How to chat with the owner of the catering industry?

Currently selling beer. To contact the restaurant owner, how to chat with them, and what to pay attention to?

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  1. Because the work content is different, the chat range and content are different.
    It, talk about the other party's attention. If the other party pays attention to the lottery, you will talk to him about the possible trend of the number shaking in the future lottery; if the other party likes big health care, you have to tell the other party where there is a new store, the service, the charge, how good. wait.
    Plot what it is.
    OK, if you want to sell beer, you have to tell the other party that you can make money on the beer you sell! Intersection
    is important to make money.
    , but what supports you must be true. For example, you push beer, the first in Asia, the first annual output, the first sales, and the profits. In addition, you push the beer to focus on the low -end market, which can make up for the shortcomings of this restaurant owner's low -end beer. In other words, you are the main high -end beer, which can make up for this restaurant without defects without high -end beer or high -end beer varieties. As long as your beer is on your beer, making money is okay. As soon as the boss can make money, he will basically be excited.
    You also have to have a good relationship with the restaurant's foreman, invoicing, and checkout, and let them actively to customers, diners, and recommend your beer for you. How much does they put on (there is no actual interest, no one has you).
    In you have to work hard, how to position the beer you sell, how much, how much, how much, and how many varieties, what are the differences in the taste, and so on. Do you say enough homework.
    It you don't know anything, that is, the head on the shoulder, it is really difficult to open the situation.
    You can also communicate with your boss, how to sell, how to give back to others, how to mention it, whether it is Nikko or Monthly, etc. The details determine the success or failure.

  2. This business is not easy to do. Chatting with the boss depends on what business is doing. If he is a non -staple food shop, he usually has his own channel, and you can't have too much discount for him. If it is new, first develop from the barbecue stall. But their number is not fixed. There are less. And you may want you to spread the goods to him. If you are chatting with the owner of the restaurant, you need to choose the right time, not too early, about 3-4 o'clock. Because he may have time at this time. If you get breakfast, don't touch the nails. Look for supper. Just pay attention to them. Just don't be wordy. Directly.

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