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  1. It is usually two channels for managing positions. One is that they have special professional and technical capabilities to be responsible for management at the same time. Second, they show the ability and charm of art in terms of management. The following is how the property manager I organized manages employees, welcome to read.
    How to manage employees in property managers 1. Improve your team.
    Once a person goes to management positions, especially the main management positions, his success is no longer developing himself, but to develop others. In other words, the process of exercising leadership power to a large extent is largely discovering the process of others and developing others. This process is the process of team promotion. In Welch's words, "Before you become a leader, success is only related to your growth. When you become a leader, success is related to the growth of others." Teams with the best players do not always win the final ultimately win Under the same conditions, the chance of winning is higher. As managers, you should create this or better than this condition or environment. That is to say, as a manager, you don't make you stronger, but to make your employees stronger and more synergistic.
    2. Right, win the trust of others.
    The as a manager, first of all, you have to integrate, build a sense of trust in yourself with frankness, transparency, and reputation. For some people, becoming a manager means starting his own power journey. In order to maintain their authority to use some non -inflow means, they also like to control people and information. Therefore, they will keep secrets, do not disclose their ideas for employees and their performance, and store their ideas about the company's future development. Of course, this behavior allows leaders to establish its own territory, but it exclude trust outside the team. When the leaders show sincerity and frankness, when they must do it, trust appears, and things are so simple. Your employees should always know how their performance and the company's business progress is. As a leader, you must defeat your own instincts and do not try to cover up or decorate those bad information, otherwise you may lose your team's trust and energy.
    3. Know the fun of work.
    Happy employees will provide relatively high -quality services. Let your employees experience the fun of work and do not exert pressure outside the job, otherwise it will make employees tired of responding to irrelevant things.
    4. Let employees have dreams.
    If new employees often have personal vision, sometimes it conflicts with the company's vision. Negotiation or exclusion of them is a Great Teta, because it should be guided to formulate a development plan for employees, try to combine the two visits as one as possible, to quote the development track of the company. Establishing a resources, because whether it is now or in the future, the employees who are working on the job are like our customers, and they are all our resources.
    5. Learn the results of sharing work.
    Is when you become a leader, sometimes you can't help feeling such an impulse. You want to say, "Please see the results I made." When your team performs well, you want to return the credit to all the credit. On your own head. The leader does not mean that the crown is granted to you, but gives you a responsibility -to make the best potential of others. To achieve this goal, you must trust you. Share the results of work together. Du Lele, happy with others, happy? In order to gain the trust of employees, leaders should also reward and punish clearly and lead by example. You must not occupy your own achievements and steal the good idea of ​​others. There should be enough self -confidence and rationality. There is no need to bully and bully. The success of the team is to recognize itself, or early or late.
    6. Good at listening and dare to admit errors.
    has a stinky skin craftsman, top Zhuge Liang. "As the saying goes, people are not perfect, and managers are not saints. It is not surprising to make mistakes. Do not cover up mistakes because of maintaining authority. .
    7. Focusing on relative opinions and suggestions.
    The discovery problem is half of the problem solving. Each of us likes positive opinions, and negative opinions often have hostile psychology. But as managers as managers. It should be good at listening and facing this issue. Some need to be clarified and explained, and some will become positive opinions and suggestions. Finally, once again, the manager should manage himself and affect others. Hope as a manager or is about to be about to be as soon as possible. People who become managers are reluctant. An excellent manager should first manage themselves. If he is not self -disciplined, does not self -esteem, and does not self -reliance, then how can you convince the public? Start, to lay the foundation of management, the effect of management and management will be reflected!
    The property manager how to manage the relationship between employees and the relationship n Taishou, he must not only be responsible for regional security, and make the economy, that is, to know the profitability and management cost control of the community. At the same time, the community manager must do a good job in the construction of spiritual civilization and cannot lose Jingzhou. The person is the community manager alone. He is like the commander of the army. This commander must not only play an example, but also have a certain credibility. Because in actual property management, the community manager not only manages the employee team, but also among the owners "Private affairs" sometimes finds the property, so the property must be in a certain credibility and do not favor any party. Therefore, the community manager must not only practice internal skills, but also the move. Property companies or internal management of the property management office of the community. Both property management and property services are good. It is necessary to manage the person (owner) well. In essence The manager must establish a certain prestige in the property company. With his own unique personality, you must do a good basic principle, that is, do not compete with the superior leaders and do not fight for benefits. Leader. His authority depends on different property companies. For example, some community managers have the right to dominate the economic control or partial dominance of the community; some community managers have the personnel to be exempt or partially exempt from the personnel of the community property staff. The company's system is restricted. But there are also intangible power and intangible assets. For community managers, there are always advanced evaluations every year, and there are excellent property managers every year. , But it may not be all floating clouds. Some can add points to the future career development of the community manager. What is a dispute, that is, there are only a few things, not all people have, and that thing is to fight. We have seen the Yongzheng dynasty. Just like a few big brother competing for the throne. For superior leaders, the community manager should pay attention to:
    The credit of the first and seven points to the superior leaders and three points belong to themselves. An excellent community manager must also have excellent company managers, that is, the manager of the leading community manager, and some may be regional managers or deputy presidents. Therefore, when the property industry commends the community, he must notify his superior leaders so that he knows that the honor of the community is inseparable from his usual care and guidance. When writing the management report, the process of achieving excellent results must be written clearly, but it must not be too exaggerated. So what did the community manager eat?
    It, don't underestimate, not sloppy. The ability of leaders is also uneven, but he is your leader and the official general is the first level to die. You can't underestimate him. Of course, the leaders have different personalities. Some cities are deep. You cannot guess his psychological activities. Some people have rectums. They speak like opening cannons. Therefore, in response to different superiors, take different measures. But despite this, there are two basic principles that cannot be violated. An instinct to underestimate his superiors. I used to say that beating a dog depends on the owner, and the dog could not knock on its own.
    It cannot be underestimated, although your superior leaders seem to be comparable, some are cowardly, more kind, but the heart may not be kind. Because you don't know how much his inner skills are. If his skill surpasss you, then you will be worthless in his heart since then. The cowardly leaders are generally small. You have to talk more about this kind of person and talk less about professional issues. It does not mean that some superiors go to the community to inspect and ask the question of a community manager. Some questions answered concise and concise, but the question seems simple, but it may not be able to answer it for a while. Some leaders ask questions, you will think that low -level or very common, but if you encounter the intention to examine you, you are over. For example, how many regional managers are asking how many water tanks in the community? You may be able to answer, if you ask you how much tonnage, I am afraid that you can't answer it for a while. For another example, some deputy chiefs in charge, how much motor vehicles are parked in the community, you may report a approximately number. If the leader of the branch has mastered the actual data, he will think that you work very seriously. Do we really think this is important? Just like the iron tooth bronze tooth Ji Xiaolan, Qianlong asked how many words in the Zuo Zhuan. Is it meaningful to ask this question? The question of meaning is that he is likely to have purpose. Therefore, the community manager cannot be underestimated or sloppy.
    Third, don't care about the upper dynamics, especially gossip. To be promoted is also the direction of most community managers, unless you don't think it is necessary. Most people know who has the power and who has the right to speak, and the greater the power, the more effective who says. Do not care about the upper dynamics, which refers to the discord between the team. Of course, the larger the team between any team, the greater the friction that appears, and the contradictions in the place where there are many places must be. This is also one of the characteristics of China. The upper dynamics we have to care about only see only favors or no. For example, the company's development plan, see how their own opportunities for development in the company in the future, this can be followed. But more are the things between the company or the company's leadership. You must know that the leader is the most taboo to discuss the leader below. Even if the discussion is, it is also heard by the leaders to discuss those people, and the leader knows that the discussion will be discussed. Some even drop from the sky. Of course, it is not ruled out that some superior leaders take the initiative to "talk" with you. At that time, it may be depending on your attitude towards the upper levels, maybe it is a personal vent. No matter what the situation is, you cannot enter the drama yourself, otherwise Maybe the trap is indirectly. It's like driving, you don't hit others, but some people will come to hit you. Chinese, there is a kind of love, watching and acting. Therefore, no matter how good the coach, when you are playing, the coach is yourself.
    The interests of employees
    The property management, especially residential property management, is a micro -profit industry or enterprise. Regardless of the contribution or remuneration model, the profit obtained by property services is generally about 10%, and some even less than 10%. In Shanghai, according to the management standards of 50,000 square meters of community, the salary of the community manager is generally 3500 to 4,000, even if it is about 5,000 or more. The salary of security is calculated at 50,000 square meters, generally around 1500, and the general property customer service or administrator receives 2,000 yuan. Then, compared with Shanghai's per capita wages, the per capita income of the property industry is low. Even so, although the community manager is a sesame official, no matter how the official is an official, he must manage and lead the property management team. From the perspective of management, the incentives of employees are also important, and the enthusiasm of employees comes from the material basis or money rewards. The profit of the community property security, cleaning, and maintenance personnel depends on the subjective factors of the property manager of the community. It does not compete with employees here, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    The distribution of bonuses should be reasonable. Whether it is the remuneration system or the dry system, it includes the awards of various bonuses or other materials in the one -year employee. Some community managers In the property cost accounting of the community, in addition to the national regulations of employee benefits, they are often "bonus calculations or this part of this section. To get additional material or money rewards, you can regulate the employee's work mentality. However, for some communities, the property company implements the target responsibility system for the community manager, and a reward of all community employees is bundled, which means that the company's property fee collection rate or indicator of the property fee completed by the community. Then the company will allocate a bonus to the community property, which is allocated by community managers, which means that the bonus of the community manager is tied together with security security, cleaning and maintenance. Well, here we talk about a question of "distribution of work". How to allocate bonuses for security, cleaning and maintenance personnel or administrators? In traditional thinking, all distribution is based on levels. Even if the employee does not have a prominent performance in normal times, because his position is high, the number he allocates is a little higher than others.
    It, if you are a security captain or a foreman, the bonus may be a little bit more bonus than the security players. The department manager is more than the average administrator. Needless to say, the community manager. However, our concept of bonuses is wrong. The bonus is not salary. The salary is set according to different levels of the positions, but the bonus is based on personal work performance. Many enterprises have implemented performance assessment, and the standard rewards of this assessment are still determined according to the level. I think it is fair. As a bonus reward, you should be determined according to the performance and results of the employees. The security guards do well and make certain results. The bonus may not be lower than the administrator. If the worker is, then they will never be regarded as equal. The bonus is used to reward employees' work efficiency and outstanding achievements during a certain period of time. In addition, the bonus distribution cannot see emotional factors and relationships. It is said that foreigners are passionate and romantic, and the same is true of Chinese people, but whether it is fair to maintain fairness in the case of passion has a test of our supervisor or leader. It can be said that most people cannot do it. Because it is too much emotional, it will cause indirect losses to the interests of others.
    The second, the deduction bonus is not an effective management method. The deduction bonus here is clearly deducted and hidden. It is clear because employees do not abide by labor discipline or violate the relevant regulations of the employee manual, and implement a punishment. The hidden buckle is the bonus that should be considered in the cost budget and not considered. In some community managers, in order to increase profits or books, the bonus has set up friendship operations. In fact, this is the interest of employees. An economic operation that cannot even guarantee bonuses will not produce positive benefits. A property community employee can only rely on wage income, so the management of this community is not high. Therefore, some companies do not do much. Many reasons are the working environmental benefits of employees. If you want to compare all aspects of the two property companies, as long as you go to the communities under their jurisdictions to see the spiritual appearance of the employees, including the clothing of work, we can basically see what kind of company this is.
    we know that in the property management position, the security guard is a lower -level position. Every time we talk about the treatment of security, many community managers will frown, and it seems a bit crying. Although the treatment of security is generally low, security guards are the most gray income in all posts. There are many communities in Shanghai, the minimum of 1280 (2011 standard) in the city, but they have passed various channels with actual income of more than 1280. The main source of the so -called security gray income is the parking fee of motor vehicle in and out of the community, which is a temporary parking vehicle, which ranges from 5 to 10 yuan according to the parking time. Some owners or visiting guests drove into the community, and the security guard did not invoice after the parking fee was charged, so the money entered the "public fund". Why is it called "public fund"? To put it seriously, this behavior is called corruption. You can't underestimate a parking invoice of 5 yuan, which is not large. After a month, it is not hundreds of dollars, thousands of yuan, or even tens of thousands.
    The temporary parking fee is generally included in the cost of public maintenance funds and property management, so the parking fee invades the interests of the owner. Of course, security guards do not invade all parking fees, but that they can take advantage of any of the invoices that do not stop. However, the public funds mentioned earlier are because the security guards are rotated, and the vehicle's entry and exit and charges involve the security of each team. Then the parking fee is charged in the evening shift, which means that the charging of improper parking fee requires the cooperation between security guards. They are always responsible for their specific allocation. Depending on the size of the community, the number of corresponding public funds is different. We say that it can be remedied and can, but where the system is strict there, there is the most lack of security. Therefore, the deduction of bonuses cannot play an effective effect on security.
    Mo how to manage employees 3 1. Let everyone understand their status, do not forget to discuss their work performance with them;
    . Give rewards, but the reward is equivalent to achievement; r;
    3. If there is a certain change, notify in advance. If employees can receive notifications first, the work efficiency must be relatively high;
    4. Let employees participate in plans and decisions related to their vital interests; r r r r r
    5. Trust employees and win their loyalty trust;
    6. Reach to employees on the spot to understand their hobbies, habits and sensitive things, and understand them as your capital;
    7. Listen to subordinates Suggestions, they also have a good idea;
    8. If someone raises strangely, they should be tracked;
    9. As much as possible to let everyone know your thoughts, no one likes to be covered in the drum;
    10. To explain "why" should do something, such as staring at employees to do things better;
    11. In case you make mistakes, admit it immediately, and apologize, if you shirk your responsibility, blame blame, blame the blame Others, others will definitely look down on you;
    12. Inform employees the importance of his position and give them a sense of security;
    13. Put forward constructive criticisms, criticize criticism, find criticism of criticism, find criticism of criticism, and find out criticism. Methods;
    14. Before blaming someone, point out his advantages, indicating that you just want to help him;
    5. End with examples to establish a good role model; Don't let employees do not know what to do;
    17. Grasp every opportunity to show that you are proud of your employees, so that they can make the greatest potential;
    18. If someone sends complaints , Quickly find out their dissatisfaction;
    19. The most likely, soothe the emotions of dissatisfaction, otherwise everyone will be affected;
    . Formulate long and short -term goals so that people can make people based on it. Measure your progress;
    21. The power and responsibility that support your employees are inseparable.
    How to manage the employee of the property manager, 4 people are like a computer. The body is like a computer's hardware. Thoughts are like a computer software. Thoughts can also be installed selectively. What kind of mentality, ideas and ways do you choose to determine what kind of achievements you will have!
    The characteristics of the property management industry determine "the worries of the owner first, the rear owner's joy". As long as the owner needs something, we should respond, wearing needle leads, coordinated rubbing, and the wind comes in the rain on weekdays. Not to mention the cozy environment of "a cup of tea and one newspaper", we must bear the psychological pressure from all aspects. No wonder some people have said that it is more difficult to do property than to be a neighborhood committee! It is even more difficult to be a property manager! The leader of a property company is even more difficult to add! Because of this, it is particularly important to cultivate and select an excellent management manager in property management enterprises.
    Is how can the property management industry become more and more standardized, standardized, legalized, and competitive, how can we do a good property management manager?
    1. Good morality and dedication
    As a company manager, my words and deeds will affect my subordinates and employees. "People serve virtue, and they are not convinced." Employees are convinced of my morality and the role of serving your work. Do not care about personal gains and losses, have the spirit of working hard. As a company manager, the professionalism is the cornerstone of the management of property. Former national team coach Milu once had a famous saying "attitude determines everything"! Today, there is also a famous saying in the property management industry "dedication to determine everything"! A careful, patience, and solid work attitude is absolutely indispensable. If I have not carefully observed and prevent any situation in the management area, I have no patience to communicate with the owners in the management area. The owner solves everything, so my work cannot be affirmed and the approval of leadership.
    . The essential comprehensive knowledge and firmness. Professional knowledge
    The faces involved in the property management industry are quite extensive. Corporate managers need to master the necessary comprehensive knowledge and solid professional knowledge. As a manager in the property management area:
    1. Policies and regulations related to the property management industry must be familiar with. If you don't understand, you will become passive.
    2. Knowledge of property management service etiquette. Measure and evaluate the level of property management of a property company, the most intuitive reflection of the quality of all employees from the property management office. While you pay attention to etiquette yourself, you should also pay attention to the perfectness of employees in daily work in daily work to maintain and improve the company's good reputation.
    3. You must understand the operation process and ISO quality management system familiar with the property management. For on -site management involving some issues of real estate development, such as the structure of houses, water supply drainage, strong electricity, etc., as a manager, you should have professional knowledge in this regard. Otherwise, the work in the property management area cannot be carried out through normal channels, let alone standardization. There is no necessary comprehensive knowledge and solid professional knowledge, and you don't know how to deal with the current complicated and complicated property management work.
    . The five must -have capabilities
    The first ability to bring a good team. The manager must understand that a person's strength is limited, and it is crucial to build a team that is indestructible, indomitable, and talented. But it is unmatched by any manager who only highlights personal performance. Each employee's personality is different, a bit lively, and can activate the atmosphere; some are not good at words, but they can do specific and real work; some are upright, but it is easy to offend people; some capable, but there are some shortcomings, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one, such a one. The company's company's property manager, you must know the character of your subordinates, use the strengths of employees, avoid the shortcomings of employees, and help shape the ideal character at the same time to lay a solid foundation for the team. While strict management and emphasis on performance, they should also understand their hardships and hardships in their work. After all, they are on the front line, and the problems they face are also faced by the manager. All the difficulties and more encouragement. Only in this way can you unite and lead your team, making the team more stable and strong.
    The second type of execution capabilities. Executive power is the guarantee for property management enterprises to improve competitiveness. Whether the execution of the property management area not only reflects the overall quality of all employees in the management office, but also reflects the quality and mentality of the deputy general manager. A good "executor" can make up for the shortcomings of the "planner", so that the quality of talent determines the quality of service. For example: Property management enterprises have passed the ISO9000. Series certification, then at this time, the real estate management regional manager is required to strictly implement the quality standards of ISO9000 in daily management to control the quality of service. However, the owner's satisfaction is to measure the objective standards of the quality of material management services, and the strength of execution will be directly reflected here.
    The ability to innovate the third management model. Society is progressing, the times are changing, and thinking is constantly being updated. If our property management model is always stagnant, we will always be in a passive situation, let alone competition. The industry's situation is changing, and the competition for peers is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition, the owners' understanding of various policies and regulations of property management has become increasingly mature. As a property management manager, we should fully recognize this, so we must continuously improve and improve the quality of service in their jurisdiction, improve their service attitude, and change all kinds of environments in the jurisdiction. place.
    The fourth kind of good communication and coordination. The deputy general manager of the property management must face various owners and their own employees in the management area every day, and at the same time, it also has to face the company's leaders and various government functional departments and the business exchanges with the management company. Without good communication and coordination, there will be some obstacles and resistance to the operation management of the management office. For the intention of the company's leadership, you must effectively understand it and strictly implement the implementation. The problems that occur during the implementation process will be reported to the company leaders in time, so that the company's leaders can effectively adjust their decisions. The relationship between the government's functional departments and business exchanges should play a bridge role. While fully protecting the interests of the company, it should be found in the interests of all parties, that is, the common interests to achieve a win -win situation. At this time, the manager needs to use the ability to communicate transcendence to win the greatest benefit for the company. Faced with the owner in the management area, the property management enterprise is the service industry after all. What you need to consider is how to satisfy the owner. This requires you to do it down -to -earth. To understand the difficulties and needs of the owners and the solution, the satisfaction of the owners is the guarantee of the company's economic indicators and the goal of our work.
    The fifth kind of savvy financial management capabilities. The existence of an enterprise is inseparable from cash and profits, and the sustainable development of the enterprise is also inseparable from cash and profits. How to create benefits for the company to the greatest extent is the ultimate purpose of working as a management manager. However In this micro -profit industry, it is imperative to save every unnecessary expenditure. There must be a detailed account in your heart. There are counting in my heart. At the same time, open source is also the key to profitability. It is necessary to have accurate financial management to increase resources to appreciate. While the daily management fees earnings, multiple parties seek profit growth points to ensure that the management company has achieved the greatest profitability.
    The above points are the essential qualities of excellent managers, but these points are not enough, such as: appeal, infectious, cohesion, affinity Class is also indispensable; at the same time, it is also important to explain the book, to treat others with sincerity, think meticulous, analyze fine analysis, and complete things. Any decision may be "led to the overall situation", and we must strictly grasp the moderate scale. On the basis of "doing things with heart and sincere service", pursue excellence!

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