4 thoughts on “What is the relationship between car GPS positioning system risk control”

  1. It is mainly used when not paying money. Financial companies can find the car through GPS positioning, so as to take measures

  2. The owner pays the car in installments, and does not pay money when the manufacturer is used to recover the vehicle.

  3. Because I am afraid that the car will be stolen and I am afraid that you will not pay back the money, so you must install it. What is the common in Guangzhou Sweld?

  4. Speaking of the GPS locator of the car loan industry, many people intuitively feel that this is just an electronic product used to prevent theft. The risk control personnel of the car loan company have a deep understanding of whether the GPS positioner will have a great contrast, which will have a great contrast, which will have a great impact on whether the final vehicle can recover.
    The development of the car loan industry has been in the years, and the capital blessings have been fiercely competitive. Because of this fierce competition, relaxation of wind control threshold, coupled with the chaos of management, has made the criminals organic, and the adverse rate is greatly improved. The borrower's malicious arrears, fraud loans, and secondary mortgage caused a large amount of loss to the car loan company, and the GPS positioner gradually became the last risk control defense line for car loan companies.
    The GPS positioner of the car loan industry has continued to improve with the development of technology. Only GPS positioning can no longer meet the needs of the industry, base stations positioning, WIFI positioning and other technologies such as all -round quickly record vehicle location information. However, these functions are only articles in the accuracy of positioning information. As long as the borrower removes the GPS locator and return to the origin, the concealment and anti -demolition function of GPS has become a competitive selling point for various GPS manufacturers and dealers.
    GPS positioner update frequency is very fast. The wi -wireless device is smaller and smaller. The purpose is to hide it in the body. Once removed, it is "seeing light death". The principle is to use light induction; wired device; In order to prevent the equipment from being removed, some car loan companies will choose to install an oil -powered relay, and the remote power off -fire flame extinguisher instructions are sent, and the vehicle is in dueliness. In the actual process, the wired wireless GPS positioner is often used together. The two are dark, and they often play a huge role in car loans.
    In entering the era of big data, GPS risk control platforms with strong data analysis capabilities have become the fragrant company of car loan companies. Platform data display can be presented on the computer, mobile phone, and even WeChat. It is convenient for outsiders to hold their mobile phones and chase the car according to the navigation guidance route. The platform's early warning function is increasingly valued. The platform warning combines vehicle stay and trajectory points for big data analysis. In the platform, the state of the borrower can be determined whether there is a potential risk of escape loan. The GPS monitoring platform system of SAAS -level corporate services is a risk control weapon for large and medium -sized car loan companies, which distinguish the authority of organizational relationship management, and facilitate the management of superiors to lower -level management. Control efficiency.
    In the era of financial grass, the GPS positioner not only solves the problem of risk control problems in front of you, but also improves the information level of an enterprise, but also improves the risk control efficiency of the enterprise. Step in this heart pill.

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