Vocational schools, what are the majors for girls to learn?

Want to go to Chengdu Vocational School. Is there any major suitable for girls, thank you, please

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  1. "What are the professional prospects for girls to learn?" Many of the parents who recently consulted our school were asking. In fact, there are still differences between girls and boys. Therefore, when choosing a major, you can try to choose industries that fit the characteristics of girls with quietness, meticulousness, and other characteristics. Today, Sister Wan recommends three major majors that are more suitable for girls.
    If: Automobile business marketing
    With the rapid development of the automotive industry, automobile business majors have emerged. This major covers car marketing, automotive after -sales, e -commerce, automobile maintenance management, automobile marketing management, insurance claims, used car evaluation, business etiquette and other sectors. The purpose aims to cultivate basic theories, knowledge and skills such as modern marketing management and business, and can engage in automotive marketing, business negotiations, automobile marketing management, automobile insurance claims, fixed loss and maintenance acceptance.
    The work environment for such positions is elegant and salary is high, but it must have professional car knowledge. Girls' unique gentle and delicate personality is very suitable for working in this position, which is more competitive than boys.
    Professional two: Urban rail transit
    With the rapid development of my country's domestic economy, motor vehicles, high -speed rail, and subways have been opened in major and medium cities across the country, and they have great demand for related professional service talents. Calculated by the ratio of 150: 1, in the next 10 years, major and medium cities across the country will need nearly 200,000 professional service talents. By 2020, my country's railway business mileage is expected to reach more than 120,000 kilometers. Of course, the development of the industry is inseparable from the support of talents. At present, the monthly salary range of high-speed rail service personnel is about 4,000-8,000 yuan. The salary of treatment in different regions is different. However, it is still very lacking, and the demand for professional talents is strong.
    Professional three: Nursing specialty.
    I. Girls are very young after graduating from junior high school, and they can choose their own profession. I personally suggest that girls can learn the major of nursing categories. In this major, you can learn a lot about medicine. If your grades are excellent, it is also very possible to enter a local hospital after graduation. The nurse's doctor will continue to increase with the increase of working years, so it doesn't matter if you start the salary at the beginning, and slowly insist that your income will become higher and higher. The work of the nurse is relatively decent, and there is no need to experience wind and rain outside, so for girls, this will be a good job choice. Nurse girls are also very good to find objects in the future, because everyone feels that the girls of the nurse are more delicate, and they know how to take care of others, and they can be liked by her mother -in -law.

  2. I usually recommend girls to learn Western food or western dots.

    The analysis of the Western food industry pointed out that the shortage of professional Western food talents in my country has made the industry competition more and more intense. Many companies compete for high salaries to hire foreign western food teachers to make up for the blank of talents, but they have greatly increased their labor costs. Therefore, it is urgent to train professional western kitchen in China, which has also brought greater opportunities to domestic Western professional talents.

    The West Point has become a new choice for trendy fashion and leisure decompression admired by young Chinese consumers, with huge market development space. The residents of first- and second -tier cities have gradually penetrated into third- and fourth -tier cities and rural markets, and their development prospects are broad.

    The working environment of Western food and West Point is relatively bright and brighter. The work content is relatively easy, which is very suitable for girls to learn.

    The everything in the world, food and love cannot be disappointed ~

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the railway passenger service management professional railway passenger service management, which is the general high -speed rail flight attendant. Generally, the courses are: Introduction to Railway, railway customers, transportation organizations, railway passenger service etiquette, management foundation, railway passenger English, ticket management, stations comprehensive governance, railway driving safety, railway freight organization, railway driving organization. The introduction of the Chengdu Railway School of Ticketing Services is the first level of passengers, as the number of passengers -impression. Modern ticketing services have become an indispensable part of the industry role. The Chengdu Railway School cultivates professional ticketing talents required for the industry. It is required to be able to master various ticket operation software, familiar with the ticket management process, and become rail transit venue stations strongly, strong The support point. The Chengdu Railway School emphasizes that girls do their work in this area is very stable, with considerable wages, and short working hours, so it is very suitable. The Chengdu Railway School of the Railway Communication Signal Empress emphasizes that because the service major has certain requirements for girls' appearance, image temperament and height, girls who cannot meet such requirements can choose a technical specialty. A professional type. After graduation, girls are mainly engaged in regulation, operation, and testing of signal equipment.nAre there any other questions, such as Hunan high -speed railway school,nAnswer what you like in compare, let me see if there is a major suitable for you. (Shopping shopping is not counted)nQuestionnnCan those cannIt is also possible to answer these. If that track means that you can be a trainer on the subway, and the railway is a trainer on the high -speed rail. Signal technology, after you graduate, you can check in a subway or related transportation departments to check a device to ensure that the communication signal is unobstructed. This is stricter for height and weightnQuestion about the railway logistics management and urban rail transit engineering technologynAnswer the management of railway logistics, which girl choose which girl is, that is, the large carrier of coal or pulling it for you to managen6 morenBleak

  4. Hello, it is recommended to learn accounting major, or teacher majors.
    . Professional for the application of liberal arts girls
    Research types: economics, education, vocational and technical education (technical normal school), foreign language, Chinese, history, finance, archeology, etc. n Tools: Stomatology, medical school test technology, medical imaging technology, Chinese medicine bone injury, acupuncture and massage, vocational and technical education, logistics management, property management, gardening technology, etc. Design, commercial art design, animation design, music performance, clothing design, interior design, landscape design, film and television director, etc. Hotel management, business English, international trade, etc. n Note: The reason for choosing some transaction and service -oriented majors, because college graduates are very small after going out develop! This is a necessary roundabout for management students.
    The type of transaction: business English, international trade, international business, foreign tour guide, etc.
    service types: air flight attendant, aviation service, secretary, tourism management, hotel management, early childhood education, etc. 2. Professional dictionary
    The majors in universities are divided into 11 discipline categories. Liberal arts usually apply for 7 categories including philosophy, law, literature, economics, education, history, and management. The author in this article will replace a more interesting liberal arts division method, which is to be divided into 6 types of liberal arts (of course, this division is not accurate, just to a certain distinction). The first category is a traditional science major, such as philosophy, Chinese, history, archeology, education, preschool education, and primary education; the second is a liberal arts major with good development momentum, such as journalism, communication, and external. Chinese, international politics, English, German, French; the third category is liberal arts majors in liberal arts and sciences, such as economics, finance, accounting, sociology, educational technology, and art design; For example, media creativity, intellectual property, housekeeping, special education, and speech auditory science; the fifth category is scarce liberal arts majors, such as diplomacy, small language majors, public security studies, investigations, border management, anti -drugs; sixth category It is an art and sports major. This is a special specialty. They are different from ordinary colleges and universities in the enrollment process. They are separate enrollment, and there are interviews and professional courses. For convenience, this article does not involve such majors. Of course, due to space limitations, this article cannot include all the liberal arts majors. Here, some common, many applications, and popular liberal arts majors are introduced here. Provide a little reference.
    . The professional big inventory that girls are most suitable for applying for the exam
    In human physiological perspective, girls are better at emotional thinking, and boys have strong logical thinking ability. This difference leads to men and girls often appear in high school divisions. When applying for volunteers and choosing a professional, this difference is becoming more obvious. Girls' language talent and delicateness, patience and other characteristics make them sing "protagonist" in some majors of today's universities. We take these girls with a unique application advantage to have a major
    A superiority category two -Foreign Language Category
    The trend of global political and economic integration is becoming increasingly obvious, and foreign language talents have become more and more valued. With her talent of learning language, girls have taken the lead in the kingdom of foreign language majors, always occupying the status of "big sister". The current foreign language majors are often refined to science and technology foreign languages, business foreign languages, mechanical foreign languages, foreign language foreign languages, etc., are all products of foreign language, science and engineering, business and trade popular majors. The employment prospects are very good.
    superior door category three -education category
    girls are delicate, lively, love, patience, and are most suitable for the profession of teachers.
    I. as an engineer of human soul, the teacher's industry has become more and more favored by candidates with its social status and salary treatment.
    Recommended majors: Preschool education
    Prepass education is the basis of life education, an organic component of basic education. It not only prepares children in elementary school, but also lays the foundation for the implementation of nine -year compulsory education. Today, the competition for educational resources has extended to the field of preschool education, and the needs of professional talents in preschool education in the future will grow greater. Preschool education majors mainly study education and psychology courses. Of course, there are also interesting such as piano method, vocal, dance, art, children's game theory, kindergarten education activities and guidance, child toy design and production, children's music dance dance creation and techniques Curriculum, so as to systematically master the basic theory and professional knowledge of modern preschool education. The graduate students mainly go to the childcare institutions to engage in education and research work, preschool education administrative work, and other relevant institutions' teaching and research work. If you want to maintain a happy "childlike heart" forever, this major is a good choice.
    The college recommendation: At present, Zhejiang Normal University, Hangzhou Normal University, Huzhou Normal University, Ningbo University, Wenzhou University, Shaoxing College of Arts and Sciences, etc. Among them, Zhejiang Normal University's preschool education majors are national specialty, and they are one of the longest and strongest majors in the school. In 2008, 90 liberal arts were recruited, and 30 sciences were enrolled. Students were in the school headquarters and sophomores to study in the Hangzhou campus.
    In addition, the preschool education major in Southwest University in other provinces is one of the longest and strongest majors in the university. It is also one of the earliest three preschool education majors in the country. Preschool education at the famous Beijing Normal University Education College also has a glorious history of development.
    The attention is: Education majors have strict requirements on the physical conditions of candidates.
    superior door category four -news communication
    The press and publication industry is recognized as the rising yang industry. At the end of the 20th century, my country's press and publishing industry developed rapidly, the cultural market was unprecedented, and the competition between the media was unprecedentedly fierce. The most needed for prosperity and expansion was a large number of professional talents. The economic status and social status of editors and journalists were quite high. According to relevant data statistics: In the next 20 years, about 2 million people needed by my country's press and publication industry, which will be an industry with a large number of employment in the Chinese cultural industry. The continuous rise in the industry has caused the major to be popular with candidates, especially female candidates.
    Recommended majors: Editing and publishing
    Editing Publishing is a application -oriented discipline, which is the most practical major in the field of press and publication. As a communicator of culture, it is not only a kind of knowledge, but also a kind of thought that allows people to gain spiritual enjoyment. Therefore, the quality requirements of the editor themselves are also very high. Astronomical, geography, ancient and modern China and foreign countries must be widely involved. Although they are not high, they are only high -fighting and wealthy cars.
    The content comes to the Internet!

  5. 适合女孩子的专业有很多啊,主要还是要从工作压力、环境、待遇方面来综合考虑吧,现在比较热门的专业大概有办公文秘、平面设计、网页设计、动漫设计、室内设计、电商、 Finance and other.

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