What is the older person suitable for people to do?

Around 50 years old, male, no technology, what kind of job is you looking for? Sorrow .............. Let's help come out. Essence Essence Essence

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  1. 1-Seeing category, such as the door, the parking lot charges, etc.
    2-Community neighborhood committee contact: security, pick-up children for people, housekeeping work
    3-self-reliance: If there is funds, you can open a small small Shop: For example, small grocery stores; or set a stall on the morning market;
    if there is no funding: you can collect waste products, wait for
    In short, it depends on your environment, you personally, you personal Conditions, and your own preferences to choose.

  2. Security or property administrators, I am 54 years old and are still working as a property administrator, but also have to verify that the salary is not high. It is only 1600 a month. In Foshan, Guangdong, it is social security.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, older people are more suitable for the following work: 1. If you are older people to do nanny, because they have accumulated a lot of rich work experience before, they are more confident in doing things. In this case Trust, under the premise of doing a good job, do not have to worry about income issues at all.n2. Online car driver. Many people now drive, especially some drivers are generally done by older people. Now many people are doing the job of online car drivers. As long as they are under the age of 70, they can basically be a online car driver.n3. Parking lot toll staff. It is very appropriate to get a parking lot toll collector, because this job is somewhat similar to security. Although it may not be a job from nine to five, it is relatively stable.nIn general, these three jobs are recommended. Although the salary is relatively low, the work is relatively stable. It is more suitable for people older to do, and the workload is relatively small.nMore 2nBleak

  4. First, according to your own advantages, special lengths, skills to find a profession that suits you. If you do n’t have it, you can learn a technology in your hand.
    The short -term speed -out training can consider learning car beauty, fast repair, electrician, electric welding, commercial vehicle, and used car appraisers.
    The second -hand car training time can be learned for research for a week.
    The car beauty, electrician, electric welding, and commercial vehicles are 1-3 months.
    The school -enterprise cooperation, employment of famous enterprises, large market demand, guarantee of work, and high salary levels. You can also obtain relevant certificates while learning technology.
    or considering long -term. Xueqiao Xiu is a good choice. The auto repair industry is very promising.
    1. The auto repair industry is very demanding now, the work is easy to find, and the working environment is good.
    2. The work and social contact in the auto repair industry are relatively close and follow the trend, so seeing and thinking will be more open, which will also help develop in the future.
    3, learning auto repair is faster, the difficulty of learning is not very difficult. As long as you practice more and ask more,
    4, you can find a professional auto repair school, learn technology, finish learning, and finish it. According to your own situation, it is also good to choose a machine repair shop. Nowadays, there are more and more cars in China, and there is no multiples of auto repair talents. Auto repair talents are certainly short -sighted, and high salaries have become inevitable. But in the future, the competition in the auto repair industry will also be fierce, which depends on whether your auto repair technology is excellent. This major is very easy to find a job. As long as you do well, salary will definitely make you satisfied.

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