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  1. Large customers sell the right person: Burning incense cannot worship the wrong Buddha "find the right person, talk to talk, and do the right thing" is the nine -character sutra sold by big customers. Some salesperson said a lot of baskets and a lot of things, but the result was inevitable. The reason is that he did not find the right person. Isn't this confused to burn incense for the Zizi Guanyin and hoe the God of Wealth? However, in the sales of big customers, there are many examples of "slurry". Because the "God Buddha" among the big customers is "stealth", it is not easy to find the "God Buddha" you should worship accurately. You must open your eyes and visit carefully to "five steps" After seeing the "true Buddha". The first step is to analyze customer procurement process case description 1 -A company's procurement A is a multinational enterprise specializing in the production of bearing. The bearing produced in China mainly supplies car manufacturers such as Shanghai GM, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW -Volkswagen, and Fukang. , Raw materials depend on imports abroad, with higher costs. Recently, in order to reduce the cost, Company A decided to adopt a public bidding method to choose a steel raw material supplier from China. After the bidding information was announced, a total of 10 domestic steel companies and traders came to negotiate. After the measurement of the technical department, Company A screened five companies, and Baosteel ranked among them. In response to the plan of the five companies, Company A established a project group (composed of technology, finance, procurement, production, and general agency). Through comparative analysis and price negotiations, the project team generally believes that Baosteel is better than other bidding companies and submits evaluation reports for general manager decisions. Finally, Company A decided to accept the project by Baosteel and instructed the procurement department to track the project. If the internal procurement process analysis of the customer's internal procurement process is not clear, you will be like a headless fly. I don't know how to track the customer according to the customer's procurement process. From the above case, it is not difficult to see that the procurement process of large customers is generally: internal demand → establishing projects → collection information → technology screening → project evaluation → final decision -making → subsequent service sales staff can only understand the customer's procurement process, and according to the customer's life In order to formulate a sales plan during the procurement stage, it can meet the different requirements of customers at different stages. It can be seen that there are generally three stages of the customer within the customer: the procurement department collects information, and the partners are initially screening; the project team evaluation and analysis, price negotiation; the project decision maker finally set the case. Sales staff clarify the internal procurement process of the customer, and establish a good relationship with different people based on the project's focus on the project process, which is very helpful for the progress of the project. In the sales of large customers, the results are important, but only every link can achieve good results. Step 2, analyze the customer organizational structure case description 2 -Company B of IBM Company B purchased a batch of computers. Each department is very satisfied with the computer, but it is controversial about the IBM keyboard. Zhang San, a salesman of the D keyboard manufacturer, learned the news and decided to sell the keyboard to the company. Customers held a meeting for this to discuss the replacement of the keyboard. Participating in the meeting were the director of the General Manager's Office, the engineer of the technical department, Xiao Li from the marketing department, Xiaohuang from the Finance Department, and Xiao Wang of the Sales Department. Each department states as follows: Office Director: Everyone work with the keyboard every day, and we must strive to satisfy everyone. Technical department: Both keyboards are not good. According to our maintenance report, Lenovo's keyboard failure rate is the lowest. The marketing department Xiao Li: The D keyboard is too loud, and the market department has many people, and it is annoying. The HP keyboard is good and quiet. Ministry of Finance Xiao Huang: No matter which keyboard is required, the most important thing is that the price cannot exceed the budget. Sales Department Xiao Wang: The keyboard of company D is very smooth, it is very comfortable to touch, and the sound is better. In the discussion, everyone expressed their opinions and argued. In the end, the director of the general manager's office reluctantly announced: "Forget it, let's not change it, let's use the IBM keyboard." Analyze the internal organizational structure of the customer: Only by knowing the organizational structure inside the customer can we grasp the connection between various departments. Sexuality and correlation can be achieved based on the organizational structure and sales. From the above cases, it can be seen that the organizational structure of the company B's enterprise (as shown below). The director of the general manager's office is a very critical figure, and the role of other departments is different -the sales department and the market department care about the use, and the technology department cares about Maintenance, the Ministry of Finance cares about the budget, and the director of the general manager's office cares about the coordination and interests of the departments. If the sales staff starts different tasks according to the organizational structure of Company B before the seminar, then the discussion may be another result of another conducive to the sales staff. Steps internal procurement process Sales personnel plan and arrangement of the purpose of the expectation to reach the first step of the demand plan to generate contact customers, tap the demand to stimulate the demand, expand the second step of sales to establish procurement plans to participate in the formulation of procurement standards to determine the project advantage. The third step of the procurement department collects Information provides information, cultivates "intelligence officers" within the customer to establish customer relationships, understand competitors and internal relationships of the customer, step 4 technical departments to screen for active participation, establish technical advantages to use procurement standards, set up a threshold for the fifth step of the project group evaluation relationship penetration and penetration Project negotiations Establish an evaluation advantage, eliminate the decision -making confidence of the general manager of the competitors, the general manager of the competitors, determine the project of high -level interaction, win the order of the seventh step of the order to implement the project and tracking service to achieve the promise, improve the third step of loyalty, clarify the functions of various departments, the total functions of various departments During the sales of the Marketing Department of the Management Department of the Manager's Office, during the sales of large customers, due to the different division of labor within the client, the focus of concern is different. Only when the sales staff understands the functions of each department, only which departments are supporters, which departments are neutralists, and which departments are opponents. Analysis of the relationship between the five functional characters within the customer: The various functional departments within the customer can be roughly divided into five types: economy, technology, use, finance, coaching. (See Table) Sales personnel need to note: In actual work, several types of functional departments may be gathered in one department or even one person. For example: private enterprises may be five types of functional departments gather in the boss, or may be only one person in charge of two or three functional departments. In addition, the role that affects project decisions is sometimes not just these five types of departments, and it may be other roles, such as the secretary, wife, relatives, and children of the project decision maker. This requires that the salesperson cannot be generalized in the process of clarifying the role positioning of various functional departments, but should be randomly responding. Step 4: Take the initiative to obtain valid information case description 3 —— actively attacking the key character Huang Yan Company is a manufacturing enterprise with machine processing as its main business. It has a group of superb and experienced engineers and technical workers, and processing The machinery and equipment are advanced, and its excellent processing skills are well -known in the industry. Recently, Ding Li, the company's big customer manager, was distressed, because the bidding project of Yuhuan Machinery Company, which was responsible for his responsible old customer, had no echo. Several similar companies are jealous of this project and are preparing to win bidding at ultra -low prices. Ding Li has won the support of the procurement department and the technology department of the Yuhuan Machinery Company in the early stage, but this project is personally responsible for the President Han of Yuhuan Machinery Company. Both departments are not key departments. The information obtained by Ding Li is all in the evaluation of Han, and I do n’t know about other situations. In other words, Ding Li was caught in the "information island" in the middle of the project (there was no problem in the early period of communication, the plan has been submitted, and the customer has been in the project assessment status). In the "Information Island" period of large -scale projects, sales staff cannot passively wait for customers to notice, but actively adopt measures to approach the decision makers to obtain effective information that affects the bidding, so as to formulate effective strategies. In the long -term cooperation process, Ding Li knew that military industry enterprises have always been the key development customers of Yuhuan Machinery Company. However, due to the lack of mechanical design human resources of Yuhuan Machinery Company, the insufficient product structure design restricts their cooperation with target customers. In order to approach Mr. Han, Ding Li asked Huang Yan's technicians to formulate a complete technical reform plan for Yuhuan Machinery Company, and proposed the in -depth cooperation of Huangyan and Yuhuan Machinery Company's in -depth cooperation. When the Ministry of Technology gave Ding Li's proposal to President Han, Mr. Han was particularly happy. In the conversation, Ding Li learned that in the bidding of the project, in addition to the price of Yuhuan Machinery Company, it also focused on the technical services provided by the partners to them. They were very satisfied with the technical services provided by Huangyan Company. At this point, Ding Li's hanging heart fell to the ground. In the end, Huangyan won the bid at a price of 5%higher than the competitors. Step 5: Find a key person, describe a decisive case 4 —— The heart of the decision maker is a very famous large enterprise in Anhui Province. It lost to a 1.5 million yuan in information software engineering bidding project a few years ago. A local unknown small company. The reason for the failure of bidding is not price, services, and quality, but the other party overcome the deputy general manager responsible for the bidding. It turned out that after learning that the person in charge of the bidding was Mr. Wang, the deputy general manager of the client, the competitor Miss Liu contacted Mr. Wang's wife through the customer's employee, and quickly gained the trust of Mrs. Wang. You get the information that Mr. Wang is going to go to Shanghai. As soon as Mr. Wang got off the plane, he saw a waiter holding up a beautiful and generous pick -up pass, saying his own name. Under the instruction of "a friend", the waiter arranged Mr. Wang to a five -star luxury room. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Wang received a "friend" and welcomed him to Shanghai's flower basket. Of course, all this is the arrangement of Miss Liu of Jianghuai Group. On the afternoon of the afternoon of Mr. Wang, Miss Liu called Mr. Wang to explain the arrangement, hoping to know Mr. Wang, and expressed his hope that Mr. Wang allowed the technicians of their company to go to the company where Mr. Wang was located for technical exchanges. Ms. Liu then led Mr. Wang to watch his favorite drama- "Tea House". Two days later, when Mr. Wang returned, Ms. Liu arranged to send Mr. Wang to the airport. When leaving, Mr. Wang quickly agreed to technical exchanges. During the operation of the entire project, each collaborative department felt the tendency of Mr. Wang, the deputy general manager, so Miss Liu successfully won the 1.5 million yuan order. Several cases listed in this article are not difficult to find that in the sales of large customers, sales staff can only take the initiative to attack and obtain effective information on the basis of analyzing the internal procurement process and organizational structure of the customer and clarifying their functions. Only the departments and key figures can have greater winning.nIn 2010, the investment of 1.7736 million yuan in Macong Town, Dongguan City helped Shang Lai Village, and actively carried out education, projects, medical care, employment, public health and tourism poverty alleviation work. The results of the per capita net revenue reached 2464 yuan, an increase of 23.1 year -on -year increased by 23.1 %, Poverty alleviation rate is 50.98%.

    There is thanks to the enthusiasm of Miyong Town, Dongguan City for poverty alleviation for our city! Promote good deeds, enthusiastic help!

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