile phone case. Gradually from singleization to diversification, the development of mobile phone protective cases to now is no longer a simple practical product. With the popularity of mobile phones in young communities, almost every young man who pursues fashion hopes to have a unique mobile phone. Give -mobile phone beauty has gradually become a way for them to show their personality. In order to cater to this trend, mobile phone protective case producers have launched many products with more sophisticated colors and more unique workmanship. This makes the type of mobile phone protective case more diversified. From the original decoration to practical to the current multi -function, mobile phone cases are updated to a more user -friendly era like mobile phones.
    Katdenos is the first brand of mobile phone cases. Its popularity and consumer usage market indicators have been far ahead for many years.
    The mobile phone case not only brings protection to consumers' mobile phones, but also can see their own personality from the decoration, but also DIY. These reasons have become mobile phone cases with love in the minds of consumers.
    The text:
    This survey mainly investigated mobile phone case products, sales, prices, and other aspects to find consumers' needs and business opportunities. n The target targets for this survey are mainly students, and the scope is mainly various departments of commerce, trade, mechanical and electrical, and the results are relatively one -sided. A total of 62 volumes were collected based on the survey of the questionnaire survey and based on some of my usual life experience and other methods. Make the following investigation report according to the questionnaire.
    among many miscellaneous competitors, consumer demand has been expanding. At present, it has not yet studied a comprehensive business, but with the development of science and technology, mobile phones are common. The attachment effect of the market continues to spread. If we grasp the time, we will be the largest supplier of the unprecedented mobile phone case. We will seize details and opportunities and run towards our goals.
    The market positioning will be more attractive to consumers and realize purchase behavior.
    66%of the investigators use mobile phone cases. Among the investigators who do not use the mobile phone case, 79%of them chose to consider buying.
    In terms of price positioning, it has always been a sense of "affordable" positioning, giving the characters worth it. 39%of the candidates in the questionnaire have a mobile phone case with a price of 10 to 20 yuan, while 38%of the choice of shampoo with a price of more than 20 yuan. It can be seen that most people still trust the price of moderate or more expensive prices.
    The most concerned about the appearance and protection of the product, and the vacancies on the market are still relatively large. The existing products cannot meet the needs of some consumers. This is a big one for us. The advantages, and the vacancy of this market must be made great efforts.
    It in terms of advertising, goods are the facts of iron. The characteristics and styles of products, the most selected models and styles will be our best advertisements. What we have to do is to attract consumers and strive to make them loyal consumers. Provide a variety of different additional services.
    It 42%of people often choose to buy mobile phone cases in jewelry stores, and 27%and 24%will buy such products in specialty stores and online stores. Most of the mobile phone cases are sold in the small commodity market. The mobile phone cases in the jewelry store are usually not comprehensive and the price is high.
    of course, there are many shortcomings in Piaorou itself.
    48%of the appearance of the mobile phone case in this survey, and 44%of them value the function of the mobile phone case to protect the phone.
    It's in terms of appearance, the target consumers of this survey are mainly students. Most students are pursuing fashion and fun. In the survey, most people like special styles. The current market's mobile phones are not comprehensive enough, and they cannot meet the taste and needs of most consumers. Therefore, some adjustments can be made in appearance. Based on the original design elements of the market, we can boldly improved on the basis of the original design elements of the market. For young people, young people have launched more comprehensive mobile phone cases to fill the vacancies of the market.
    ending: (analysis prediction)
    With the development of society, people's thoughts have changed, the speed of accepting new things is getting faster and faster, and the aesthetics are getting higher and higher. More and more, so more and more people are pursuing personality. The main function of the mobile phone case is to protect the mobile phone from being harmed, but the appearance of the mobile phone case is also changing. Based on the function of choosing a mobile phone case, customers will also choose what they like. Perhaps it is found that too much customer cares about the appearance of the mobile phone case, so the quality of some mobile phone cases will be poor and the use time will become shorter, so the quality is combined with the appearance. In addition to quality and appearance, customers are also concerned about prices. Customers think that 'cheap quality is not good and the quality is not cheap', so most of them choose to be within their own ability, and some people will be habitually habitually The purchase of things in the same family will have no concept for those who do not know, and do not know if they should buy it, so it is important to promote it at this time. For example, you can choose 3-4 people to use the products in our store. Let them talk about feelings as a publicity.
    In terms of product services, customers should be considered to be God. Only customers buy products can the real value of the product be achieved. Today, the price and technical differences of products are gradually narrowing, which affects consumer purchase factors. In addition to the quality of the product and the image of the company, the most critical is the quality of service. Services can dominate the sales trend of products. The ultimate purpose of service is to increase the return rate of customers and expand the market share of the market.
    In short, if the mobile phone store wants to keep it on, there are places that need to be improved in products, prices, marketing, or services. Products need to be continuously improved and innovated in order to have long -term development!
    Appendix 1: Questionnaire
    "Questionnaire on the mobile phone case"
    Thank you for cooperating with our work in your busy schedule. Your evaluation will be our precious information.
    With the rapid development of society, the use of mobile phones is already common. However, people's use of mobile phones has improved, and their awareness of love for mobile phones has also increased. For this reason, the market for mobile phone cases is also very large. Do you also attach great importance to the use of mobile phone cases?
    In order to better provide you with your favorite mobile phone case, our company specializes in the following questionnaires Different needs, welcome everyone to participate actively.
    The questionnaire is carried out in an unknown manner, please rest assured to fill in. (Selected*for multiple choices)
    1. Your gender is?
    A. Male B. Female n 2. Do you use a mobile phone case?
    A. Use B. No B. No Use
    3. If not used, do you consider buying a mobile phone case?
    A. Is it B. No
    . What is your usual living expenses every month?
    B.200 yuan B.200 yuan-400 yuan C.401-600 yuan D.600 yuan or more
    5. What is the price of your mobile phone case?
    . 10-20 yuan C. 21-30 yuan D.30 yuan or more
    6. Do you prefer that kind of material mobile phone case?*
    . Silicone B. C. C. Plastic D. Carbon fiber E . Other
    7. The channel for your mobile phone case is?*
    A. Online shop B. Jewelry Store D. Supermarket E. Other
    8. Do you pursue individuality Mobile phone case (such as DIY design)
    A. is B. No
    9. The main factor affecting your purchase of your phone case is?
    A. Price B. Material D. Quality D. Quality
    10. What do you think is the main role of the mobile phone case?
    A. Aesthetic B. Personality C. Protect mobile phone D. Enhance signal E. Dust -proof and fall F. Other
    11. You you When buying a mobile phone case, which accessories will be purchased?*
    A. headphones B. Film C. Dust plug D. Hanging decoration E. Other
    12. What style of mobile phone case do you like?
    A cute B personality C simple D anime E. Retro F. Other
    13. The frequency of your purchase of a mobile phone case is?
    A. One month to three months. The year D. The main reason for your mobile phone case for more than one year is?
    A. Damage B. Over time C. It affects certain efficacy of mobile phones D. Other
    15. You look forward to the future的手机壳作出怎样的创新(填空)rn   ————————————————————————————rn   再次感谢您的Cooperation!
    Appendix 2: Survey data
    Appendix III: Usage and receiving price


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