1 thought on “Are you ready to join the medicine headhunting industry?”

  1. First of all, do not build a concept that it is difficult to understand for yourself to create a barrier for yourself.
    1. The first thing to learn is the basic operation and process skills of the headhunter. Learn to deal with candidates slowly. Even if he talks about it After getting a point, after getting the position, first look at the specific requirements of the post, and have a general concept for candidates. What skills points are required for education, age, work experience, and required (the focus of the key points), and then read the company's enterprise introduction. In the field of key products, these products are mainly for treatment. Of course, the depth of the analysis is also related to the position. If it is a sales director, it is necessary to analyze which products are mainly responsible for. The indications of these products, annual sales, sales models (investment promotion, direct operating, etc.), the organizational structure of the sales team, superior and lower levels Relations, etc. If it is a production director, it depends on the product format, production process process, sterile (injection, frozen dried) or non -sterile (tablets, capsules, oral preparations, etc.). After the required product requirements, you can find someone targeted.
    3, do while learning, don't wait for all, then go to find someone to call people. At this time, the daylily is cold. If you feel almost appropriate, call the candidate. Learn more about this position there, and then adjust the direction. If you communicate with the candidate, you really do n’t know what professional knowledge should be talked about. See if you are interested in himself, make a call later. Generally, he feels that he will tell you where it is not appropriate. In this way, finding a few more candidates will have a clear understanding of the entire position.
    4. Try to do more similar positions next time, and will soon be familiar with a functional module. This slowly expanding will have a general understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

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