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  1. During the sales of terminal clothing stores, various problems are often encountered. If it cannot be solved well, it is likely to make the performance of clothing stores stagnant. So how can we improve clothing sales and quickly trade? Today, women's clothing network shares these 17 key points, you must know!

    1, "sales": "push" is to promote the brand.
    2, 28%of customers are planned purchases, that is, the customer's idea before purchasing has been determined; 72%of customers buy at will, that is, the atmosphere of the scene will decide whether to buy or not.
    3, excellent clerks can easily find the needs of customers, and can recommend products suitable for customers. More importantly, it can make customers believe that this is the product she wants. I believe this product is very suitable for you.
    4, selling one product less, you just lost a golden egg; if you offend a customer, you kill a chicken that will get golden eggs.
    5, enthusiasts account for 95%of the sales, you may lose a customer because of excessive enthusiasm; you are more likely to lose 100 customers because you are not enthusiastic. To sum up, it is eye work, mouth diligence, hand diligence, leg diligence!
    6, a clerk who doesn't even know enough of her own product, it is difficult to believe that she will sell the product well.
    7, a clerk who does not even believe in her own product, it is difficult to imagine that she will convince customers that her products are worth having.
    8. What you see is the characteristics, the advantages are about, persuading the use of interest points, seizing customer attention points, and letting customers remember it.
    9. Customers are the foundation of our career and those who give us money! Developing new members is an important condition for the company's sustainable development.
    10, customers hate entering the noisy, messy, and dark corners.

    11, don't laugh, let customers panic; don't smirk, let customers embarrassed; don't laugh without laughing, let customers do nothing.
    12. The reason why customers believe that we are because of our professionalism (the professional knowledge of the product, the integrity and politeness of the people, and the dedication to the store's post), especially the valuable professional opinions on her, and we can be able to be able to be able to. Solve its problem.
    13. Be sure to use more polite words such as "you", "please", "thank you".
    14. When the customer finds the desire to buy, it takes the initiative to make a transaction requirement to the customer.
    15, customer purchase signal:
    1) When customers no longer ask but think;
    2) When the customer keeps nodded in agreed;
    3) When the customer pays attention to returns or exchanged goods or In the future discounts;
    4) When the customer bargain and want to discount;
    5) When the customer discusses the price of the price.
    16, the language of active transactions:
    1) Take one here;
    2) I will help you get the cashier;
    3) I will help you first; r
    4) I can help you calculate the price;
    5) A and B which one do you want;
    17, you must let customers experience it, communicate while experiencing, this is the magic weapon for sales!

  2. No matter how capable clothing sales personnel can not sell clothing in shops without customers. Only with customers first can the sales staff start from the situation. Therefore, how to attract customers and correctly welcome customers to enter the store is a required course for clothing sales staff.

    No matter what the product you sell, no matter where your store is, there is always a customer patronize. In other words, as a salesperson, you can't have customer service at all times. In general, you have no customers most of your time. Most of the time is the time you wait for sales, that is, your "standby" time.
    1. Standing in the right position: Most people have taken shopping as a spiritual liberation and a decompression method. They are not here to buy clothes. They have to buy leisure and service. Of course, the service that ignores ignorance is not necessary, but the intimate service they want is not the so -called personal service. Sometimes the personal service is more annoying than ignoring love.
    2. Maintain the correct "standby": So the most basic of an excellent salesman is to learn to laugh kindly. The "standby" posture is the most available to watching newspapers in front of the counter, doing various small movements or chatting with people. This will directly make customers feel disgusted and affect customer shopping emotions. Of course, the final impact is sales.
    3. Create a busy feeling: Many clothing sales staff in the store will walk around without customers, which is a big harm for sales. Only attracting more people to enter the store can more product transactions. As a salesperson, you must first understand that your primary task is to better receive customers and sell clothing. All the tasks you do in the store are around this goal.
    It above Yiqian Xue clothing to share clothing sales skills for you, pay attention to understanding more.

  3. Ten tricks for women's clothing shopping guides
    (1) Salesperson can try to penetrate the clothing in the store to attract customers' attention. But keep the clothing tidy, do not stain.
    (2) Don't stand at the door to block the channel. When you have nothing to do, do n’t stand stupidly, you should pretend to be busy, “do a few clothes on the cash register, organize goods, try clothes, and remember the remaining codes (to have Do you know in your heart, so as not to introduce in the introduction), etc., to adjust your mentality, so that you will be confident and generous when you really contact customers. Don't give customers a high pressure, don't let customers feel that you are savvy.
    (3) When the customer enters the door, do not come forward to introduce the goods (except the old client), so as not to scare away the guests. Let her take a look. You secretly observe her consumption level, body shape, age, temperament, which clothes are suitable for wearing, especially to pay attention to the problem of breaking the code. Do n’t introduce it without any suitable code. If she shows a hobby of a certain product, she can introduce it. Such as: her vision stays on a piece of dress; touch it with her hands, at this time you can tell her "you can try it down"; quickly walk to somewhere (she may have tried this before Pieces) and so on. If the customer walks straight into the mirror to enjoy itself, and then look at the goods, you'd better not disturb her because she belongs to a strolling type, unless you are boring, and want to accompany her to play, live in the store, and go to the store. The atmosphere is just.
    (4) When trying on, you should take the yard that is most suitable for her to wear, so as to be accurate and correct, so as not to wear it.
    (5) Thinking about the customer's psychology, what the meaning of what she said. The best way is to think about it and customers. That is, assuming that I should be a customer, then what I think and what I want to do in this store, what does I mean by saying this sentence. Whether the transaction can be successful as a challenge to your strength.
    (6) Customers have come to several batches. When they are overwhelmed, they should receive strong and strong customers who buy strong desires; for other customers, just say a polite greeting. It is strictly forbidden for the dragonfly -style service, especially at the critical moment when it is fast -payment (if at this time, you will contact others again, and the customers who pay the payment will temporarily change the intention of the purchase, and it may be acquired in the end).
    (7) For customers accompanied by, they should first deal with her companions and convince her companion. For example, you can introduce her companion: "How about this dress for her?" This is because only by the recognition of her companions can customers be confident to buy. So do not hurt the self -esteem of her companion, such as: "You can't look".
    (8) Introduction, you should be free to facing customers with optimism, and patiently introduce it. Do not do any negative actions in front of the guests, such as: yawning, lazy waist, digging nostrils, etc., otherwise the business will blow. The best stand is: the form of blocking guests (methods can be diverse), and the salesperson should cooperate tacitly.
    (9) The clothes that the customer tried through, do not hang back immediately before the customer leaves. She should be "random" or "randomly" on the cash register for her.
    (10) The clothes that the customer trial, should be said, "It's better", don't say, "Do you want this one?" For customers with purchasing power, we should introduce more and sell it vigorously. Do not give up easily. When receiving the cashier, you should quickly take the money (never hesitate to give the customer for time). If there are more clothing, you cannot immediately say the quotation. You can use third -party software, such as: Kingdee Smart, and enter the data in advance to facilitate the inquiry. At the same time, check the authenticity of the coins, and must not be careless.
    clothing sales techniques are actually thoughtful. The difference is that the categories are different, the styles are different, and the customer base is different. Only mastered the corresponding clothing sales skills. R n (Flying needle and embroidery clothing forum)
    further learning and understanding

  4. The world's top outstanding business personnel have summarized the key to 10 successful success: clear goals, healthy physical and mental, strong ability to develop customers, self -confidence, professional knowledge, finding customers' needs, good explanation skills, good at good, good at being good at Treatment of opposition, tracking customers and receiving money.

    clothing sales skills

    1. Clear goals

    Not successful business personnel must first have clear goals. The clear goals usually include: determine the customers who want to visit every day, and find out which class they need to be required, that is, find potential customers. The error of the customer's target group positioning will waste a lot of time for clothing sales staff, but nothing can be found. In addition, clothing sales staff need to know how to get close to potential customers, fully understand customer preferences, often leave the best impression on customers, and persuade customers to buy products in the shortest time. Excellent clothing sales staff have a plan, which include: the target group that should be visited, the best visit time, the method of being close to customers, and even the solution to the marketing techniques and sales to help customers relieve their doubts and let them quickly let them be fast. Make a decision to buy products.

    2. Healthy physical and mental n
    The research by psychologists proves that the first impression is very important. Due to the particularity of the sales work, it is impossible for customers to have sufficient time to discover the inherent beauty of clothing sales staff. Therefore, the first thing that clothing sales staff must do is to have a healthy body and give customers a vibrant impression. In this way, we can give customers the willingness to communicate.

    3. Development of customers' strong capabilities

    Excellent clothing sales staff have strong development customer capabilities. Only by finding the right customer can clothing sales staff succeed in sales. Excellent clothing sales staff can not only locate the customer base well, but also have a strong ability to develop customers.

    4. Strong self -confidence

    The confidence is a must -have for successful personnel, and successful clothing sales staff are naturally no exception. Only with strong self -confidence, clothing sales staff will think they will succeed. Psychologists have studied that what people think in their hearts are often easy to develop in the direction of imagination.

    Is when holding the concept of being able to approach and persuade customers and return to the full load, clothing salespersons will not worry and fear when they visit customers. The interpersonal communication ability of successful clothing sales staff is particularly strong. Only when the clothing sales staff is full of confidence can they win the trust of customers and have the desire to communicate with customers.

    5. Strong professional knowledge

    The fifth element of sales to win is strong professional knowledge. Excellent clothing sales personnel have much stronger professional knowledge than ordinary business personnel. In response to the same question, general business personnel may need to check the information to answer, and successful clothing sales staff can immediately answer the answer and give a satisfactory answer in the shortest time. That is, excellent clothing sales personnel are always better than ordinary clothing sales staff in the learning of professional knowledge.

    6. Finding the needs of customers

    Quickly finding the customer's demand is the sixth key element of sales to win. Even with the same product, different customers' needs are different, and their demands for products are different. Excellent clothing sales staff can quickly and accurately find the purchase needs of different customers, so as to win orders.

    7. Explanation skills

    In addition, the excellent commentary skills of clothing sales staff are also the key to success. When excellent business personnel do the product explanation, they are good at using the skills of briefing, simplicity, and accurately provide information that customers want to know, and can accurately answer customer questions and meet the answers that customers hope.

    8. Good at dealing with opposition

    This to deal with objections, and transforming opposition opinions for the selling point of the product is the eighth element of the key to victory. Excellent clothing sales personnel will always be faster than ordinary clothing sales staff. The competition in the sales market is very strong, and customers often have multiple choices, which puts great pressure on clothing sales staff.

    It to grasp the customer, business personnel need to be good at handling customers' opposition, seize the customer's purchase signal, so that customers can easily sign the order.

    9. Good at tracking customers

    , while developing new customers, maintaining a frequent connection with old customers is one of the key to the success of clothing sales staff. The clothing sales staff can continue to create a large number of high performance, which requires customers to buy more. This requires clothing sales staff to achieve the most complete management of customers. Successful clothing sales personnel need to contact customers frequently to allow customers to get high satisfaction in spirit.

    10. Strong receipt capacity

    The strong collection capacity is also one of the key to success in sales, otherwise it will lose money. Outstanding business personnel can recover the payment faster than ordinary clothing sales staff than ordinary clothing salesperson. When you encounter customers to pay for the payment (shirk responsibility, find various excuses or quotes to delay the payment), excellent business personnel can have a way to allow customers to pay quickly.

    The 10 key elements of grasping clothing sales skills, imitating and learning, strengthening them into their own habits, clothing sales staff can achieve continuous success and achieve better performance.

    The connection between clothing and color is very close. No matter how good a clothing product is, it is difficult to sell for the color of the color. The bright and bright colors of mid -to -high -end fabrics are still very small, and they cannot meet consumers' desire to buy.

  5. What are the clothing sales skills

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