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    Hello: motor vehicle scrap regulations, procedures and subsidies.
    . The mandatory scrap system of motor vehicles shall specify different scrap standards according to the safety technical conditions and different purposes of motor vehicles. Motor vehicles that should be scrapped must be registered in time. A motor vehicle that meets the scrapped standard may not travel on the road. "
    " Regulations on the Registration of Motor Vehicles "(Order No. 102) Chapter 2 Article 5:" Motor vehicles that have reached the national compulsory scrap standard, motor vehicle owner to send to motor vehicle recycling enterprises to send machines When moving the car, you should fill in the application form and submit the motor vehicle registration certificate, number plate and driving license. Motor vehicle recycling enterprises should confirm the motor vehicle and disintegrate, and issue the "Scrap Motor Recycling Certificate" to the motor vehicle owner. Large passengers, trucks and other operating vehicles shall be disintegrated under the supervision of the vehicle management office.
    . The procedures for the scrap of the vehicle are as follows:
    1. First go to the motor vehicle recycling enterprise designated by the public security traffic management department, fill in the "Motor Vehicle Settlement, Reunion/Logging up Registration Application Form",
    2 , Motor vehicle recycling enterprises confirmed the disintegration of motor vehicles and issued the "Scrap Car Recycling Certificate" to the motor vehicle owner.
    3. Motor vehicle recycling enterprises shall "Motor Vehicle Portal, Repeat/Logging Registration Application Form" within seven days after the disintegration of the motor vehicle ", the motor vehicle registration certificate, number plate, driving license, and" Certificate of Scrap Car Recycling " Back to the car management office.
    4, the car management office will issue the "Certificate of Logging out of the Motor Vehicle" to the owner, and the scrap procedures are completed.
    3. You can refer to the 2011 waste subsidy policy:
    1. Properly maintain the continuity of the policy. According to the scale of subsidy funds, continues to meet the urban buses, rural passenger vehicles that meet the standards of automobile scrap, scrapped in advance, and a heavy -duty car cargo car that are scrapped in advance to provide funds to facilitate the travel of urban and rural residents, promote the improvement of freight quality, maintain the quality Terminal interest.
    2. Reasonably adjust the vehicle's service life. In order to reflect the savings of resources, the period of use of subsidy vehicles, rural passenger transport, and heavy cargo vehicles such as urban bus, rural passenger transport, and heavy cargo vehicles were appropriately extended. The above (including 8 years), more than 6 years (including 6 years), more than 10 years (including 10 years) and less than 15 years.
    3. Properly increase the standards of funding subsidy. In order to enhance the attractiveness of subsidy policies, the subsidy standards for urban buses, rural passenger transport, and heavy -duty cars were increased by reference to the new subsidy standards for the old and new subsidy standards. Essence Private sedan categories are only 600 yuan in residual costs.
    4. Subsidy subsidy funds are issued in time. In 2011, the application and distribution of subsidy funds continued to adopt the practice of the 209 announcement of the old and the Ministry of Commerce of the Ministry of Finance in 2009. The owner who meets the subsidy conditions can directly go to the old car scrapped and updated service window of the old car where the vehicle is located in accordance with relevant regulations. Subsidy funds.

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