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  1. My definition of GS is a career that completes income growth and reduce cash flow pressure in various ways to reduce cash flow pressure through various methods. There are probably several aspects of GS income.

    The game itself is an impulsive and irrational entertainment method, especially in treasure detection and card gameplay. As the core payment point, plus random interaction is the biggest fun of the game. Based on these reasons, setting a treasure -pad knife operation method. By increasing the shipping rate of the zone service, it is easy for players to produce shipments. The illusion of the shipping at the same time will interact with other players. In this way, the atmosphere of treasure detection and cards will actually come out, which will help improve the early flowing water.

    The gradient effect of a goal in psychology, that is, the closer the person is from the target, the more motivation to complete it. A little money can exceed/throw away your illusion. The purpose of this stimulus is to increase the upper limit of the payment of ranking activities. However, if the internal number is the first, and it is not a small distance to throw out the second place, it is easy to play, so it will basically make the internal number card in the second position. If there are multiple numbers Third, postponed.

    The game itself is a zero -sum game. Some people lose and some people lose. Single -service resources are limited, especially for this kind of buying product, because there are a lot of players generated by resources. How to judge the loss trend here, how do I know that he is about to lose. The logic of the loss of paid players is like this, and the reduction of payment -decreased login time -the gap between combat power continues to increase — eventually lost. Therefore, it is necessary to let the GS records of the payment, login duration, and combat power of each service player.

    The players who buy the product are not good for the platform. I feel that the game can be uninstalled at any time and play the platform, so it will maintain the relationship between the player by the rebate, of course There are also gameplay that come from other platforms to pull players from other platforms. It is essentially based on the premise of player loyalty.

    It is a part -time VIP customer service in our company GS. The role of VIP customer service is to maintain relationships and reduce the risk of paid player loss. What do you usually do, provide privileges and create a sense of scarcity. For example, VIP players' feedback priority processing, various VIP grade gift packages, and activity rebates. In fact, more often listened to the player's complaints. What explosion rates are low. In fact, players also know that this kind of problem cannot be solved, but it is necessary to vent the object, and it is important to communicate with the player.

    The general gameplay is to pull the player to a community through various means. After active for a while, try to pull them into the corresponding game through the game recommendation. Lairen Studio should do this. Through other game products, various game Q groups, post bar, Weibo, etc., players are used to try to transform. The essence is the purpose of completing income growth by reducing costs.

    . In the previous company, I generally use the reduction of cash flow pressure as the main standard for GS assessment. Take all the services of GS, take a seven -day ROI average. This average value is compared with a single service, which will generate a value range. GS points are set according to this range, and the points reaches the specified grade to give specified performance.

    In the last thing to mention is the supervision of GS. Any link that involves the circulation of internal resources needs to be supervised. Generally, it is to verify the transaction flow of transactions on a regular basis. GS will take a series of measures such as warning, cancellation of one month of performance, and removal.

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