5 thoughts on “Can a 40 or 50 -year -old aunt be a waiter?”

  1. Of course, the old aunt, a forty or fifty -year -old, can also be a waiter, but the service category is different and the positions needed are different.
    The requirements for waiters for some companies are harsh, such as under 35, under 40, and so on.
    But as long as it is not a particularly harsh company, the physical examination is qualified.
    The service staff serves customers. Even at the age of 40 or fifty years old, as long as he is healthy, has no disease, has a good facial features, and has enthusiasm for the service industry, he can be a waiter.
    Is do not be rejected by some industries to reject the ages of the ages of 40 to 50, they will exclude ourselves from this industry. It is rejected by the entire industry and will refuse you. However, we have not found a more suitable job job. Just.
    Is as long as the waiter's industry has enough enthusiasm and good health, he is willing to work as a waiter in this industry.
    of course, at this time, we also need to respect the recruitment conditions of recruiting enterprises. For companies that do not meet the conditions of recruitment, we must respect the boss's ideas, instead of saying that we must do it if we must go to a certain place without the conditions. waiter.
    It workers require the boss and employees to reach an agreement. If the opinions are consistent, they can get along friendly, in order to have a harmonious working environment, and to carry out work more enthusiastic.
    So the old aunts of the 40s and fifty -year -old can be a waiter, but they must abide by the rules of the industry, respect the boss, and have enthusiasm for work.

  2. Of course, in many restaurants, there are 40 or fifty -year -old aunts as waiters, but they are all ordinary restaurants. They will use young girls as waiters in restaurants. Essence

  3. Auntie 40 or Fifty -year -old can also be a waiter. It is not only a young girl to be a waiter. Auntie has his own advantages and strengths.

  4. Hi!
    Is as long as our age meets the recruitment requirements of employment positions, it is completely possible.
    Is say that women's forty -one flowers, our integrity is young, and we should not be arrogant. I hope our enthusiasm can warm people. Harmony with each other, a better life.
    Wang the above reply is helpful to you!

  5. If there is a shop as a waiter, of course, you can do not hear that you still have age restrictions as a waiter, as long as you are healthy.

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