Ask for accounting work in the financial industry, there are specific positions and their job responsibilities

What are the specific positions and their job responsibilities in the financial work in the investment and trust fund industry

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  1. I can only tell you about the matters that the industry needs to pay attention to. As for your post, you can only analyze the specific situation.
    1, review the reimbursement form every day, and report to the financial manager to prepare the bookkeeping voucher in the financial software after review.

    2, instant authentication VAT invoice, pay attention to the invoice code of the agent. At the end of the month, the certification will pass the post to print the form to make pre -declaration and use it for use.

    3, enter the payment invoice that has been paid or in the "four small votes" in the. 3 deduction program. Invoice documents are exported in the print item.

    4, depict relevant data from financial software to prepare various reports and refund accounting materials according to financial software. Register the relevant data in hydropower in 2006 and transportation expenses.

    5. Complete the daily pre -declaration of last month before the 8th of the month, and the key tax source data declaration work.

    6. Before the 8th of the 6.0 system and the deduction folder in the 6.0 system, the summary declaration work of the "exemption, resistance, and retreat" in the first February of the previous February Essence

    7. Complete the relevant work of the statistical statement of the planning office before the end of the month (pay attention to the month and quarterly statements). Complete corporate income tax, real estate tax, and personal income tax declaration work before the 10th (quarter).

    8, issue an export product invoice according to the declaration of the declaration of the declaration department. After checking the accuracy at the end of the month, the data will be imported into 2006 sales. Note: The exchange rate is subject to the official website of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

    9, complete the budget execution data entry at the beginning of the month, and then check the summary work in the currency income and expenditure table.

    10. At the end of the month, fixed capital depreciation is required. Pay attention to the increased assets increased last month, and fill in the cumulative depreciation vouchers. The salary is included in other deferred assets, amortization of intangible assets, and salary of employees in this month to prepare relevant vouchers.

    11, enter the electronic port webpage to submit the tax refund Huanglian.

    12, keep the receipt, register and review during the cashier.

    13, sort out the data on time in order to archive management. Pay attention to the tax bureau and export official website in a timely manner to learn about the latest notices and software upgrades.

    14. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.

    I assisted accounting positions. Its work is generally determined according to the needs of accounting work: such as:

    1. Assisting leadership handling banking business, including frequently filling in checks, handling deposits, payment bills, and preparing various funds required for leadership activities, Specifically handle various investment businesses.

    2. Assist the leaders to conduct various cash transactions. If you understand the use of cash income and profit and loss status, preparation and processing of backup funds, management leading activity funds and credit cards, and recording leadership activities.

    3. Assisting leadership treatment of wage management affairs. And the net wage, understand the income records of employees, etc.

    4. Assistance to the leader to fill in the salary tax sheet in different periods of the year, including the salary and tax sheet, the employee's tax exemption is clear, assist in handling the main salary tax, and assist the supervisor to do various taxes for various taxes. Records, assist in handling income tax, sales tax, property tax, and lawyers 'business, directors' conferences and tax experts in taxation activities.

    5. Cooperate with the financial department to handle the relevant financial statements. If the office cost data is available, and it is required to participate in the preparation of the office budget; cooperate with financial personnel to prepare the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, customer statement and company annual report.

    The daily work content of the cashier

    The daily work of cashier mainly includes three aspects: monetary funds accounting, transaction settlement, and wage accounting. 1. Monetary funds accounting. The daily work contents are: (1) The cash receipts and payment of cash, review and approval. In strict accordance with the state's relevant cash management system, according to the receipt and payment voucher signed by the audit personnel, review the review and handle the payment and payment. For major expenditure projects, the accounting supervisor, chief accountant or unit leader must be reviewed and signed before it must be handled. After receiving and payment, sign the payment voucher, and stamped with "receiving" and "pay".

    The responsibilities of cashier positions generally include: (1) handling cash receipts and settlement business; (2) register cash and bank deposit journal; 4) Storage related seal, blank receipt and blank check.

    The work content of accounting accounting accounting

    Colida for the procurement order or contract of the enterprise, the low -value consumable receipt (acceptance report) of the fixed asset of the inventory, the supplier issued by the supplier Invoices, the "three verification laws" in daily life. Timely account processing for the check invoice. It is processed to check the relevant processes and systems of the different parts. In accordance with the payment period of the supplier of the procurement order or the relevant supplier of the contract, the accounting age analysis table of the accounts payable for the invoice is regularly issued for the cash flow payment plan of the enterprise. Coupled with cost accounting, etc., analyze the cost of the material cost of the corresponding suppliers, and provide a decision -making basis for the procurement of the enterprise. When paying the payment, the supplier will give the payment directly or through the relevant departments to pay the payment details, and pay the payment according to the corresponding account of the invoice for the timely verification sales. In special situations such as corporate funds or other reasons, the over -payment parts in the corresponding accounts will be submitted to the relevant departments in time, and the relevant departments will communicate with the supplier to obtain the support of the supplier. There are also credit or analysis of the credit of relevant suppliers every year. Provide a basis for providing suppliers' decisions for relevant departments.

    The main content of cost accounting:

    usually collects cost accounting content (production expenses) according to cost items. At the end of the month, a certain distribution method is allocated to all cost objects. (Product), calculate the total cost of completion products and unit costs, as well as the cost of product. This process needs to be completed by preparing product cost calculation form. The main data are: raw materials (refund) library list; salary calculation form, etc. Including raw material allocation tables, labor cost allocation tables, and manufacturing cost distribution forms do not have a special format, they should be compiled according to the actual situation and needs of the enterprise. The cost of completing the completion product should be transferred from the production cost subject to the finished product (or inventory product) subject. In addition, according to the actual situation of the enterprise, the corresponding cost calculation method is adopted.

    This is only cost accounting. As for cost prediction, cost control, cost analysis more involved. If you use software, these work will become much simpler!

    work responsibilities :

    Under the leadership of the ministers, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the national financial and accounting regulations, corporate financial and accounting systems and cost management, it is responsible for formulating the rules for accounting implementation of the cost accounting of the company, and organizing the implementation after the approved by the superiors.

    The initial personnel will carry out cost budgets and project cost plans for major projects and products of the company to provide relevant cost materials.

    Is when the company promotes comprehensive cost accounting management and what internal banks, assist relevant supervisors to formulate overall plans and implementation measures, determine various types of cost quotas and standards, and assist various departments and subordinate enterprises to promote training and training Essence

    The continuous supervision and investigation of various departments' implementation cost plans, and reported reports in a timely manner.

    The learning, mastering advanced cost management and cost accounting methods and computer operations, and proposing control measures and suggestions for reducing costs.

    Make up, archive, archive, database establishment, query, and update of relevant cost data.

    It other tasks assigned by the Minister of Finance.

    The general account accounting

    This account accounting should be a full account account for accounting accounting. In fact, the general account accounting is actually equivalent to the accounting supervisor, even the so -called financial supervisor To put it simply, the general account accounting is to be responsible for Harbin, but Harbin has to do it, but it is affairs within the scope of accounting. The general account accounting may involve. Different, the personnel are more equipped, and some specific accounting work is handed over to the subordinates, that is, the accountant to do it. It guides it and requires the relevant data according to his own will. Voucher and reports, data analysis and other affairs, and accountants should focus on the specific process and data collection of accounting work. Therefore, the requirements for general account accounting will be higher than ordinary accountants.

    Clasting accounting

    . Under the leadership of the financial department manager, it is responsible for the management of the company's accounting group.

    . Responsible for the cashier, bookkeeper, and accountant who belongs to the leadership to receive and collect the money on time, as required, to truthfully reflect and supervise the various economic activities and financial revenue and expenditure of the enterprise The economic business is reasonable, reasonable, and legal. The Secret Resources Network

    . Responsible for guidance, supervision, inspection and assessment of the work of the members of the group, deal with the problems that occur in the work in a timely manner, and ensure that the accounting of the group is carried out normally.

    . The monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting forms are prepared on time, so as to achieve real numbers, accurate calculations, complete content, clear explanation, and timely reporting.

    . According to the accounting system, the accounting voucher (registered not exceeding 10 days) is regularly summarized, and it is matched with the subjective account core.

    6. Responsible for the accounting of corporate management fees, carefully review the original vouchers of revenue and expenditure, account processing meets the system and regulations, the accounts are clear, the number is accurate, and the settlement is timely.

    7. The detailed accounting of dedicated funds to correctly reflects the use and balance of various special funds, as well as special engineering expenditure and completion. Dedicated funds should be liquidated in time.

    8. Responsible for each monthly calculation of the pre -ordering and waiting costs in accordance with regulations.

    . Responsible for the registration of the company's tax banking and the payment of taxes.

    X. Responsible for the cost of reporting the cost of various departments of the company.

    11. According to the monthly salary sheet, hydropower consumption meter, fuel consumption table, etc.

    . 12. Regularly collected, reviewed, and binded the company's accounting voucher, thin account statements, financial plan and important economic contracts, registered numbers, and registered for the "Administrative Measures for Accounting Archives". The regulations are properly kept, and the destruction procedures in accordance with regulations.

    3. Regularly organize the investigation and verification of the company's fixed funds and mobile assets to ensure the accuracy of the property, strengthen the management of fixed assets and mobile funds, and improve the utilization rate of funds.

    If 14. Strictly follow the requirements of the financial management system, carefully do a good job of auditing the accounting voucher, and the organization will organize the compilation of the statement to ensure the correctness, timely and authenticity of financial settlement, and provide reliable to the leaders to provide reliable reliability Business management information.

    The fifteenth, timely grasp the use and turnover of mobile funds in time, and report to the manager of the Ministry of Finance on a regular basis.

    Is 16. The work of the supervision office is responsible for the work of the post, and it is directly responsible for the effect of the work.

    Sessay, employees of the affiliated departments to learn from the national fiscal policy, regulations, financial and economic discipline and financial accounting systems, and continuously improve the level of ideological and business work capabilities of employees.

  2. The scope is too wide, the financial industry is also divided into banks, securities, insurance companies ... can the same?

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